Watch: Police release video of shootout between officers and gang members after fatal shooting


PASCO, WA — Protestors are quick to attack the police when criminals are killed.  That’s why one police chief was just quick to release the truth.

Pasco Chief of Police, Ken Roske, released the body cam video of a shootout in May 17 between police and two wanted suspects in an April murder.

On April 29, Pasco police responded to a fatal shooting in the backyard of a home in the 1900 block of East Lewis. One adult male was dead and two other males, Antonio Larios and Eusiah A. Stell, both age 18, were injured and taken to local hospitals

Two of the men were fixing a backyard fence damaged after a windstorm when gunfire erupted, wounding both and killing a third, Luis “Oso” Contreras, age 29.

In what appears to be a gang-related incident, the three suspects meticulously planned the April shooting at the Pasco home, where the suspects located surveillance cameras and even noted what direction they pointed, said detectives.

Police caught one of the alleged killers and an accomplice, but cousins Juan M. Montalvo and Miguel A. Montalvo remained at large.

Unbelievably, the two wanted cousins returned to the original scene on Sunday in an apparent attempt to kill the witnesses according to Franklin County Superior Court documents.

The Montalvos broke into the home and opened fire on several people at the house, hitting two and leaving a mother, father and young child running for their lives before the suspects fled on foot.

While escaping, the cousins stole a car at gunpoint and kidnapped the car’s owner, locking the victim in the trunk of the car.

The victim was able to escape from the trunk of the vehicle and ran off to report the incident to the police.

Hours later, the police followed a lead that the Montalvos may be in hiding at another Pasco house in the 700 block of North 12 Street. In the video released by the Chief, the officer can be heard calling for extra officers and SWAT.

The released body cameras of Detective Joshua Glass and Officer Eric Fox, show what happened when they went to apprehend the wanted cousins, where Juan Montalvo was fatally shot and Miguel Montalvo was wounded.

The video clearly shows the suspects firing first on the officers as they were yelling for the suspects to stop shooting and put down the guns. The officers can be seen returning fire even as one of the suspects reloaded his weapon and continued firing on them.

According to the Chief of Police, the Tri-City Investigative Unit, or SIU, is investigating the incident and the Pasco Police Department is also conducting a separate internal investigation to examine their policies and procedures as it relates to the incident.

Gangs identified in the Washington tri-cities area, which includes Kennewick, Pasco and Richland, appear to have a large number of Hispanic gangs and include the Bell Gardens Lokotes, Florencia 13- Los Malos clique, Little Valley Lokotes, Los Cholitos Chingones, Mexican Pride Surenos, Mexicans Stand Proud, Proud Surenos Lokotes, South Side Locos, Surenos Por Vida, Varrio Ratt Pack and others.

According to Police Magazine, sets of Florence 13, which is the second biggest Hispanic gang in Los Angeles, are very active in the cities of Mt. Vernon, Othello, Yakima, and the tri-cities area.

In a report by NBC Right Now, the Pasco Street Crimes Unit made 663 gang related arrests in 2015. Sergeant Jason Miller said:

“We want to make Pasco very uncomfortable for the criminal element.”

In nearby Yakima County, which has struggled for decades from drugs and gang violence, reported that out of the 27 homicides in the county in 2019, six were confirmed as gang-related.

As Democratic-run states such as Washington continue to defund police departments and otherwise hamper law enforcement, violent crime is exploding.

It is particularly frustrating when areas declare themselves to be “Sanctuary Cities,” and violent Mexican mafias and other cartels move into cities and practice their own form of justice, which in this case apparently includes having a shootout with law enforcement in broad daylight.

Watch: California department releases video of fatal shootout with gang banger

Sep 6, 2019 PASADENA, CA – Police have released shocking body cam footage from a fatal officer involved shooting in Pasadena that left an armed gang member dead, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported.

On May 17, Pasadena police responded to reports of an armed gang member threatening people.

Police had received a 911 call where a man stated that a suspicious person was “gang banging on kids” and was posing a threat to innocent civilians.

“Yes, there’s a guy in a black Lexus gang banging on kids and UPS drivers on the corner of Glen and Howard,” the caller said to a Pasadena dispatcher. 

Officers responded to the area but did not see anyone matching the caller’s description. Shortly after, police received a call from another concerned citizen claiming that he was back and had been shouting gang slurs at cars that were driving past.

Responding officers with their long guns drawn in response to an armed gang member. (Pasadena Police Department)


Once the officers arrived at the scene, Pasadena authorities say that they spotted suspect Daniel Warren standing in the front yard of a home, holding a firearm and wearing “a ballistic bullet proof vest”.

The responding officers had been advised that the suspect had a prior gun history and may have been armed. When they got on scene, that fact was confirmed.

Daniel Warren was wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with multiple firearms when police showed up to a residence in May. (Pasadena Police Department)


The video shows Warren very clearly pointing his weapon at the officers, which was later said to be a rifle with a large-capacity drum magazine. Police also recovered a handgun from Warren’s body as well.


The video appears to show Warren firing off at least one shot before officers returned fire, striking Warren. The suspect then bolts in between two homes. Police tracked him to the area where he was seeking shelter and attempted to use non-lethal means to get him to surrender. 

After he was hit with a flash bang grenade and then a foam impact round, he still had not moved.

Watch: Police release video of shootout between officers and gang members after fatal shooting
The rifle that Daniel Warren had been carrying had a drum-style magazine. (Pasadena Police Department)


The officers approached him with caution and managed to get him into custody. The officers on scene attempted to perform life-saving measures, but Warren died from his injuries, police said.

None of the officers that were involved with the shooting were injured.

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Watch: Police release video of shootout between officers and gang members after fatal shooting


On Thursday, the Pasadena Police Department released the footage captured by body worn cameras.

The uncut video is below. Warning: the video contains imagery that some viewers may find graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. 


Fox 11 said that the case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Officer Involved Shooting Team, and the Pasadena Police Department Professional Standards Detectives. 

Officials said that once the investigation into the fatal shooting is complete, the Pasadena police chief will have the final say over whether the responding officers acted accordingly with department policies.


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