Connecticut police are searching for a mother who they say looked the other way while her son was sexually abused.

Her name is Angel-Marie Carrillo, and the East Hartford police department have put out a warrant for her arrest. According to investigators, she never reported her son’s sexual abuse.  They say she instead was extorting money from the suspect in exchange for silence.

She’s now facing charges including risk of injury to a minor and first degree larceny. It all started back in March. That’s when, according to the arrest warrant, police were first told about the abuse by the Department of Children and Families.

Here’s what went down.

Someone contacted East Hartford Police and told them about the alleged abuse.  

A search warrant was later conducted at Carillo’s home, and that’s where a number of cell phones were seized. One of those phones belonged to the suspect, 42-year-old Paul Grimsley of Hartford.

Angel-Marie Carrillo

Wanted: Angel-Marie Carrillo

According to the warrant, Carillo told police she found inappropriate images and videos of her son being abused in Grimsley’s cell phone. That warrant says she had confronted Grimsley about the photos and Grimsley responded by saying he had “two pairs of her son’s underwear.”

But here’s where the case takes a twist.

When police dove into Carillo’s cell phone, they found a conversation between her and the suspect. In that conversation, police say Grimsley stated he would pay Carillo $120 for not going to police about him sexually abusing her son.  As long as he paid her the $120 every Friday, the mother, who was recently evicted from her home, wouldn’t tell the cops about him.

42-year-old Paul Grimsley of Hartford.

42-year-old Paul Grimsley of Hartford.

According to the warrant, Carillo’s son told police Grimsley would babysit him and he enjoyed playing video games with him.  Police say that after Carillo started extorting Grimsley, the contact between him and the boy stopped.

Grimsley is facing two counts of first degree sexual assault, risk of injury and risk of injury to a minor not just for the abuse, but also for the 253 images of suspected child porn on his phone.  He had previously served 10 years for possession of child pornography in the first degree and is a life long registrant on the sex offender registry.  If convicted, this will likely put him away for life.

Apparently Carillo has been in touch with the lead detective on the case and said she plans on turning herself in.  But she hasn’t done so yet, stating that she’s still mad at the police.  She said she handed over the phones and the guy they should have a problem with is Grimsley, not her… despite the fact that the only reason police found out in the first place was because someone else came forward.

Police are asking anyone with information about Carillo’s whereabouts to connect them immediately. She’s believed to be in the Hartford area.

Grimsley is being held in Hartford on a $800,000 bond.  He’ll be in court August 6th.

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LET Unity

Our family at Law Enforcement Today takes child sex crimes very seriously.  

That’s why this enxt story from earlier this year hit close to home for us.

That’s when a former Arizona State representative allegedly told a woman he didn’t want to ‘demonize’ child sex trafficking and that the two would have to agree to disagree.

According to a report by The Week, David Stringer, who resigned from his political position on March 27th after being accused of being involved with sexual assault against two children, told an activist last year that he didn’t think child sex trafficking was a big deal.

Rep. David Stringer apparently doesn’t believe child sex trafficking to be a big problem in the US. (Wikipedia)


Stringer said that the issue wasn’t as common as the activist was making it out to be – which is a scary thought, considering how much information is known about the crisis of human trafficking in the US, especially with minors.

If you hadn’t heard, we’ve done some work with the organization DeliverFund – a force specifically designed to help train officers how to hunt and take down sex traffickers. This team is made up of the most elite former CIA operatives, NSA analysts, Special Forces, and FBI agents and their only mission is to destroy evil.



So now we’ve got a message for you, David.


Dear Mr. Stringer,

We couldn’t help but notice the flat-out disgusting and disturbing comments you made about the seriousness of child sex trafficking in America. We’re sad that we took an oath to protect people like you. Denying an issue, probably to conceal your own criminal behavior, doesn’t make that issue go away.

Guess what? We’ve seen it firsthand. We’ve seen the look in the eyes of the little girl who was abducted not once, not twice – but three times by the same prostitution ring.

We’ve seen the toll taken on a child after they’d been raped repeatedly for months on end.

We’ve questioned the meaning of everything when we saw those same children show signs of endearment to their captors.

We’ve knocked down doors and taken down predators that quite frankly should never be allowed to see the light of day again.

We’ve seen the broken spirit of parents who would never see their children again, simply so someone could pump their kid full of drugs and make a quick buck.

We’ve had to lay in bed awake at night knowing that evil pieces of s–t are out there doing this every day… yet the government doesn’t have a dedicated agency to combat it.

We’ve had to watch traffickers go free because departments don’t have the training or the resources to fight evil at its source.

We’re sorry that you see news stories making light of Robert Kraft and others getting ‘happy ending massages’– regardless of the fact that those trafficked girls were forced to see 1,500 clients a day.

We’re sorry that you didn’t listen to the cries of agencies like DeliverFund who told the world that events like the Super Bowl and the World Series brought exponentially more trafficked women to those cities.

But now, we hope you get what’s coming to you.

Justice is sweet, and payback’s a bitch.


Police and supporters from all across the country.


The activist that originally spoke with Stringer on the issue, Merissa Hamilton, reached out to Law Enforcement Today. Here’s her response to the allegations against Stringer and the need for Arizona to adopt Anti-SLAPP laws.

Arizona needs anti-SLAPP reform to protect victims and advocates from getting sued into silence.

Posted by Merissa Hamilton on Friday, April 5, 2019


She released a formal statement to LET.

“With Arizona being a border state and having a high population of children in the child welfare system, we are at high risk for children becoming victims of child sex trafficking. Fifteen year olds aren’t ‘just a bunch of prostitutes’ as allegeded in that video. Rather, child victims suffer lifelong serious damage. I thank our brave men and women in law enforcement who tenaciously pursue these predators and rescue children to safety. I encourage Arizona and other states to adopt greater anti-SLAPP protections so victims and advocates can come forward against public figures sooner with legitimate public safety concerns without the fear of intimidation and being sued into silence.”

Last year, DeliverFund introduced their newest initiative – Operation Throat Punch.

Here’s what they’re doing.

Knowing that sex traffickers look for ads of young escorts to take, DeliverFund built out hundreds of ads in dozens of cities across America … on the websites that these sex traffickers are using to recruit and pimp young girls.

The ads look like they’re for a young lady.  But when the trafficker clicks to look at more pictures, this video instead takes over their screen.


Once they hit the video, DeliverFund has them.  And not only are they working with law enforcement to destroy evil … but they’re trolling the people who clicked the ads.

Facebook. Instagram. Their messenger apps. Websites that they visit. Games they play online. They all get filled with ads from DeliverFund letting them know that they’re being tracked … and that the group is onto them.


Before you start complaining that it’s not just sex traffickers that look at these ads – it’s also “John’s” – here’s what we’d say:

We don’t care.

We don’t take pity on those who are enabling sex traffickers to drug and pimp out girls by providing them a lucrative market. Perhaps now they’ll think twice about it.