Police officer viciously stabbed in the face by shoplifting suspect – attacker shot and killed


SAN ANTONIO, TX — A police officer was stabbed in the face when a shoplifting suspect rushed at him with a knife in San Antonio.

According to KSAT News, San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) Chief William McManus confirmed that a suspect was dead, and a San Antonio police officer was hospitalized in stable condition after he was stabbed in the face following a shoplifting incident at a Northwest Side H-E-B supermarket.

ABC News reported the suspect was black.

KSAT reported the incident happened around 2:30 p.m., Friday, at an H-E-B store in the 2100 block of Fredericksburg Road.

San Antonio police officers were first notified of the incident after receiving a call for shoplifting at the store. Upon arrival, the shoplifting suspect was detained by H-E-B security and an off-duty police officer from Floresville, officials said.

The suspect was then turned over to San Antonio police. McManus told ABC News:

“The suspect was standing in front of the police vehicle going through some things in his backpack. I’m not sure what that was about.

“He stepped to his right out of the view of the COBAN (police dashboard camera system), and a second later he came back, very aggressively and very quickly, and stabbed the officer in the face. It was quite a vicious attack.”

The suspect lunged at the officer with a knife nearly 5 inches long and stabbed him in the face. He then continued to fight the SAPD officer and the off-duty officer from Floresville, according to KSAT.

The stabbed officer was passing in and out of consciousness en route to the hospital because of blood loss, McManus said. He was listed in serious condition at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

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Both of the officers fired multiple gunshots at the suspect, and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, SAPD said.

The San Antonio officer was taken to the Brooke Army Medical Center in serious condition, and the off-duty Floresville officer was uninjured. An H-E-B employee was also injured in the incident and was taken to another area hospital out of caution, according to store officials.

The information so far is preliminary and the investigation continues, according to McManus.

We reported on other stabbings this year of law enforcement officials, including a K-9 dog. In August, a railway police officer in Denver, Colorado was stabbed multiple times by a trespasser on railroad property.

The stabbing left the officer in critical condition from the multiple stab wounds. The officer fatally shot the suspect, described as a white man in his 50s, according to CBS4.

DPD Division Chief Ron Thomas said that before 9 a.m., the BNSF officer approached a man who was trespassing on their property, and the suspect was wanted on a felony warrant.

The police officer detained the suspect on suspicion of trespassing and found a felony warrant, according to CBS4. When confronted, the suspect began stabbing the officer numerous times. The officer used a handgun and fatally shot him.

Thomas did not release the identities of the suspect or officer.

Thomas said there are several homeless encampments in the area where the incident occurred, but did not know whether the suspect was homeless or not, 9News reported.

Because BNSF officers are dispatched through a Colorado State Patrol radio channel, CSP was able to identify that shots had been fired and started the initial response to the scene, according to Thomas, who also said:

“I do think it’s critical that those officers were able to monitor on their radio channel that there was something going on here so they could not only respond quickly but also notify us, so we could hasten our response as well.”

BNSF Railway is a freight transportation company that operates in 28 states and in Canada, and has 40,000 employees. Its headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has an operation in Denver.

We also reported on a K-9 being stabbed multiple times by a criminal in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The incident went down when police pulled over a subject on a traffic stop on April 13.

The male ended up exiting his vehicle with a large machete and charged at an officer who was still in his vehicle. The officer reversed and the subject fled.

A K-9 officer released his dog to apprehend the suspect who then stabbed the dog 13 times. Now, the graphic video footage from the incident has been released and obtained by 8 News Now.

Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Vargus Berbe noticed that the vehicle driven by the suspect, now identified as Jeffrey Holland, had an expired license plate.

Berbe attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle who continued to drive until he entered the parking lot of an apartment complex.

When the vehicle stopped, Holland jumped out of the vehicle and had a large machete. Berbe testified in court:

“Once he got out with the large machete, he was approaching my car, pointing at me and approaching my car in a fast pace. I ultimately threw the car in reverse, the patrol vehicle, and immediately floored it so I ended up in the middle of Cambridge on the street.”

Holland then ran into an apartment trying to hide from officers.

Berbe called for backup and Metro Officer Nick Bachman, with police K-9 Kimura, was one of the officers who responded. Officers attempted to talk Holland out of the apartment and peacefully surrender to them.

However, Holland had other plans as he opened the door armed now with a large knife.

Officers began giving several commands to Holland to drop the knife and go to the ground, all of which he ignored. Berbe testified that Holland:

“…is holding it [knife] in a manner where he is, he’s holding it pretty much to his side raising it and he is challenging officers to approach him.”

Bachman then testified:

“In my mind I felt that if I did not deploy the dog probably somebody was going to get stabbed, one of my officers was going to get stabbed, or ultimately we would have to shoot the suspect.”

Based on these reasons, Bachman released K-9 Kimura to physically apprehend Holland, and this is the point where the video starts.

At the beginning, there is no audio, and LET warns you – it’s graphic.

K-9 Kimura did exactly what he was trained to do — immediately left the side of his handler and physically took hold of the suspect.

The suspect fell to the ground with K-9 Kimura still holding onto him. It is at this point that Bachman notices something is wrong:

“I see him pulling Kimura down towards his chest with his right hand and I saw his left hand come up with the large knife and stab my dog.”

In the video, you can clearly see this happening and hear the dog’s vocal reactions. Amazingly, K-9 Kimura did not release Holland and continue to hold onto him until Bachman recalls him.

Once the dog is recalled, officers tase Holland and were able to take him into custody without further incident. Once he was in custody, Bachman inspected K-9 Kimura’s injuries.

Bachman said that there “was about a six-inch deep hole that you could almost put your fist inside of” on the back of his neck. He also saw bite marks from Holland near K-9 Kimura’s eyes and nose.

K-9 Kimura was rushed to an emergency vet where he underwent emergency surgery and thankfully recovered. After a round of physical therapy and a few weeks to heal, K-9 Kimura returned to full duty roughly six weeks after being viciously stabbed by Holland.

Holland was indicted on Aug. 5 for intimidating a public officer, assault on a protected person with use of a deadly weapon, resisting a public officer with use of a deadly weapon, and mistreatment of a police animal.

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