Police pay for woman’s stolen groceries instead of arresting her


It’s the kind of story that happens across the country every single day, yet often gets buried.  This time it hit the news.

On Thursday, a woman was busted for shoplifting at a Whole Foods in New York City.  Supermarket security held her while they called police. 

Turns out officers from NYPD were already inside the Whole Foods buying lunch. When they saw what was going on, they stepped in – but not to arrest the woman for the food she’d slipped into her shopping bag.

They instead decided to pay for the food she stole.

The woman broke into tears, and a customer caught it all in a picture.


“It was a nice moment for, you know, people, it was compassionate and the woman obviously was really grateful,” said customer Paul Bozymowski.

Chief Terence Mohahan of NYPD took to Twitter to praise his officers.

“Cops like Lt. Sojo and Officers Cuevas and Rivera of the Strategic Response Group are the kind-hearted cops who quietly do good deeds for New Yorkers in need,” the chief tweeted. “My thanks to @pboz for highlighting the often unnoticed.”


The chief later noted that just hours later, other officers had helped save a baby who stopped breathing.


He said it should be a reminder that such actions are frequent – and unsung – parts of a police officer’s day.

“From saving a baby to securing the @Macys fireworks, NY’s Finest do it all,” the chief tweeted. “Sgt Chandu & Officers Grennan, Keegan, Rahilly & Losquadro had just arrived in Manhattan when they were flagged down by parents whose baby stopped breathing. These hero cops went to work & saved her life!“

Here’s a look at a couple of other uplifting stories involving officers you might have missed.=

The media likes to highlight stories that paint law enforcement officers in a less than positive light.  But we want to share a heartwarming story about a brother in blue went viral… and it’ll get you in the feels.

The story happened in 2017, but is once again making it rounds… and justifiably so.

Just outside of Los Angeles, the Montebello Police department received a call about a “troublesome customer”.

Bank of America
Screenshot from local television station report on the bank involved.


The staff reported that they had an agitated 92-year-old that they wanted removed from the bank. When Officer Robert Josett arrived, he realized he had a very different kind of call on his hands.

The man wanted to withdraw money from his account.  But because his ID card had expired, nobody at the bank was able to help him.  They said that without proper identification, they couldn’t process his request to take money from his account.

The man was upset and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t access his funds.  When he started getting agitated, the bank staff called the cops to remove him.

Officer Josset
Screenshot from local television report interviewing the officer who assisted the 92-year-old man.


Officer Josett decided to do what the bank employees didn’t… he showed compassion.

He took the man to the Department of Motor and Vehicles and helped him get a new license.

But it didn’t solve the money problem.  So Officer Josett rushed the man back to the bank before it closed, helping him withdraw what he needed.

The Montebello Police Department posted a picture of Officer Josett escorting the man into the bank again, and it immediately went viral.

Comments were overwhelmingly positive:

Best post I’ve read in a long time! God bless this officer for helping this man in his time of need.

Yay Montebello PD! Now let’s have the bank sponsor some sensitivity training so elderly customers can get the help they need, too.

Now that’s how u solve a problem. Many people do not want to get involved. But once you are aware of the problem, you are involved. This is what it means to serve the community. It may not be part of his job responsibility, or above or below his pay grade; but he made it happen. I love people like this. #makingithappen

This Officer is a Saint!  All this Little Grampa wants is to keep his Independence. And the officer helped him in a dignified manner.  Good Job Officer!

Heart touching and I love that the officer was able to get him in and out of the DMV so quickly! That alone is medal worthy! ?

At Law Enforcement Today, we believe America desperately needs to see more positive stories like this.

Remember this one?

Around that same time, a video exploded of a shy three-year-old boy hugging a Texas police officer. The police officer told Fox News it meant the world to him.

“I was honored and I was humbled because we see a lot of bad stuff,” Fort Worth Officer Anthony Colter said on “Fox and Friends”, “but to see him, so sincere and such a thoughtful gesture – it made it a wonderful day.”

Jamie Hubbard and her son TJ were at a McDonald’s last week celebrating her birthday when Colter arrived on his police motorcycle. Instantly he was the “coolest” guy there.

She told “Fox and Friends” that her son loves motorcycles and was instantly interested in Colter.

“He said hi to him and we ate for a little while and then Officer Colter got him a sticker that had a police badge on it,” Hubbard said.

Colter told Fox, “I gave him a sticker and told him ‘You’re my helper today, so you’ve got my back for the day. He came by to tell me that ‘I got our back and that I love you and support you.’ It was a wonderful, wonderful day.”

Moreover, Hubbard captured the heartwarming encounter on video. Consequently, the Fort Worth Police Department shared it on Facebook.

(Video courtesy Fort Worth Police Department and Jamie Hubbard)

'He wanted to give you a hug."

Posted by Fort Worth Police Department on Tuesday, March 28, 2017


“It makes me feel great,” she said. “These kids can sense when someone is good, nice and friendly. It’s something that they have when they’re born with (and) we do our best to make sure continue to have that and learn to respect and love those that are serving this country and serving our communities.”

Then there was this one in Georgia, when a Kennesaw police officer was caught red handed. That’s right, he was caught in the act . . .  of what you ask? He was captured performing a random act of kindness.

The officer is being praised for lending a helping hand. On social media people are saying he went above and beyond the call of duty to help out a local mom, reported Fox 5 Atlanta. Indeed, he was caught red handed being a role model.

Madison Obrien shared the touching circumstances on Facebook after witnessing the gracious gesture while shopping at a Kroger in Kennesaw.

She said it all began in the parking lot when she and her roommate walked passed a mother who was getting a screaming toddler as well as a crying baby out of her vehicle.

“She definitely had her hands full,” Obrien said. “As we smiled at her and continued walking, we saw a cop get out of his patrol car and walk up to the mom.”

Obrien said the officer offered the mother some help and grabbed the toddler’s hand. He then assisted with the stroller for the mother, wished her well, and they went their separate ways.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Thirty minutes later, Obrien said she was walking toward the checkout line when they passed the mother again. She had the baby on her hip and her young son by her side.

“We watched as the toddler picked up a small toy and asked his mom if he could have it,” Obrien said. “The mom replied, trying to smile but with sadness in her face, ‘I’m sorry baby, we can’t get that today.'”

Obrien said her heart broke into a million pieces as the boy began to cry. As a result, she was about to buy the toy herself when the officer from earlier offered to do the same.

“The cop then proceeded not only to buy the toy, but also this mom’s entire grocery cart of food as well,” Obrien said. “We watched in amazement at this superhero cop and his giving heart!”

Obrien said the act of kindness served as a reminder that there are still so many good people in the world. She snapped a photo of the officer and the mother in the checkout line and shared it on Facebook.

“He was just a good person trying to do something good,” she said. “I hope this encourages you as much as it has encouraged me too, when you can, lend a helping hand, bless somebody else’s day, or just be kind. God put us all here for the same purpose, to be a light in the darkness!”

And, according to another person, the story still isn’t finished.

Courtney Morris was the Kroger cashier. She replied to Obrien’s Facebook post and said she was working the register at the time the photo was taken.

“I immediately felt bad because in my eyes I saw a white cop and a black mother, and I couldn’t help but think something bad was about to happen to her,” Morris said. “Not only did the cop pay for her groceries but he also got cash back and gave her that as well! It was definitely heartwarming, and it shows that in a world full of mess there are good people out here and that God is doing miracles every day!”

Morris told FOX 5’s Katie Muse she felt good after witnessing the kind act. Moreover, it’s nice to know there are people in the world willing to help others.

“I don’t know the woman’s financial situation but as a mother of two, I’m sure that moment really impacted her day,” Morris said.

The Kennesaw Police Department identified the kindhearted man as Officer Matt Wilson. He’s worked for Kennesaw Police for nearly 10 years.

(Photo Madison Obrien Facebook)



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