Liberals infuriated after police release photo of Santa getting his concealed carry permit


EL PASCO COUNTY, CO – Deputies with the El Pasco County Sheriff’s Office thought it would be cute for old Kris Kringle to get his concealed carry permit, you know, so he can travel the world safely during the holiday season.

The photo op with the Jolly Old Elf was posted to Twitter with the following statement:

“Guess who came in to receive his Concealed Handgun Permit Today?

“Did you know the El Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has issued 49,750 Concealed Handgun Permits with another 2,560 awaiting to be issued?”

The post, which according to the El Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, was meant to jovial and highlight the hard work the men and women of that office do daily. After the backlash, the Sheriff’s Office posted the following on Twitter:

“EPSO intended to highlight our staff in the Concealed Handgun Permit Office, not to be insensitive. Santa correlates to the month of December and we thought he would help to recognize our hard working staff.”

Some were disturbed at the timing of the tweet, considering people of the US are still trying to come to grips with yet another school shooting. People like Deege wrote:

“So the thinking was, “It’s Christmas time, just had a school shooting where a kid killed 3 others with his Christmas present, what a great time to market guns to kids”?!?”

Michael also weighed in for the same reason:

“You completely missed the mark on this tweet, especially since the alleged shooter in Michigan was given a handgun as a Christmas present. Also, little kids are now wondering why Santa needs to carry a concealed weapon. Best bet is to delete the tweet.”

Another user, identified as Low Flexibility wrote:

“Posting this tells me your professional judgment is impaired.

“What is your message to children here? Santa has a legally concealed weapon? For protection against elves, reindeer, children who take a peek on Xmas eve? There is enough anxiety among children already.”

People are calling for the tweet to be removed, if for nothing else because they believe it is in poor taste considering the school shooting that just occurred in Michigan.

In that case, a teenager illegally concealed a gun in his backpack and illegally took it into a school.

There were many red flags that were either missed or not appropriately acted upon, especially on the day of the shooting.

School administrators called the shooter’s parents in and spoke to them about disturbing cartoons the teenager had drawn which would make it an easy assumption that he was in desperate need of mental health, yet, he was allowed to return to class.

Tragically, the grave mistake of sending this teenager back to class cost four people their lives and physically injured several others.

Perhaps worse is the emotional damage that teenagers caused that day that will most likely haunt every survivor of that incident as well as their families for the rest of their lives.

While that case is months, if not years away from being resolved in court, the teenager is in custody and hopefully will remain there until and if he is convicted. Additionally, both of his parents were also taken into custody for allowing him to have a firearm and not adequately securing it so that something like this could not happen.

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Report: Biden’s proposed gun control strategy for combating violent crime has no real scientific data to back it up

WASHINGTON, D.C.- In a recent article from The Washington Times, some experts caution that as it stands, there is not enough evidence to support the notion that President Joe Biden’s plan to combat gun violence was constructed using factual data. 


Biden’s plan to combat the rising spike in violent crime includes targeting licensed gun dealers who break laws, creating strike forces to stop firearms trafficking, and giving more funds to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The president claims that the three-pronged strategy will save lives, but he has yet to offer any actual metrics on how much his new gun policies will reduce gun deaths. Since 1995, the Rand Corporation, a non-profit think tank, has analyzed thousands of studies on gun police research.

In a report released in 2020, researchers concluded that there was a limited base of scientific evidence on the effects of commonly discussed gun policies.

Among the thousands of studies researchers reviewed, only 123 studies conducted since 1995 were found to have met “high standards” for evidence. The nonprofit did not find a connection between mass shootings and gun dealer misconduct and it provided mixed results on Biden’s other violent-crime reduction proposals.

Additionally, a review of studies on the impact of transferring firearms to a person prohibited on violent crime was also inconclusive.


Rand did state that the studies found that complying with background checks has a moderate impact on violent crime. Andrew Moral, one of the report’s authors said in a statement:

“I want to be clear that moderate or inconclusive evidence doesn’t mean that a gun law is not effective. It means the research, in many cases, hasn’t been done. This is not a field that has a lot of research and in many cases, the research is very weak.”

The gun control group Everytown For Gun Safety claims that its research backs the plan. In a study last year, Everytown found that an estimated 84,380 guns were used in a crime within three years of its first retail purchase.

That same study found that 82 percent of trafficked guns came from states without background check laws. However, Derek Cohen, vice president at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, countered Everytown’s data claim.

He said that the data is skewed because it includes guns legally purchased, but later stolen from a house or car. He stated that Everytown has its own gun control agenda and added:

“It’s a confirmation bias because crime guns are typically the ones stolen from law-abiding citizens, not the ones legally purchases.”


Outside of scientific studies, Cohen said that anecdotal evidence shows that few dealers are connected to gun crimes. He said:

“You could have a pawnbroker that doesn’t adhere to the rules, but I’ve looked at this space for the last 20 years and if the primary focus of a business is selling guns, just because of the licensing requirements, dealers are crossing every T and dotting every I.”

Betsy Brantner Smith, a spokeswoman for the National Police Association, said that the White House administration is trying to distract from the mayhem in cities by focusing on “process crimes,” which are minor offenses such as falsifying firearms transaction records or failing to run a background check. She added:

“When we look at violent crime, most of the offenders did not go to a federal firearm licensed dealer, fill out all of the paperwork, legally purchase a gun, and then go commit a violent crime. That’s such a silly, childish notion. That is not how most of the violent offenders are obtaining their weapons right now.”

Brantner Smith called on law-enforcement groups to conduct their own research. She said:

“We need to show the American people what we are doing, who we are arresting, and what is happening to them as they go through the system. One thing the American public really needs to know is how our system works. Let’s show them and let’s let law enforcement spearhead this.”


Cohen stated that he believes there will be a reduction in crime in the fall, but that it will naturally occur as the colder weather forces people to return indoors. Brantner Smith disagreed by saying she does not expect crime to drop at all, adding that the Biden administration needs to focus on tougher sentences for criminals. She said:

“A year from now, the data that we are going to see is that going after rogue gun dealers will do nothing because that’s not where this problem comes from.”

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