DAYTON, OH- To some, “Black Friday” means great deals on televisions, video games, and other items, usually the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, recently, Black Friday has crept into Thanksgiving Day itself, and in some cases earlier.

For others, Black Friday is the opportunity to engage in the world’s second oldest profession—stealing stuff.

Last Saturday in Dayton, OH at the Dayton Mall, a criminal got an early start on his Christmas shopping, carjacking a woman at gunpoint in broad daylight.

The Saturday afternoon theft outside of the Macy’s is unusual, according to police. However, the woman who was carjacked, who was uninjured, was angry with herself after the incident.

“I shouldn’t have come by myself.”

Miami Twp. Police Department Public Information Officer Pat McCoy cautioned against being alone in a parking lot “in any shopping district” this time of year, when statistics show that robberies increase.

McCoy said that incidents such as the carjacking are unusual, noting that such crimes “usually happen after sunset. But these things are random. There’s no predicting them.”

According to police, the victim told them she was walking back to her vehicle on the north side of the mall when she dropped her purse as she was approached by a young man.

“I went to pick the purse up and he had a gun…I was scared he was going to shoot,” the woman told emergency dispatchers in a 911 call, fighting back tears.

It happened fast.

“He said if I don’t give the keys, he’s going to shoot me…I have him the keys. He showed me a gun. He pointed it at me. He said, ‘hurry up.’”

A second 911 caller told dispatchers that the thief “was trying to force her to get in the car” before he drove of into traffic. Other shoppers came to the woman’s aid.

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The vehicle was described as a black Buick Regal with chrome trim.

A separate 911 caller later saw the car speeding up Interstate 75 after having fled police. The vehicle was subsequently found stopped in an intersection in an adjacent town. Police have said that evidence was recovered which may assist police in their investigation.

The mall did say that throughout the year, they do provide escorts for guests who want to be accompanied going to their cars.

Meanwhile, in Indianapolis Black Friday lived up to its annual billing as an excuse for people to act like thugs.

Police arrested several minors after a large fight broke out at the Circle Centre Mall, according to a spokesman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Officer Genae Cood said:

“At least five juveniles were arrested in connection with activity inside and outside the mall area,” after police responded to calls of disturbances at the all around 9 p.m.

One of the five, a 14-year-old was placed under arrest on suspicion of battery against a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting law enforcement, according to a police report.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that a Forever 21 store in Lehigh, PA was the scene of a fight on Thursday night. At least five young men, possibly teenagers were seen brawling as security guards attempted to break up the brawl, with no luck.

The fight initially involved two men, however a third person jumped into the fray to throw several punches. Two additional men then join into the fight. It is unknown what caused the fight, and a witness who filmed the fight said security eventually separated the combatants, but no arrests were made.

Murrieta, CA was the scene of a fight between two men at a Walmart on Thanksgiving. In this case, they weren’t fighting over the latest deal on a wide screen television or PlayStation.

The two men—one an active Marine and the other a retired Marine—were waiting in a checkout line in the store just after 6 p.m. Apparently, an elderly woman kept inadvertently bumping into one of the men with her shopping cart, according to Murrieta police.

The man who was getting bumped made a comment to the woman. The other man reprimanded him, saying something to the effect of how he should respect his elders. Ding, ding, ding…the fight was on.

The men began fighting in the Christmas wrap aisle, and one was taken to the ground. At this point, the two were broken up by two Murrieta police officers who were working private duty at the store.

One of the men suffered a broken nose, however no arrests were made because both men declined to press charges.

Another incident occurred at a Walmart (go figure) in Hendersonville, TN where two women got into a fight. A video posted to Facebook shows several people getting into a fight in the checkout line.

It isn’t clear who started the fight, which was quickly broken up by police and Walmart employees.

It really is an interesting dichotomy. Black Friday is when people trample others for cheap goods mere hours after being thankful for what they already have.

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