Police: Man arrested after opening fire at FBI field office in Arizona. Here’s what we know.


PHOENIX, AZ – Authorities took into custody a suspect on April 20th whom they say was involved with a shooting incident that transpired at the FBI Phoenix Field Office.

The suspect in custody allegedly began firing shots at an employee who was exiting the FBI field office located near 7th Street and Deer Valley Drive at roughly 2:00 p.m. on April 20th. After the shots were fired, the suspect departed from the scene.

Thereafter, the FBI partnered with local law enforcement to track and detain the suspect, who was eventually arrested on the I-17, near Durango. Authorities had reportedly utilized what’s described as a “grappler cable,” which afforded the suspect’s vehicle to be disabled.

Not much has been revealed about the suspect or possible motivation for the alleged shooting. The FBI hasn’t commented on the shooting or investigation.

Speaking of FBI related endeavors, a story we reported on back in March has new information that recently surfaced which has now two law enforcement officers out of Somerset, Kentucky indicted. One of them is facing charges for attempted murder of an FBI agent as well. 

Pulaski County Constables Michael Wallace and Gary E. Baldock were indicted on March 26th for conspiring to violate the civil rights of persons within Pulaski County. However, Constable Baldock  is also facing charges for attempted murder of an FBI agent for the events that played out on March 6th during his arrest. 

A grand jury returned an indictment that alleged the duo had been engaged in tactics aimed to threaten and intimidate individuals, between November 18th, 2018 through September 24th, 2019, within the county to the point where it had violated the U.S. Constitution. 

The indictment also noted that Constable Baldock deliberately and with premeditation attempted to kill an FBI agent while they were enacting their official duties. Constable Wallace is facing up to 10 years in prison while Constable Baldock could be facing life behind bars. 

Here’s the original story we ran back on March 6th as the situation was developing: 

Reports from the FBI detail that both an agent and a suspect were shot on March 6th while agents from the FBI Louisville office were serving a warrant.

Police within Somerset also confirmed that local officers were helping direct traffic around the scene where the shooting took place.

A statement provided by the FBI noted that the shooting occurred while agents dispatched were attempting to serve a federal arrest warrant at a residence located off of Mountain View Drive.

Officials have noted that the agent’s injuries do not appear to be life threatening. The investigation is currently being handled by the FBI’s Inspection Division.

Some local reports indicate that the subjects that the FBI were targeting for arrest were police constables.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

These claims say that federal authorities arrested two constables in Pulaski County during the incident that left one agent and one of the arrestees shot.

Robert Norfleet, a defense attorney in Somerset, confirmed that one of the persons apprehended by federal authorities on Friday was Constable Mike “Wally” Wallace.

Apparently, the FBI have been keeping tabs on Wallace and a handful of other constables and notified local prosecutors of the ongoing investigation.

Norfleet says that he’s been representing Wallace during the course of the investigation, and that he was not the person shot in the incident on March 6th. Motions that were in the hand of local attorneys in the county showed that the FBI was looking into various forms of corruption against Wallace and other constables.

It’s likely that these arrests came from evidence alleging that Wallace, and others, were engaged in theft and inconsistencies in the amount of property seized from drug busts and evidence logged regarding some cases.

Noo federal charges have been officially announced against Wallace.  If charges are pressed, it could likely affect dozens of cases where he played a role in the investigation or arrest.

Timothy E. Jones, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who lives in Pulaski County, claims to be one of the people that tipped off the FBI regarding Wallace’s alleged crimes.

In September of 2018, Jones called the police because of a domestic dispute with his girlfriend in the home, Lisa Nichols. Wallace had arrived with other constables and wound up arresting Jones for finding marijuana, pain pills and methamphetamine.

Jones swore that none of the narcotics were his, but what perturbed him the most was that money was allegedly stolen from him during the bust. He claimed he had $9,000 in cash within his home when constables arrived, but evidence only logged $7,430.

Jones’ girlfriend Nichols wound up pleading guilty to the drug charges. Jones was also charged with selling methamphetamine, but plead not guilty, saying that the drugs seized inside the home solely belonged to Nichols.

When commenting on the news of Wallace’s arrest, Jones stated:

“There is justice. Thank God.”

Still, the FBI has not made any official announcement regarding Wallace being linked to the March 6th arrest.

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