MOBILE, Ala. – Police in Alabama helped stage a man’s arrest so that he could really just kneel down and propose to his terrified girlfriend.

With the help of two officers, Daiwon McPherson, 33, tricked his girlfriend, Shawna Blackmon, into thinking he was on the run and had a gun, reported The Guardian. The officers converged on the couple and other members of their biker community at a gas station Friday night. Blackmon said the scenario seemed real.

The video shows officers rolling toward the gas station with emergency lights activated. They exit the unit, draw their Tasers, and order the make-believe-suspect (McPherson) to get on the ground. Blackmon is nearby. They ask her to identify herself. Apparently, in her state of panic, she declared to be his wife.

The officers then tell Blackmon to get McPherson’s gun. She assures them, “I will … I will get it,” as she stands between a kneeling McPherson and the officers, holding her palm in the air signifying “stop.”

With many bystanders looking on, McPherson pulls a ring from his jacket and the proposal is “in progress.” One of the officers jokingly said to Blackmon, “I guess you’re not his wife just yet.”

Blackmon is overcome with emotion as the onlookers hoot, holler, and applaud.

See the video below:

“I was scared,” Blackmon, 28, told WPMI-TV. “I said he was going to jail, they are going to shoot him.”

“I really wanted to bring the bike life and the police together,” McPherson, who is in a motorcycle group, told “I can’t believe I actually pulled this off.”

The stunt has launched a debate about whether this was a public relations win for the Mobile Police Department or a risky escapade that could have gone wrong.

Police spokesman Terrence Perkins said McPherson approached police earlier in the day with the idea. An assistant police chief, according to The Guardian, approved the idea.

Perkins, who attended the stunt to ensure all went smoothly, said no guns were involved and added that the Tasers weren’t loaded. Police also made sure the scene was safe by informing all other on-duty officers about the scene before the charade began.

“At no time was he placed in any danger or anyone on the scene,” Perkins said.

Perkins said police have received some negative comments, but the positive feedback far outweighed the negative. “It actually showed us outside the capacity of writing tickets. It showed that we do have a human side as well,” the police spokesman said.

Photo source YouTube screen shot.