Police Are the New Enemy of the State

“What do we want?”

“Dead cops!”

“When do we want them?”


These chants were bellowed in unison by the New Black Panthers while marching in black uniforms, armed with shotguns and AR-15s. Was it a mindless rant from an activist group or serious threats from a left-wing terrorist group?

new enemy

File photo New Black Panther Party. (Courtesy Elvert Barnes)

Most recently, Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna was killed by gunfire July 15, New York Trooper Nicholas Clark was killed by gunfire July 2, and Wyanodotte County Sheriff’s Deputies Patrick Rohre and Theresa King were killed by gunfire June 15.

Sadly, the list goes on. Federal officers, state troopers, county deputies, local officers, recruits and senior officers, white, black and Hispanic, male and female, ages from the very young to those on the verge of retirement. Florida, New York, and the federal government lead in the most deaths. The average age is 40-years-old with 12 years service time.

These statistics do not take into consideration those LEOs that died in vehicle pursuits, vehicle assaults, automobile crashes, assaults, heart attacks, etc. Total deaths in the line of duty January 1 – July 16, 2018 is 33 firearms related and total 77 fatalities of LEOs. This is a 22 percent rise in firearm fatalities from the same timeframe in 2017.

picket fences

In the past several years, the nation’s peace officers have come under physical attack from activist minority groups, leftwing and rightwing terrorist groups, and more problematic, officers nationwide are being defiled and humiliated from the left leaning media and left-wing politicians.

Chicago recently had a “text book” shooting of an armed individual resisting arrest and attempting to draw a firearm holstered on his side.

Video of the officer’s camera clearly showed the weapon as well as two extra magazine clips on his belt.


(Screenshot CPD body cam video)

A squad car arrived in the direction the offender was running blocking his escape, presumably causing him to attempt to pull his weapon. At this point the officer fired five consecutive shots striking the offender and neutralizing the immediate threat.

The CPD undertook the unusual and remarkable steps of releasing the video less than a few hours after the shooting.

The urban grapevine quickly spread the false news that the subject was unarmed and shot down by police. Large groups of blacks immediately converged and started a protest on and around the crime scene. The hectic scene eventually led to four police officers being seriously injured by thrown bricks and bottles, one containing urine. No riot gear was worn because of the “over-aggressive appearance” of military style force.

Local news media jumped on the social media’s band wagon calling for answers of why a respectable community member was shot down in the street by Chicago’s supposed protectors. Front page of the local leftwing newspaper demanded answers to this horrendous shooting.

Local activists saw the evidence of the gun through still photos and video. Now they demand to know why the police originally stopped and “hassled” this person. Local business and community members requested and received additional police presence at the location prior to the incident because of thugs and miscreants taking over the area.

A long-time writer for Chicago’s leftwing newspaper stated, even though he “appears to be reaching for a gun” while being pursued by Chicago Police, the shooting “seems excessive.”

Video was as clear as possible, and still frames are undeniably clear in that he had his hand on the holstered gun and was drawing it at the time he was shot.

The CPD superintendent sent his condolences to the family of the armed man. The mayor stated formally that we all should discuss the situation and come to a mutual agreement.

No answer is good enough. Apparently the only acceptable response to this is that police officers are supposed to die rather than defend themselves. Police officers are under attack and the needed administrative support is nowhere to be seen.

Politics supersede a civilized society. My father and grandfather are spinning in their graves. I feel disgusted. Any officer that believes in doing the right and moral thing is obsolete. Police are the new enemy of the state. Police work is dead.

To all my police brothers and sisters out there, lock and load and protect one another. As always, stay safe.

Larry Casey, sergeant (ret.), Chicago Police Department, Criminal Justice Professor, Wilbur Wright College. You can view his website StoriesofaChicagoPoliceOfficer for more information and review his book by the same name.