TUCKAHOE, N.Y. – Police have arrested a Long Island man and seized an ‘arsenal’ of weapons after investigating reports that he used the stockpile to threaten his estranged wife and her family.

Authorities identified the suspect as 47-year-old Matthew Bonanno, a plastic surgeon from Great Neck, New York.

Bonanno and his wife are reportedly separated, but do not live together. After speaking a bit too loudly about his intentions, cops took him down.


Police seized a large cache of weapons, ammunition, body armor and more. (Screenshot – Lohud Broadcast)


Bonanno’s downfall came after a witness at a local Tuckahoe bar reportedly overheard the doctor making threats about killing his wife and family. The witness said that Bonanno was armed during the encounter. 

The witness called local police, who immediately showed up and detained Bonanno while they investigated the incident.

Bonanno had allegedly driven his car to his estranged wife’s house and then had a friend pick him up and drive him to the bar.

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Police discovered the doctor’s car parked right in the driveway of his wife’s house. 

When the arresting officers searched the vehicle, they quickly discovered that Bonanno posed a dangerous threat to his family.


Police found five assault-style rifles fully loaded with high-capacity magazines, three handguns, 29 high-capacity magazines, 1,600 rounds of ammunition, a stun gun, body armor, ballistic helmet, hand cuffs, face masks, knives, brass knuckles, pepper spray fogger, scopes and binoculars.

Police say Bonanno was arrested without incident. 


Police seized an ‘arsenal’ of weapons from the plastic surgeon’s vehicle. His estranged wife claimed he kept the weapons in order to threaten and intimidate her and her family. (Tuckahoe Police Department)


Bonanno now faces two counts each of second-degree criminal possession of weapon and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon. It is unclear if he is facing any additional charges. He is being held without bail.

Lohud posted a video where Tuckahoe police briefed the media about the large stockpile of weapons that were removed from the man’s possession.


According to reports from ABC 7 New York, Bonanno has one child and has previously been arrested for a DWI.

Another suspect was arrested this week after making online threats against federal agents. 

An FBI affidavit from the case states that 18-year-old Justin Olsen used the online screen name of “ArmyOfChrist” on a website called iFunny where “he told fellow users that he supported mass shootings and attacks on Planned Parenthood,” amongst other postings that called for acts of violence against others.

Sources say that when Olsen was taken into custody on August 7, the following items were found in his home and vehicle: 25 guns, including an AR-15 type rifle, approximately 10, 000 rounds of ammunition, camouflage clothing and a large machete.  WKBN news reported that, “Officers [also] took all computers, cell phones, guns and any hate-related literature they found.”


Justin Olsen, 18, faces charges for making threats against federal law enforcement officials. (Mahoning County Jail)


FBI agent Themistocles Tsarnas explained in the written affidavit that a formal investigation into the online postings under the “ArmyOfChrist” screen name started in February by FBI agents in Alaska.  They began to follow the account very closely, monitoring the postings by the user who frequently referenced violent attacks or mass killings. 

The affidavit shows that by March, the user had close to 4,400 followers on the account. Tsarnas also went on to state that in the past month there had been an uptick in the amount of followers the account had.

Cleveland.com reports that Olsen referenced incidents like the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, where Timothy McVeigh used a vehicle packed with explosives to blow up a federal office building in Oklahoma City. The bombing resulted in the death of 168 individuals, 19 of them children.

“In conclusion, shoot every federal agent in sight,” Olsen told his followers.

Olsen was arrested just weeks after 21-year-old Patrick Crusius opened fire on a Texas Walmart. (El Paso Authorities)


It is also reported that Olsen posted on the iFunny website about the 51-day standoff incident with the Branch Davidians that took place in Waco, Texas in 1993.  The standoff resulted in 75 people being killed, including 25 children and 4 federal agents.

Tsarnas goes on to write in the affidavit that Olsen claimed he was “only joking” about his encouragement of violence, but admitted to posting the comments on the iFunny website. The affidavit stated that Olsen said, “the comments regarding shooting federal agents were ‘a hyperbolic conclusion based on the results of the Waco siege … where the ATF slaughtered families’…”

Along with the threatening and aggressive postings that were made, The New York Post reported that Olsen also wrote that he had “been accepted into a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program in Alabama and planned to move to Austin after being accepted at the University of Texas.”

Court documents show that Olsen was charged on Monday with threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer. News outlets report that Olsen’s attorney has not responded to any requests for comments.


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