Police: Officer ambushed, shot in the face by a man who had just murdered a construction worker


LOUISVILLE, KY – A Louisville Metro Police Department officer was shot in the face while working a special detail by a man who had just murdered a nearby construction worker.

Thankfully the officer who was shot is expected to survive.

The bizarre scene unfolded just after 2:30 am on November 19th as a police officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department was working a special detail, directing traffic for construction crews working on I-264 at Dixie Highway.

The suspect, identified as Keyshaun Joseph Canard Stewart, 25 years old, allegedly walked up to a worker on the roadway and opened fire, killing the unidentified man.

Stewart then allegedly walked over to the police vehicle and opened fire on the officer who has not been identified as of yet. Stewart allegedly shot the officer in the face and then proceeded to run down the interstate.

Stewart did not expect the officer to survive nor did he expect the officer would be able to tough out being shot…and pursue him on foot down the interstate.

Stewart’s actions placed the officer in a well-founded fear that Stewart was either going to kill him or someone else, and so he opened fire on the assailant.

The officer struck Stewart several times which caused him to fall on the interstate. Stewart was held there by the wounded hero until additional units and medical teams could respond and take over the situation.

The officer and Stewart were rushed to a nearby hospital where they were treated for the gunshot wounds they received during the encounter. Both are expected to survive their wounds.

The person whom Stewart allegedly murdered was identified as 37-year-old Fred O’Bannon, who was employed by the Louisville Paving and Construction company that was working on the interstate. The Louisville Metro Police Chief, Erika Shields, told reporters that there has been no established motive that officers have been able to establish for the homicide.

The Executive Vice President for the company released a statement that read:

“Needless to say, our entire team is devastated by the loss of Fred and we stand committed to support his family and team members through this tragedy. We ask that everyone join us in keeping Fred, his family, and his friends in your thoughts and prayers.”

Metro Councilman Anthony Pigentini tweeted about the shooting incident and requested prayers for the officer’s family and his recovery. He wrote:

“Dear Friends, we need prayers. The LMPD officer who was shot last night was shot in the face, upper cheek area and the bullet lodged in the back of his neck. Seems he will survive but please pray for his speedy recovery and for his family.”

Pigentini also took the time to praise the officer for his actions even though he had been shot. He wrote:

“Do you want to know the definition of badass? The LMPD officer was shot in the face, then got out of the car, and returned fire while chasing the criminal. How many people do you know run toward a person who just shot them in the face to ensure Justice is served?”

The Louisville Metro Police Department has requested the Kentucky State Police conduct an independent investigation into the officer-involved shooting. The Kentucky State Police reported that they will not release any details of the investigation as it is currently active and until they have interviewed everyone involved.

Law Enforcement Today expresses condolences to the O’Bannon family as they cope during this difficult time. Additionally, LET also wishes the wounded officer a safe and speedy recovery.

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Trooper’s heroic actions subduing armed criminal caught on camera now drawing outrage from the Left (op-ed)

ATLANTA, GA – Once again, outrage is being expressed by the left because a police officer used physical force to subdue an armed criminal fleeing through public streets endangering both the officer and the public.


This time, it is a Georgia State Patrol trooper who is being investigated after he was “caught” on video “stomping” on a suspect while attempting to place him into custody following a vehicle and foot pursuit.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) said on October 3, an unidentified trooper with the Georgia State Patrol conducted a traffic stop because Jamarco Kintavious Lucas, of Decatur, was driving on Atlanta’s Downtown Connector, in a 2019 Dodge Challenger without a seatbelt.

Lucas, a criminal wanted by nearby Rockdale County on a battery charge, fled the traffic stop in his vehicle, endangering motorists driving on the busy roadway.

Lucas was on probation for another assault at the time of the stop.


Eventually, Lucas fled the vehicle on foot with the courageous trooper in pursuit. Video showed the trooper attempting non-lethal tactics to stop the man, who was armed with a handgun. The trooper deployed his Taser as he chased the wanted, armed man through the public area.

The Taser struck Lucas, causing him to fall to the sidewalk. This is the point that the trooper observed the handgun fall from the suspect’s waistband, according to authorities. 

Rather than surrendering to the officer and complying with his orders, Lucas attempts to get up from the sidewalk. Knowing the man was wanted and armed, the trooper uses his foot to try and keep the man on the ground.

The gun rested on the ground between the trooper and Lucas at the time, and Lucas could have grabbed for the gun if he had succeeded in regaining his footing.

After a brief struggle, the brave trooper was able to take Lucas into custody. No one was injured during the incident, including Lucas, the trooper, nor the public.

Despite the trooper chasing, struggling with, and apprehending the dangerous and armed suspect, who was already wanted for assaulting another person, critics have expressed outrage over the video of the incident released on Twitter. Critics claim the officer used too much force to apprehend the armed threat to the public because he used his foot to strike the suspect.


Georgia State Patrol officials confirmed that the videos posted on Twitter showing the trooper “stomping” the suspect were part of its review into the unnamed trooper’s use of force. All such instances are documented and reviewed per Department of Public Safety policy.

GSP stated that the trooper deployed his Taser twice during the foot pursuit, gave the suspect verbal commands to comply, and was aware of the gun in the man’s waistband.

Because the trooper was unaware if Lucas was still armed, GSP said the trooper applied what’s called a “foot strike.”

The use of a foot to help control a dangerous and potentially deadly encounter has been so much a part of policing, and such an effective method of capturing the bad guy without getting an officer or a member of the public killed, that they gave it the name “foot strike.”


The Georgia Department of Public Safety’s Use of Force Policy states that officers are allowed to use physical strength to control a suspect. A foot strike is listed as one of the defense tactics officers are trained to use in many law enforcement training guides.

Despite this fact, critics have said the trooper used “too much force.” Think about that for a moment.


The trooper was chasing an armed criminal wanted for a previous violent assault. The foot pursuit was in a populated area with potential citizen victims around the scene. Despite all of these obvious dangers, the trooper still deployed less-than-lethal tactics to capture this dangerous criminal, at his own peril.

Local activist Scotty Smart told the news media that if  “you have someone on the ground already, there’s no need to stomp on them.”

Really. A person on the ground cannot grab a gun and kill you? Would Smart have stood there asking the man to comply politely while a gun lay between them? I doubt it.

Yet, Smart said:

“I think that’s a clear case of excessive force. We have someone on the ground already. There’s no need to stomp on him. You could easily apprehend the suspect by simply placing handcuffs on him. Stomping on him two or three times looks like an emotional reaction.”


Has Smart ever attempted to “simply” put handcuffs on a violent resister? No, he has not. If he had, he would know there is nothing simple about apprehending a resisting suspect, especially an armed and wanted criminal. trying to escape.

In a world existing only in the minds of the Left, police can send arrest notices in the mail with flowers and candy. But in the dangerous, hard world that exists in reality, thank God there are heroes like this trooper willing to risk their own lives to capture the criminals who are praying on the innocent.

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