Police: This man murdered someone outside a hospital and we need your help in identifying and finding him.


San Francisco, California – A man is dead following a fight that took place inside of a hospital lobby on August 11th, and police now need the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect they say is responsible for the act.

According to police, the altercation took place at around 6:15 in the morning at the UCSF outpatient medical building in San Francisco.

While little detail has been released regarding the physical altercation itself, and what allegedly led up to it, police say that shortly after the altercation the victim walked outside and collapsed.

A nurse nearby was said to have performed CPR on the collapsed victim, but he was later pronounced dead when taken to the ER.

Surveillance images of the suspect have been released by authorities.

Gabrielle Lim, who works at UCSF, noted how she walked into work the morning of the incident, only to find the lobby sectioned off by authorities:

“I saw all this yellow tape and the cops saying you can’t come in here.”

Police: This man murdered someone outside a hospital and we need your help in identifying and finding him.
Homicide suspect in hospital killing – UCSF Police

Other employees of UCSF have cited concerns lately regarding the types of characters seen around the hospital.

Jennifer Dudley is one of those employees and recounted an assault she experienced from a perceived vagrant:

“I was attacked by someone who appeared to be homeless or maybe someone who was just released from the ER.”

Dudley further detailed the regularity of vagrants engaging in the likes of open drug use and other forms of debauchery:

“There is a lot of homeless people that hang out in the corridor, they sleep on the benches, I saw people doing drugs in there, exposing themselves in the morning, they come and there is no one regulating the situation.”

Thomas Forbes, a local who happened to be visiting the hospital when asked about the ongoing investigation, stated the following about the case:

“It’s crazy times that we’re living in for sure but outside of a hospital it’s pretty surprising.”

Police have not revealed what specific injuries led the victim to dying after the altercation with the suspect.

UCSF Police are asking that anyone with information on the suspect’s identity or whereabouts to please call 415-476-1414 and reference case number 2020-897 when furnishing said information.

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In other investigations, police in Detroit, Michigan are actively searching for two men that are wanted in connection with a shooting that took place on August 9th, on Detroit’s east side.

According to reports, the shooting incident took place around 10:30 a.m. outside of a home located in the 5700 block of Coplin Street, hear Chandler Park Drive. Police said that a 39-year-old man and his friend were at said location when they got into an argument with two other men.

The two other men were a 26-years-old and 59-years-old. Allegedly, the 26-year-old pointed a gun at the victims while the 59-year-old actually fired shots, striking the 39-year-old man. Responding officers were able to locate the injured man, render aid, and rush him to a nearby hospital. 

According to Fox 2, officers said that the victim’s friend was able to drag him into an alley and call for help. Once at the hospital, the victim was taken into surgery and is expected to survive the gunshot wounds. 

The gunmen fled the scene and barricaded themselves inside of a house. Police then declared a barricaded house situation. According to authorities, officers had talked to the suspects over the phone about surrendering.

Commander Darin Szilagy said:

“We were able to talk to them multiple times throughout the day, encouraging them to surrender. At one point the suspects both agreed they wanted to surrender, but they wanted to go to a police station, they didn’t want to come out the house.”

He added:

“They stated they weren’t in the house. We were asking suspects to consider surrendering and that this is not going to go away. Come and turn yourselves in peacefully, I promise you we’ll treat you with respect and let the justice system do its thing.”

At some point during the day, in between talking to police on the phone, the suspects were able to escape police surveillance, and when officers checked the house, they were not in there. Police have not released any information about the suspects other than photos of both men.

Neighbors allege that the 59-year-old and the 26-year-old are father and son. The 59-year-old is described as a black man armed with a long gun. The 26-year-old is described as black man armed with a handgun.

Police say that they do not believe that the suspects are a danger to other people, but anyone with any information is urged to contact the Detroit Police Department at 313-596-5500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up.


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