Police: Multiple victims shot after gunman opens fire on California bus


California – Police say that at least one person has been killed and another five have been wounded after a gunman aboard a Greyhound bus began firing at passengers.

The frantic 911 calls were placed early Monday morning as the shots rang out on the bus filled with approximately 40 people traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco. 

According to California Highway Patrol Spokesman Steve Loftus, the bus was driving north on Interstate 5 around 1:30 a.m. when the suspect opened fire, striking a number of people onboard.


The driver of the bus reportedly stopped the bus near the exit to Grapevine, just south of Bakersfield, after the gunshots rang out. Police say he somehow convinced the shooter to get off the bus, then quickly pulled into a nearby gas station and awaited authorities to respond. 

The weapon was reportedly left on the bus.

When emergency crews arrived at the scene, they discovered a number of passengers injured in the shooting. 

Fort Tejon California Highway Patrol Spokesman Rich Anthes confirmed that the armed suspect was one of the passengers aboard the bus. 

Victims were transported to nearby hospitals to be treated for their wounds, but no specific information has been made available as of the publishing of this article. Authorities say they believe a female victim was killed in the gunfire.


Global News said the other injuries ranged from moderate to major.

The gunman was allegedly taken into custody, but authorities have not yet released information about the identity of that individual. They did, however, confirm that there was no longer a threat in the area. 

“The situation is stable and there is no threat,” Anthes said.

Passengers described the frightening situation, with one person saying that she woke up to screaming and thought she was going to die. 

“I’m okay. Just was on my way to San Francisco shooting happened on the Greyhound,” she tweeted. “I suffer from Vegas tragic couple years and I was asleep [sic] and a guy talking so loud and started firing 7-9 round and happened so fast I thought that was the end.”

Some reports suggested that passengers aboard the bus helped subdue the shooter, but police have not confirmed those accounts. 

“We’re grateful that the bus driver acted quickly,” Sgt. Brian Pennings said.


Angry passengers slammed Greyhound for a lack of security.

One person tweeted: “You need to implement proper security measures at ALL of your stations! A bus departing from Los Angeles had been infiltrated by someone with a gun, and we are currently stopped at the Grapevine to have authorities and paramedics assist with the shooter situation!”

“Until Greyhound and Megabus implement proper security measures, I am either flying or hitching a ride with a friend or other trusted person for future SoCal trips! As of now, I no longer feel safe using these services!” said another.

Greyhound has not yet released a statement about the incident. 

This story is developing and police are expected to give a briefing about details of the incident shortly. 

Law Enforcement Today will continue to bring you updates as more information is handed down to the public. 

Meanwhile, while some may only know of Michael Bloomberg’s stance on “common sense” gun control from last night’s Super Bowl ad, the reality is that Bloomberg has been spouting nonsense for years.

Breitbart reminded us of a December 20, 2012, Nightline interview, when he pitched the idea that guns holding more than three rounds should be the threshold for what takes a regular, “allowable” gun to an “assault weapon.”

And he made it clear to everyone watching that guns categorized as the latter need to be banned.

Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden asked Bloomberg how to define an “assault weapon.” Bloomberg responded by dividing guns into categories of what is necessary for hunting versus what goes beyond that.

He said:

“If it [the gun] can fire a lot of bullets very quickly, that’s a good place to start.”

In what many supporters of the 2nd Amendment see as a lame argument, McFadden tried to approach the conversation from a hunter’s point of view, but Bloomberg interrupted.

“So, we’re going to argue what ‘a lot’ is? Okay, let’s pick it. Let’s say three,” Bloomberg interjected. “If you haven’t hit the deer with three shots, you’re a pretty lousy shot, that deer deserves to get away.”

McFadden then pointed out that his three-shot definition for an “assault weapon” includes most pistols.

Bloomberg responded by arguing that pistols are different because:

“…you have to pull the trigger each time…[but] an “assault weapon” you basically hold it and it goes brr-brr-brr.

McFadden, exercising a little logic and common sense realized that Bloomberg was confusing semiautomatic firearms with machine guns.

“Those are fully automatic weapons,” McFadden countered.

Bloomberg paused and simply said:


Knowing that he was quickly losing any modicum of credibility he may have had on the subject matter, Bloomberg flipped from number of shots to ammunition capacity, suggesting large capacity magazines as the defining characteristic of an “assault weapon.”

He said:

“If it’s 30 bullets or 20 bullets or 10 bullets before you run out, I would suggest God wants that deer to live.”

The reality remains that the number of rounds fired from a single magazine or the aesthetics of the weapon are irrelevant in hunting.

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San Francisco's new DA fires seven senior prosecutors in two days because they enforced laws


The 2nd Amendment does not exist for the purpose of what we use to hunt. It exists for the purpose of this nation’s citizenry to be able to defend itself against a tyrannical government.

And a pistol holding no more than three rounds would not allow for that.

In fact, by his 2012 definition, revolvers would be considered assault weapons.

But Bloomberg has not really gained any credibility on the issue of the 2nd Amendment in the past 8 years.            

Last night’s Super Bowl spot cost him $10 million dollars. And it misleads the American people.

The ad stated that 2,900 American children die from gun violence every year. That figure covers ages 0-19 and includes suicides and accidental deaths.

Truth be told, 18 and 19-year olds are legally considered to be adults, not children. When you remove them from the equation, that number falls by almost half, to 1,499.

Of the ad, people took to Twitter to show how off-based Bloomberg is. And it wasn’t only the NRA.

Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina was killed in the Parkland shooting in 2018 also dismissed the ad.

Side note: Bloomberg, you have nothing to offer this country aside from having enough money to buy everyone lunch. If you were running for mayor of NYC again, your campaign slogan could be:

Hey, at least I’m not de Blasio.


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