Editor note: Over the past couple of months, there’s been a tremendous number of conversations about abortion legislation across the country. At Law Enforcement Today, we’ve largely tried to focus on the law enforcement focused angles of the conversation. 

With that being said, we’ve received countless emails and messages from police officers across the country who are extremely upset about the pro-abortion measures, including those taking place through delivery, being passed. Cops who have told us that they became police officers to defend life and are concerned that if we can’t protect the most innocent of life, then we’ve already lost the battle of good vs. evil.

This particular article was submitted to Law Enforcement Today by a police officer and we couldn’t ignore it.  It avoids the pro-life vs. pro-death argument and just focuses on truth.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it and share it if it resonates with you.

Nothing says “human” any better than this:

My name is Stephen Williams. I was born in 1969 to parents who did not want me. That fact resonated in my mind for many years. I harbored resentment toward them even into my 30’s.

I never understood it. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t they want me? Why was I not good enough? 

I can’t say I’ve lived a charmed life. Life was not always easy, but I found my way.

There were times I actually used change from the couch to buy gas to get to work.

There were times I relied on the kindness of strangers to furnish my next meal, or two.

There was a time when I didn’t know if I would have a bed to sleep in or a roof over that bed, yet I found my way. 

I managed to graduate high school and muddle my way through college. I surely don’t know how I did it. Having no purpose to my life, no plan and no direction after college, I decided to join the United States Air Force and served four years turning wrenches on tankers.

Still, I was lost.

Then one day I was reflecting and recalled several aptitude tests in college, the results of which said I was suited for public service, more specifically law enforcement.

I saw an ad and decided to take a leap. I would test and subsequently start my calling at a local police department. 

The next twenty years are a blur.

Countless tragedies and triumphs.

Untold people I have encountered who cried to me, needed me and, as it turns out, I needed them.

I raised three children and turned them out into the world productive adults (my proudest accomplishment).

All of the experiences, good and bad, are part of my story, a story that began with an unwanted baby. 

My name is Stephen Williams. You know me as LT from Humanizing the Badge. 

I was ADOPTED in 1969.

If this resonated with you, please… pass it on.  Sometimes the best way to reach across the aisle in America’s divide starts with humanizing each other.