Police: Rampage killer in Chicago posted strange videos online while committing murders


CHICAGO, IL – The man who Chicago Police say is responsible for a series of murders and shootings on January 9th was said to have uploaded a series of strange videos to Facebook both before and while carrying out his viscous crimes. 

According to police officials, 32-year-old Jason Nightengale was responsible for the deaths of a doorwoman, a college student, and a convenience store shopper – all murders seemingly enacted at random. 

The victims murdered were identified as Anthony Faulkner, Aisha Johnson and Yiran Fan. Reportedly, four other people were injured in shootings allegedly carried out by Nightengale as well. 

The killing spree was believed to have started with the slaying of Fan, a 30-year-old University of Chicago Ph.D. student. Police had discovered Fan’s body inside of his car at the parking garage of the Regent Park apartment complex located in the 5000-block of South East End Avenue.

After the slaying of Fan, Nightengale was said to have made his way inside of the vestibule of an apartment building located in the 4900-block of South East End Avenue. 

Nightengale was said to have asked if he could use a telephone while there – and reportedly started shooting out of nowhere. That’s where he was said to have fatally shot 46-year-old Aisha Johnson, the doorwoman present at the time.

A 77-year-old woman who was inside the building at the time getting her mail was also shot and is in critical condition from the wound sustained. 

The last victim to have died as a result of the string of murders was identified as 20-year-old Anthony Faulkner.

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Faulkner and his brother decided to make a quick stop into the AK Food Mart near 93rd and Halsted during the afternoon of the random shooting spree allegedly enacted by Nightengale. The two were just going in to get some snacks and lottery tickets. 

Surveillance footage captured in the area of the convenience store caught the moments as Nightengale was leaving the store with a cash register drawer in hand after reportedly fatally shooting Faulkner and non-fatally shooting the 81-year-old cashier. 

From there, Nightengale was said to have shot and wounded a 15-year-old girl who was riding in the back of a car in the city’s South Side. The young girl is currently hospitalized, having suffered a gunshot wound to the head. 

When CPD units arrived at the scene of the convenience store murder – Nightengale was said to have returned as well to fire more shots seemingly indiscriminately – even striking a CPD officer’s squad car. 

Later on in the evening of January 9th, Evanston Police were notified about a man with a gun spotted at a CVS on Asbury. According to reports, the man was later identified as Nightengale.

After being reported at the CVS, the suspect was said to have then ran across the street to an IHOP – taking a woman hostage and then non-fatally shooting her.

Having responded to the area of the IHOP shooting, a showdown between police and Nightengale eventually took place at a parking lot of a Dollar General in Evanston, with both officers from the Evanston Police and Chicago Police Departments. 

A shootout unfolded, leaving Nightengale dead.

With the investigation and motive still being worked, it’s been uncovered that Nightengale posted a series of bizarre videos online before and during his alleged rampage. 

In one video two days before the series of shootings, Nightengale posted a live video to Facebook where he was holding a gun up to the camera and saying, “no music, no music, I don’t need no seatbelt, I’m coming, girl.”

During the streak of killings, Nightengale also posted a video on Facebook live while he was holding a gun while driving a vehicle, saying:

“Hey y’all, I’m in something else now. We’re gonna go for a ride…fuck around and put a hole in a mother fucker.”

In a video poster to Nightengale’s personal YouTube account, dated April 8th of 2018, he expressed beliefs that President Trump was symbolic of the Book of Revelation’s noting of the sounding the seventh trumpet – believing that the President was a sign of the end of days. 

Aside from Nightengale’s history of strange rantings, locals within Chicago are rightfully angered that the public was basically uninformed of a murderous man on the loose while the killings were taking place on January 9th. 

Shapearl Wells, the cousin of now-deceased Anthony Faulkner who was taken in the killing spree, aimed heavy criticism toward Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot:

“All of those hours, we were under a terror watch and didn’t event know it. If Mayor Lightfoot can send an alert for curfew, corona, surely, she can warn people of a lunatic on the loose.”

However, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown claimed that investigators at the time were having difficulty tracking Nightengale’s real-time movements while the shootings were occurring:

“When you hear this story, you have a crystal ball of where he’s going next, but we didn’t have a crystal ball of where he’s going next.”

“He’s going to the next spot while we try to keep up with what’s happening previously. By the time we put it altogether, he’s here in Evanston.”

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