Police: Man who was released after DUI arrest then tried to murder a woman after stealing a bottle of wine


LAS VEGAS, NV – A man who had recently been released after a DUI arrest is back in custody, this time for allegedly shooting at a woman at a convenience store after attempting to steal a bottle of wine. The man now faces attempted murder charges in the shooting.

Las Vegas Metro Police Officers received a call reporting shots fired at a convenience store located on Desert Inn Road and McLeod Drive on January 1st, just before midnight. When they arrived on the scene, they contacted one of the people who witnessed the alleged shooting.

The first person who allegedly encountered 37-year-old Joseph Solorio inside of the convenience store after he had taken a bottle of wine. The person, who confronted Solorio after he allegedly attempted to leave the store without paying for the wine, said Solorio apologized and offered to pay for the bottle.

After leaving the store, Solorio allegedly returned and confronted a woman. Police have not released whether Solorio knew the woman or why he confronted her, but the confrontation turned violent when Solorio allegedly produced a firearm.

During the confrontation, Solorio allegedly pointed the gun at the unidentified woman which placed her in fear that he was going to shoot her. When Solorio fired the weapon, he did not strike the woman. Police have not released any information which would indicate if his missing the woman was intentional or accidental.


Investigators reported finding a shell casing as well as a firearm at the crime scene which they believed Solorio used during the confrontation. They also located a hole on the outside of the building which they believe was caused by the bullet allegedly fired by Solorio.

Solorio was located by Las Vegas Metro Police officers and was taken into custody without incident. Officers charged Solorio with attempted murder for the shooting.

When Solorio appeared in front of Judge Rebecca Saxe for a bail hearing on the attempted murder charge. Instead of ordering any type of bond, Judge Saxe opted to remand him in custody because of a  suspended jail sentence in an unrelated case.

During the investigation, according to 8NewsNow, officers learned that Solorio had been recently released from jail after a DUI arrest in December of 2022. 8NewsNow discovered Solorio had been in the area of Nellis Boulevard and Boulder Highway when he was stopped by officers for allegedly driving while impaired on December 23rd.

After he was taken into custody, he was released with a court date after a criminal complaint had not been filed in time. Solorio did not have to pay any type of bail because the complaint was not being filed in time.

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