Police now say the woman started laughing out loud before shooting the Trooper in the back of the head


Last Friday, a retired Illinois State Trooper, Gregory Rieves, was shot and killed by 51-year old Lisa V. McMullan in a cigar lounge, Humidor of Lisle.  The woman also wounded another retired trooper as well as a current trooper before taking her own life.

The shooting was captured on surveillance footage and had investigators scratching their heads for lack of an apparent motive. 

The footage shows many patrons of the lounge watching TV.  McMullan is sitting behind the troopers and “without apparent provocation,” stands up, pulls out her handgun, and starts firing.

Retired Trooper Gregory Rieves, 51 died due to his injuries. Rieves was an Illinois State Police Trooper for 22 years and had been retired for about one year.

Posted by WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola on Monday, January 27, 2020

McMullan had no criminal history and no police contact and carried her gun legally.

Other customers said the men and McMullan were often at the lounge at the same time and appeared to know each other, but a direct relationship was not known. 

Police initially reported that McMullan and Trooper Rieves attended the same high school in the 1980’s, but that was proven incorrect after speaking with McMullan’s mother.

Monday during a press conference, police said they were able to obtain at least some clarity.  Police searched McMullan’s home after the shooting and found Trooper Rieves’ name written on her wall.

Next to the name, she wrote:

“I hate you … hope you two die!”

The name of a second man was also written on the wall, but that man was not at the lounge the night McMullan opened fire and killed Trooper Rieves and herself.  His name was not released.

Lisle police are still searching to establish a “clear motive,” but they said the message on the wall “may point to a personal motivation.”  At the very least it points to the fact that McMullan targeted at least one of the victims.

A man inside the lounge with McMullan and the victims at the time of the shooting told reporters:

“I heard her laughing, she has a very distinct loud laugh.  We did not hear any arguing or any yelling, anything like that before the first loud shot.”

Friends of McMullan have reportedly told police that she had been in a previous relationship with Rieves, but Rieves’ family said that if that’s true, they didn’t know about it.

Chicago’s Daily Herald reported:

“Police also released a condensed version of police radio traffic in which a dispatcher reports a call of ‘shots fired within the store.’ In the recording, an officer can be heard calling for additional officers, from Woodridge and Downers Grove, as he designated the event a ‘mass casualty’ with ‘an unknown shooter possibly in the building.’

“A countywide joint investigations team is activated, and an officer says, ‘I need all officers inside’ and requests four ambulances, soon saying, ‘I have multiple injured.’

“‘We have an unknown female, possible shooter,’ the officer says.

Then he urgently requests more officers.

“‘Any officer who is not currently doing anything right now with a task or something needs to come to the front door at the main entrance of 1600 Ogden,’ he says, passing on the order to another person on the radio. He details how the building is being cleared of a further threat.

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Retired state trooper murdered, two more troopers wounded in cigar room shooting - in Chicago, of course.

“‘We have no active threat at this point,’ he says. ‘Again, we have no suspect at large. At this point the scene is contained. I need no further units here. … The situation is contained. All patients have been transported to either Good Sam or Edward Hospital. At this point the scene is being locked down for evidentiary purposes.’”

Following the incident, the Illinois State Police director Brendan Kelly said:

“The Illinois State Police family have heavy hearts this morning.  We are mourning the loss of a retired Trooper, and praying for a full recovery of both our active and retired officers. Please keep all our officers and families in your prayers in the dark and painful moment.”

Trooper Rieves had just retired last year after over 20 years of service with ISP.  McMullan shot him in the back of the head with a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm handgun.

The other two injured victims were identified as 48-year old off-duty Trooper Kaiton Bullock and 55-year-old retired trooper Lloyd Graham. 

The two are reportedly still in the hospital from their injuries, both apparently in “serious but stable condition.”  Investigators were hoping to start interviews with Bullock and Graham on Monday, but it’s unclear whether they were able to do so.

Director Kelly said that Trooper Rieves was “known to be a … great personality that many people thought very fondly of.”

Police have stated they’re not releasing reports at this time “to preserve the integrity of the investigation.”

A memorial can be found outside of Humidor Lounge.

Rest in peace, Trooper Rieves, and thank you for your service.

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