CHATHAM, Ill. (WAND) – This police K9 is a rock star in his hometown. Furthermore, the police service dog (PSD), known as “Dagz,” is a special part of the Chatham Police Department.

Just ask his handler, Jacob Bouldin, who says he’s very close with his partner… to the point where the K9 is literally “man’s best friend,” reported WANDTV.

“I often joke that I spend more time with him than my wife and my best friends,” he said.

“Dagz” is a 2 ½-year-old German shepherd. He has been part of the department for almost a year as a narcotic detecting K9. Moreover, he hangs out at home with the Bouldin family’s dog, but when it comes time to work, he knows how to get serious.

“At work, you can see the switch,” Bouldin said. “When he sees me in my uniform and he gets in the car, he becomes more serious.”

The dog has popularity in the Chatham community. All anyone needs to see is his Instagram account, where he’s got 3,000 followers. Police are also selling “Dagz” dolls that the public can buy, with proceeds benefiting the department’s Crime Prevention Unit and local events.

rock star

K9 Dagz posing with his namesake dolls. (Screenshot WANDTV)

“We did an initial run of 50 and they sold out in three hours,” Bouldin said.

The dolls can be purchased in person at the Chatham Police Department.