Police officer removes ‘disorderly patron’ from restaurant, then gets knocked unconscious by the suspect


DEWEY BEACH, DE – A 27-year-old man is facing a litany of charges after authorities say that, after he was removed from a restaurant for being disorderly, he had knocked a Dewey Beach Police officer unconscious during an altercation.

Reportedly, another off-duty police officer from the New Castle County Delaware Police Department was also injured in the incident involving the suspect.

At approximately 8:20 p.m. on July 24th, 27-year-old Brandon Lewis was reportedly acting disorderly at the Starboard Restaurant located on Coastal Highway and was removed from the business by staff.

Lewis had allegedly assaulted staff from the restaurant while being removed, and then fled south on Coastal Highway. A nearby Dewey Beach Police officer was flagged down by staff, which led to the officer pursuing Lewis on foot near the area of Bellevue Street and Coastal Highway.

It was at this point that an off-duty New Castle officer also joined in to try and apprehend Lewis, which authorities say that when the New Castle officer tried to help the other officer, two unidentified males pulled the off-duty officer away from assisting.

After this transpired, Lewis allegedly struck the Dewey Beach Police officer, knocking him unconscious.

The off-duty New Castle officer once again attempted to apprehend Lewis, and a nearby citizen also helped in this instance, which they were able to successfully restrain Lewis until additional officers arrived on scene.

Lewis has since been charged with two counts of second-degree assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with force or violence, two counts of criminal mischief, and two counts of disorderly conduct.

He’s currently being held at the Sussex County Correctional Center on a $35,000 bond.

The unnamed Dewey Beach Police officer is being treated for a head injury and was last cited as being in stable condition. As for the off-duty New Castle officer, he was reportedly treated for facial lacerations and released from the hospital.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing investigation.

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Earlier in July, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report detailing another officer that was assaulted by a suspect, this instance occurring in Virginia at a Walmart parking lot. 

Here’s that previous report. 


FREDERICKSBURG, VA – Fredericksburg Police officials recently extended accolades to two Good Samaritans who reportedly helped an officer that was being attacked by a suspect earlier in July.

According to Fredericksburg Police Spokeswoman Sarah Morris, an officer has responded to the Walmart parking lot in Central Park at approximately 6:30 a.m. on July 21st after reports came in about a suspicious male rummaging through someone else’s vehicle.

When the officer encountered the suspicious male, who allegedly had stolen items in his possession, the officer attempted to detain the subject, but the male started to walk away from the officer.

Officials say that the suspect, later identified as 31-year-old Joshua J. Duggins, then turned around and hit the officer.

The officer was then reportedly taken to the ground by the suspect and was punched numerous times in the head. Two individuals had witnessed the attack and were able to get the suspect off of the officer.

According to officials, the unnamed officer has been with the department for two years and was treated at an area hospital for head injuries and released shortly thereafter.

Fredericksburg Police Chief Brian Layton said that had these two Good Samaritans not helped the officer in their time of need, the officer could’ve suffered far more severe injuries:

“If the two individuals watching nearby had not selflessly taken it upon themselves to assist the officer, the injuries he sustained could have been much worse. I can’t thank them enough for bravely putting themselves in danger.”

Duggins, who is currently in custody at the Rappahannock Regional Jail, was charged with assault on a law-enforcement officer and malicious wounding. He was arraigned for his charges on July 22nd and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for August 17th.

In a Facebook post from the Fredericksburg Police Department, it was noted that this incident was the third instance in recent weeks of officers from their department being attacked by suspects:

“This act is the third considerable assault on a Fredericksburg Police Officer in the last 12 weeks. The first assault was on April 24th when an officer attempted to take a person to the hospital, charged the officer, and punched him in the face.

The second assault was on June 11th, when an officer suffered a broken nose after serving a notice for trespassing.”

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In an update to a report we originally shared in June, three suspects accused of attacking a police officer following a traffic stop for running a stop sign are now facing attempted murder charges in connection to the gravity of the attack launched against the officer.

These charges came following the release of the dashcam footage depicting the attack that occurred in June.

Here’s that previous report. 


AURORA, IL – Back in June, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report of three suspects who were arrested for allegedly attacking and strangling an Aurora Police officer following a simple traffic stop.

Officials have since released the dashcam video from the June incident, affording further insight into the incident that escalated within moments after the officer exited his patrol vehicle.

During a press conference held on July 21st, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman shared additional details on a traffic stop that would’ve only resulted in a simple ticket “at most, but turned into an officer fighting for his life.”

Three people, identified as 24-year-old Jennifer Taylor, 26-year-old Sheba Taylor, and 28-year-old Paul Sherrod have since been indicted on attempted murder charges for the incident that played out during the evening of June 21st.

These charges are an upgrade from the previously announced charges in June, where the trio were facing charges of aggravated battery of a police officer, aggravated battery via strangulation, aggravated battery, aggravated assault of a peace officer, and resisting or obstructing a police officer causing injury.

On June 21st at approximately 10:30 p.m., an officer pulled over a vehicle containing three passengers for running a stop sign near the intersection of Plum Street and Randall Road.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Sherrod, pulled into a driveway in the 600 block of N. Elmwood Drive and immediately started to curse at the officer.

Video shows the officer telling a female passenger to get back into the car after she’d exited the vehicle, which when the officer gave the command, Sherrod exits the vehicle and threatens to fight the officer.

The officer on scene then instructed the female passenger and Sherrod that they were both going to be placed under arrest for obstruction. Sherrod can be seen then running from the officer, away from the dashcam view, and the officer pursued the suspect.

Officials say that’s when two women followed the officer and attacked him from behind “with closed fists and kicking his body and head.” The officer said he could also hear Sherrod’s voice as he was “struck repeatedly in the head from several angles.”

One of the women involved allegedly tried strangling the officer during the incident, with police saying the suspect placed “a forearm around the officer’s neck and applied significant force to his windpipe, causing him to lose the ability to breathe.”

Video from the incident shows additional officers responding to the scene, helping take the three into custody.

Officials also shared a 911 call that came from Sherrod as the officer was about to pull him over, telling the 911 dispatcher repeatedly that he was going to “kill” the officer.

Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin made the following statement regarding the arrest of the three suspects:

“This type of lawlessness and violence against our police officers cannot and will not be tolerated. This was an act of malice and cowardice and I will absolutely seek that the perpetrators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s keep this officer in our prayers as the officer makes a full and complete recovery.”

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman also commented on the assault, expressing a sense of shock that a police officer would be attacked over a minor traffic infraction:

“I am at a loss of words when an officer is physically attacked from something that would have been a simple traffic ticket. We will not allow our city to become a place where criminals feel emboldened, and lawlessness ensues.”

Officials have not identified the officer injured during the encounter. 


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