Editor Note: This article was submitted to us by an officer who was raging mad after reading a report from a so-called “police news” source about the murder of Officer Amy Caprio. Our team debated whether or not it was appropriate to call out another publisher publicly. After all, it’s sort of the unwritten rule that you don’t cross that line.  Nobody is perfect – we’ve all made mistakes.

But the hell with that. Someone needs to fight for our brothers and sisters in blue… and the families of the fallen.  There’s a line between right and wrong.  It’s thin and blue.  Have at it, Sgt. A. Merica.  We’ve got your six. 

I held my partner while he bled to death.

It was more than a decade ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

I remember the shooting. Everything plays back like it’s in slow motion.  He held my hand.  Squeezed me. Hard.  Tight.  He just stared into my eyes with tears in his and mine while his life slipped away.

I remember everything that happened.  The sights. The sounds.  The feel of his blood.  The smell of it.  The screams of agony.  His breath becoming more and more labored.  The sound of what must have been blood in his lungs.

I’ve never shared that with anyone.  Not the media.  Certainly not his family.  Not even the damn therapist my department made me go see after.

Because some things are too sacred.  Some things need to be left alone.

America safe

Officer Amy Caprio of the Baltimore County Police Department was murdered May 21, 2018. (Baltimore County Public Safety)


I understand why the bodycam footage of Officer Amy Caprio being killed would – and arguably should – be played in every damn police training environment in America.  Her death could ultimately help save officers lives.  I get it. I respect it.  I don’t want to see it – I don’t want others to see it – but it’s crucial in training that we do.

When it was first released, I didn’t see it on social media.  As a matter of fact, I saw an article from Law Enforcement Today specifically detailing why they would NOT be releasing it.

Then I see it on Twitter. From a group that calls itself “PoliceOne”.  I’m sure you’ve heard of them.  Their goal is to get you to buy stuff from them.  Training.  Products. And they apparently now lure you in by showing gruesome video of a police officer being slaughtered, despite the family’s repeated public requests to not show the video.  As you can see in these tweets, Rob O’Donnell from Brothers Before Others called them to the carpet on it.


They then published an article about it.  Then again, “republished” might be more of an appropriate word.  It looks like they just ripped off a news story from another media outlet.

The details describe the pain, the horror and the gruesome death.  Also in the article was what came across as being empathy and understanding for the suspect, just a poor innocent student, right?

Disgusting.  There’s no question about it.

There’s a big difference between supporting cops and USING us – and our murders – to SELL shit to cops. That’s not standing behind the Thin Blue Line.  It’s walking all over it.  It’s spitting on it.

Law Enforcement Today, I found out after, is – and always has been – owned and operated by law enforcement.

Jay Wiley, who runs their radio show and podcast, earned my undying respect when he explained why LET would NOT share the video:

Law Enforcement Today Podcast

First and foremost, the majority of us are Cops, a combination of active and retired. A couple of our team are not, but they have many family members who are law enforcement officers. They are part of our extended blue family and they get it too.

So, when the news broke that the bodycam video of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio being killed had been released, we made a unanimous decision… You won’t see the video here on Law Enforcement Today.

I get it, there is a need to report the news, but I’m a Cop. Even though I’ve been retired for a very long time, I’m still a cop. My oath to enforce the law expired many years ago, but my promise to back up and help protect law enforcement officers has no expiration date.

I’ve met relatives of Amy Caprio and many of her Baltimore County Police family. I’m retired from the Baltimore “City” Police Department, which is a neighboring agency. Over the years we have buried far too many of our Brothers and Sisters. For those reasons you won’t see the video posted here.

We have a close working relationship with Concerns Of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.). We can’t speak for them, but we have had enough discussions with spouses of officers that were killed in the line of duty and none of them wants us to post these videos. For those reasons you won’t see the video posted here.

I’ve listened to LET’s radio shows and podcasts.  I’ve watched many of their Behind the Uniforms shows.  They obviously give a damn about us.  They put their money where their mouth is. 

One particular video really jumped out at me.  Officer Jesse Hartnet.  Philly cop. Shot by an Islamic terrorist at point blank range.


The video starts out with dispatch.  We see pictures.  We see images.  We hear the gory details about what happened.

Then we see Jesse sitting at a wall of whiskey with one of the guys from LET.  They are talking about Jesse’s story.  They are reliving those moments.

Because he survived. He got to make the decision to share his story and the details around it to protect others. 

There’s a huge difference between giving LEOs a platform and a voice… and being opportunistic USING them to line the pockets of a big corporation that’s not actually run by LEOs.

Shame on you, PoliceOne. I’m disgusted by you and how you’ve used us.  You are no longer a part of our family.  You sold your soul.

Thank you, Law Enforcement Today, and all of the other platforms that chose not to run the video. That chose to have integrity.  You are all the true warriors and the true voice of those of us on the street.

Rest in peace, Officer Amy. We’ll take it from here.