Police: Man, 86, shot a man in the face then “ran” after the guy tried to stop him from driving home drunk after party


WALDO, FL – An 86-year-old man from Waldo, Florida, Ernest Francis Dority is under arrest after allegedly shooting a man who was preventing him from driving drunk.

The arrest report stated that Dority was engaged in an argument with a man who took his car keys from him. The man thought that Dority was too inebriated to drive.

Dority then left the party but came back with a revolver – then proceeded to pull the firearm from his holster while demanding that the man hand over his keys, say police.

Allegedly Dority fired a round resulting in the man being struck in the face.

Dority fled the scene on foot but was detained by deputies soon after the incident.

Deputies on the scene reported that Dority’s holster was empty when they found him and that they found a revolver in his car.

A witness said that they saw Dority come back to the party with his gun in hand. When they saw Dority approach, they told everyone present to go inside.

Moments later, they reported hearing a gunshot and found the man wounded in the head. Witnesses reported that the other man was unarmed.

Dority admitted to the shooting and said that it happened six feet away. He also claimed that the victim was armed and that his actions were in self-defense.

He has been charged with attempted homicide.




BERWICK TOWNSHIP, PA – An elderly homeowner shot and killed an intruder who violently attacked his wife on their bed.


Pennsylvania State Police began responding to the area in Berwick Township regarding a man who was acting strangely.

Residents in the area noted that the man, identified as 54-year-old Steven Shaffer, had been acting wandering through the neighborhood and banging on cars.

At some point, Pennsylvania State Police allege that Shaffer somehow entered into the elder couple’s home and began attacking the elderly couple.

During the attack, Shaffer allegedly ended up in the couple’s bedroom and began violently attacking the woman as her husband was retrieving a firearm.

The elderly man was able to get to the gun and fired multiple times, striking and killing Shaffer. Both the husband and the wife received injuries requiring immediate medical attention.

The elderly woman, who was not identified, was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital where she is listed in critical condition.

The elderly man was ground transported to a nearby hospital for the injuries he received during the attack. Pennsylvania State Police have not reported on the man’s condition.

Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Mark Magyar reported on the incident, saying it was a very tragic set of circumstances. He said:

“Obviously, this is a very sad situation. We all have an expectation of safety and privacy in our homes and not to have somebody come in and intrude the way that Mr. Schaffer did.”


A neighbor, Brooke Forbes spoke to Fox43 about the incident and did not seem to be too surprised at the violent act. She said:

“I actually live down the road like two, three minutes down the road. I was at work and I was just like, here we go again. The world isn’t getting any better.”

Another neighbor, Amanda Collins, also spoke to Fox43 and noted that many people in the area seemingly feel safe enough to leave their doors unlocked. Collins said:

“It’s close to home and you’re out with your kids doing things or even home with your kids. Not everyone locks their doors when they’re home. You’re supposed to be safe in your house.”

Pennsylvania State Police do not believe that Shaffer was known to the elderly couple and are unsure why he chose that house to walk into that night. Troopers also have not released any information regarding if Shaffer was in the middle of some type of mental crisis or drug intoxication at the time of the incident.

Thankfully the elderly homeowners had access to a firearm which is most likely what saved the two of them. If they did not have access to a firearm, the injuries would have most likely been more severe.

It was something which is noted by @spoilednana1 on Twitter:

“54-year-old Steven Shaffer entered the home of a couple in their 70s in Berwick Township, Pa. wearing only a t-shirt and assaulted the both of them before being shot multiple times by the husband and killed thank God the husband had a gun!”

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