Police: Man drove stolen truck to bail out brother who was locked up for auto theft


Whether they wanted to spend the holidays together or just simply don’t know better… this one is for the books. 


Kansas – It looks like an individual in Kansas is in the running for the world’s dumbest criminal title of this year. In the spirit of Black Friday deals, it seems that sheriff’s deputies managed to snag a two for one deal on stolen vehicle charges.

After an individual was arrested for driving around in a stolen SUV, just hours later, police arrested his younger brother. His charges? Apparently showing up at the station in a different stolen vehicle in order to try and bail his older brother out of jail.

Police: Man drove stolen truck to bail out brother who was locked up for auto theft
Two men are now behind bars after one allegedly stole a vehicle and his brother tried to bail him out… while driving another stolen vehicle. (Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)


On Friday of this week, a Jackson County sheriff’s deputy reportedly pulled over Eric McCracken at 1:30 a.m. near Mayetta, Kansas for a traffic violation.

When running the vehicle’s information, the deputy realized that the 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer that McCracken was driving was reported as stolen and promptly arrested McCracken for allegedly stealing the vehicle, as reported by WDAF.

Apparently, this Friday was one where stolen vehicles were quite popular, as mere hours later just before 5:00 a.m., Jackson County Deputies were made aware by the Shawnee County dispatchers that they were tracking a stolen SUV that was being monitored via GPS that was headed north from Topeka.


An off-duty deputy had spotted and began following the 2015 Chevy Silverado on Highway 75. The deputy called in the whereabouts of the stolen SUV and continued following the truck into Holton where an officer had tried to stop it on Banner Road.

Now this is where things take a criminally humorous turn.

Police say the driver of the Chevy Silverado didn’t stop when attempts were made at Banner Road. The driver instead led officers on a chase through Holton, going though various yards. He then stopped behind the old Country Mart where he jumped out and decided to flee on foot.

Officials wasted no time in setting up a perimeter, and enlisted the help of the K-9 unit to help track the suspect. After a brief period of searching, Keith Ray McCracken, the younger brother of Eric McCracken, was spotted inside the Casey’s General Store on Arizona, where deputies then took him into custody.

Two brothers, in the same day, arrested for nearly identical crimes.

Sheriff Morse, from the Jackson County Sherrif’s Office, released the following statement regarding the two brothers arrested for their alleged vehicular shenanigans.

“It is believed that the younger McCracken was en route to the Jackson County Jail to post bail on his older brother in a stolen vehicle.”

The only way the entire scenario could have been funnier is if there was narration provided by Waylon Jennings in the spirit of The Balladeer from the Dukes of Hazzard.

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Police: Man drove stolen truck to bail out brother who was locked up for auto theft


Deputies also stated that they reached out to the owner of the Trailblazer that Eric McCracken allegedly stole. The owner of the vehicle, who is based out of Meriden, claimed that they had no idea that there vehicle was stolen in the first place, which then created more problems for McCracken since it compounded the charges.

As of now, both of the brothers are in custody at the Jackson County Jail. Eric McCracken was booked on charges related for driving while suspended and possession of stolen property. Keith McCracken has also been charged for fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer, reckless driving, driving while suspended and possession of stolen property.

Bail hasn’t been determined yet in either of the brother’s cases.

It doesn’t get much denser than heading over to a jail to bail out your brother for stolen vehicle charges, while you yourself are driving in a stolen vehicle. While there’s still an entire month left in 2019, it is going to be really difficult for someone to top this one case for most stupid criminal moves.

While it’s embarrassing to see how this all went down, the laugh reminds us of another case from August. 

In a beautiful twist of irony, a man experienced instant karma when his pickup was stolen while he was robbing the business across the street, police say.

Robber gets truck stolen while robbing store
Robber gets truck stolen while robbing store


The incident took place around 6 a.m. a few months ago when Kennewick police responded to reports of vehicle theft.

The owner told officers that someone had stolen his red 1992 Chevrolet pickup. He admitted that he had foolishly left his keys behind on the seat, and a thief drove off with the truck.

Police, reviewing the surveillance video, discovered that the reason the pickup owner had left his truck was, quite simply, due to the fact that he was stealing items from a business across the street.

The burglar/victim owner was then booked in the Benton County jail on a warrant and a new burglary charge.

It wasn’t clear if his truck was ever recovered.

Karma is a wonderful thing. 


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