Here is just a glimpse into the danger and unpredictable nature that not only law enforcement officers face,  but their K-9 companions as well.

Back in August of this year The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office sent a SWAT team to a home in East Mesa, where a man was accused of shooting at his girlfriend.

As the officers were yelling for the suspect, Richard Winn, to surrender, three large dogs were released from the suspects home and immediately ran to and attacked an MCSO K-9 named Marko.

Officers shot and killed one of the attacking dogs.

As the scene becomes more chaotic, the K-9 can be seen, bloodied and clearly injured, and without hesitation refocusing on his job.

“He wasn’t distracted, even after being attacked by another dog,” said Bob Solimini, who owns Delta Canine Services.

Solimini has spent decades training dogs not only for MCSO but also for agencies nationwide.

“It’s disturbing to watch video like this, but sometimes you have to see those things to know what these guys go through on a daily basis,” he added.

Winn was eventually taken into custody after a two-hour standoff.

K9 Photo Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page