DETROIT – For the dog lovers among us, especially police K9’s, seeing the scene at Ford Field was doubly mournful.

Not only were people paying their last respects in tribute to a wonderful man, Wayne State University police officer Collin Rose, 29, who was killed in the line of duty this week, but his K9 partner Wolverine was there, along with a tribe of other K9’s and their handlers.

Wolverine is a young German shorthaired pointer trained in explosives detection.

Watching the video, which can be seen here, it was readily apparent that Wolverine was lost. He led the procession at Ford Field, and tried to pull away as he was being led to Rose’s casket. At one point he began to sniff Rose’s hat, no doubt trying to locate him. Just like a child looking for a father that was no where to be found, this buddy was missing his “Dad.”

As the substitute handler stroked Wolverine, offering assurance, it reinforced why we love our dogs so much.

Rose died last week after being shot in the head while stopping a man on a bike. The suspect, DeAngelo Davis, is charged with first-degree murder.

A video animation of the murder was created by TomoNews and can be seen here:

Rose is the third officer in Detroit to die in the last 45 days. This week, he was posthumously promoted to sergeant and was also awarded a citation for valor, the highest honor awarded by the Wayne State University Police Department.