Police: Man arrested for repeatedly raping child under 12 years old, impregnating her


CINCINNATI, OH –Police in Cincinnati, Ohio released information on a man they arrested who allegedly sexually battered a child under 12.  During the course of the sexual battery, the child became pregnant.

On September 4th, police reported that they arrested 22-year-old Tevin Henderson for the rape of the child.  They did not release any other information regarding the case which is normal.

Current laws are in place that strictly prohibit releasing of information that could possibly identify a juvenile or sexual battery victim.  Therefore, releasing any more information could clearly jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim and her family.

Regarding any type of sexual offense, especially to a child, victims go through lifelong pain and agony.  Sexual abuse is one of the worst crimes to be committed against another person and the most demeaning. 

Juvenile victims of sexual abuse, especially when they are under 12, are the most heartbreaking.  Children who should be protected by adults used and victimized could lead to several types of psychological issues as they age, especially if they have not received any type of mental health counseling or it is insufficient. 

Pubmed completed a study regarding women who had been the victim of some type of sexual abuse in their lifetime and had attempted suicide.  In their study, they noted:

 “In a sample of 158 female suicide attempters aged 20 years or older, 50% of the subjects reported having been sexually abused at some time.

“Sexually abused suicide attempters had shown more suicidal behavior in the past than their non-sexually abused counterparts….and were characterized by a more severe problem history.”

The study found:

“That within a group of female suicide attempters, those with a history of sexual abuse are disproportionately vulnerable to repeated suicidal behavior.”

Because of the lasting scar that a victim of sexual abuse receives, law enforcement authorities throughout the country often take proactive steps in order to identify and apprehend these savage criminals.

Recently, Law Enforcement Today reported on an operation conducted by the United States Marshal’s Service Missing Child Unit, the Southeastern Regional Fugitive Task Force, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and other state and local agencies joined together to locate missing children, some of which they believed were being used in sexual human trafficking.

This Operation, known as “Operation Not Forgotten,” took place in the Atlanta and Macon Georgia area and focused on locating the children missing in that area.  Assistant Director John Melvin of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced at a press conference on August 27th:

“Evil exists – to address it requires leadership that will identify it, call it out, and deploy necessary resources to end the problem and clean up the mess.”

 Director of the US Marshal’s Service Donald Washington commented:

“The U.S. Marshal’s service is fully committed to assisting federal, state and local agencies with locating and recovering endangered missing children, in addition to their primary fugitive apprehension mission.  The message to missing children and their families is that we will never stop looking for you.”

 Washington was proud to report that they had:

 “Recovered 26 missing and endangered children and we safely located and additional 13”.  “These are not my kids, these are not your kids, but actually they are our kids.”

 Washington said that the children who were safely recovered ranged in ages from 3 to 17 years of age.  These children had been missing anywhere from a few weeks to over two years.  In addition to the children being recovered, police also were able to take nine people into custody for various criminal charges.

The people who were arrested and their charges are listed below:

  • Moradeyo Amos Bandele – arrested in Port St. Lucy, FL – Warrant for Rape from Conyers, GA
  • Trayon Moore – Arrested in Dekalb County, GA – Sex trafficking and Probation Violation Warrants
  • James Garcia – Arrested at a motel in Clearwater, FL – Warrants for Aggravated Child Molestation, Aggravated Sodomy and Incest with a Minor Child out of Whitfield County, GA
  • Faye Smith – Arrested in a motel in Clearwater, FL – Warrant for Probation Violation
  • Sally Garcia – Arrested at a motel in Clearwater, Florida – Interference with child custody
  • Zachary Bailey – Arrested in Columbus, GA – Human trafficking, Enticing of a Minor for Indecent purposes, and Enticement of a Minor for Solicitation
  • Stanson Causey – Arrested in Jasper, GA – Registered Se Offender arrested for Probation Violation
  • Kirk Waters – Arrested in Newton County, GA – Felon in Possession of a Firearm.
  • Trevonte Shareef – Arrested in Newton County, GA – Interference with Custody and Obstruction.


Honoring a man accused of sexual assault: New Orleans Saints put Jacob Blake’s name on their helmets

The following editorial is written by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

NEW ORLEANS, LA- Drew Brees, you’ve lost us. From cowering about kneeling for the flag to putting the name of an alleged rapist on your helmet, you’ve shown yourself to be nothing short of a coward.

And we are fairly sure others will follow, probably Tom Brady, Gronk and others. What if the NFL holds games and nobody cares?

You haven’t heard about Brees and the New Orleans Saints? The Federalist along with other outlets reported that last Friday, nine NFL teams canceled their practices to honor that alleged rapist, Jacob Blake, who was shot by Kenosha, Wisconsin police.

The investigation is not yet complete, but it is believed that Blake had a knife in his possession when he was shot. That matters not to the woke mob.


We have all heard about the riots that broke out after Blake’s shooting. Of course these days, anytime a police officer uses deadly physical force, even when it is justified, that’s a cue for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and every other radical left-wing anarchist group to do early Christmas shopping, i.e. looting, burn buildings and generally just break and destroy stuff.

This typically occurs only in Democrat-run cities because the bad guys know the leaders in those cities won’t do anything. Why? Because basically they’re incompetent, gutless hacks. 

In New Orleans, the Saints decided to honor Blake by writing his name in big black letters across the front of their helmets. Sportscasting.com writer Stephen Sheehan called this “a powerful visual signal.”

Sean Payton, Saints coach said after the practice that “The idea of putting his name on everyone’s helmet was something we felt would be appropriate and they were for it.”


Look, nobody is arguing that were this an innocent man gunned down in cold blood for no reason honoring him in such a manner would be appropriate. If they were wearing the names of those killed on the streets of Chicago, or New York, or perhaps one of the police officers who have been killed in the line of duty, that would also be fine.

However, Blake was a suspect in a sexual assault, where he entered the home of an acquaintance and penetrated her with his fingers while her son slept next to her. There was not only an active warrant for him, but there was also an order of protection at the same home, which is where the incident in question happened.

The New York Post, which reported the above incident, also said that the victim said that when Blake had been drinking heavily, around twice a year, Blake would return to the home and assault her. Nice guy.

When Kenosha police attempted to arrest him, he actively resisted arrest. They used proper escalation of force, and deployed a Taser, which was ineffective. Blake also appeared to have been armed with a knife, as video of the incident had cops telling him repeatedly to “drop the knife.”


Was Brees aware of this? The rest of the New Orleans Saints? Nobody knows, because according to the Federalist, the Post story came out the same day. However, even prior to the release of the details of the sexual assault, it had been widely reported that Blake was subject to an arrest warrant for said crime.

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LET Unity

Ever hear of the #metoo movement? For the left for quite a while, at least until Joe Biden was accused of sexual assault, the #metoo movement was the go-to for Democrats when they were trying to commit character assassination against typically Conservatives or Republicans.

Why would Drew Brees, who has to be socially aware as one of the faces of the NFL, not have realized the error of his ways and apologized for lionizing a suspected sexual assaulter?

Remember Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? He was accused, without evidence of some type of sexual assault from over 30 years ago by someone who couldn’t remember when, where, or how but just knew it was Kavanaugh. Remember Democrats and Hollywood elites tweeting with the hashtag #Ibelieveher?


If Blake were a white male, it’s clear this would be getting treated much differently. First of all it’s likely the incident would receive little or no publicity.

If it did, the script would be flipped. The media would be focused on the fact that the “victim” was a sexual assault suspect, and they would have praised the police for getting a bad guy off the streets.

In Blake’s case, the media was outraged that Blake was handcuffed to his hospital bed, which is typical in cases like this. This was done temporarily and once it was determined that Blake was not a flight risk, the handcuffs were removed, and the police guard also removed.

Eventually the sexual assault warrant was vacated by a judge. Go figure. If the suspect were white, the media and Twitter loons would be having a meltdown.

So, here we have Jacob Blake, shot by officers who said that he was armed with a knife. The investigation is still ongoing, yet the New Orleans Saints, in the now-woke NFL decided to put the name of an alleged rapist on their helmets to apparently appease the mob.

We saw this before when the St. Louis Rams, after the Michael Brown incident walked onto the field in classic “hands up, don’t shoot” style. As now, when the Rams pulled that stunt the facts were not known, other than buying into the mob’s version that Brown had been gunned down by a rogue cop. 


Most people watch sports in order to be entertained, not lectured about “systemic racism” or whatever the grievance of the day is. Although with that said, it isn’t surprising that the NFL, known in some quarters as the National Felon League would throw down on the side of criminals.

After all, how many NFL players have been accused of rape, domestic violence or worse? Maybe the Saints were just throwing down with their home boys in the NFL. 

Probably the most disappointing out of all of this virtue signaling crap is Drew Brees. Once again, Brees, who could have stood tall on his principles, caved to the mob. As Brees should have found out when he turned tail and ran away from his American flag comments, it doesn’t matter to the mob if you fall on your sword.

They will still go after you.

When Brees apologized for having the audacity to express his support for the American flag and what it represents and means to him, it wasn’t enough. That is because it is never enough for the woke mob.  

According to sources, Blake’s GoFundMe page has raised over $2.1 million dollars. That for an accused rapist who was shot resisting arrest while armed on a warrant for the sexual assault and who was at the location in violation of a restraining order.

In an outrageous display, that same page deplatformed a fundraising effort for Kyle Rittenhouse, who was arrested in Kenosha for appearing to use self-defense against two rioting thugs, one of whom appeared ready to point a gun at his head, and the other one who struck him with a skateboard, narrowly missing his head. This after a mob chased Rittenhouse down the street trying to attack him. 


So here we are in 2020 America, where the old-fashioned narrative of cops and robbers has been turned on its head. Now, cops are the bad guys and rapists, looters and rioters are the good guys. You can raise money for an accused rapist but a 17-year-old who tried to defend himself from a violent is on his own. 

The NFL season starts next week. Both MLB and the NBA have seen their ratings crash amidst the decision by both league officials of both organizations, as well as players and owners to throw down with the criminal mob.

When Blake, an accused rapist was shot, players from both the NBA and MLB walked out on their games in protest. Players cried. Coaches such as Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks decried America’s racist founding. 

It will be interesting to see if NFL fans walk on football as MLB and NBA fans have walked on their respective sports. 

What’s the saying? Get woke, go broke. 

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