There’s a wonderful hiking trail in the city of Los Angeles where folks go to unwind, let their dogs run, and just feel a sense of wide-open spaces in an often congested area.  Others just want a good work out hiking up toward the sign.  Some people go there as part of their jobs; the trail is popular with professional dog walkers.

Two dog walkers ran their dogs in the shadow of the famous Hollywood sign toward the end of a day’s work.  They found something more out of “LA Confidential” or “The Black Dahlia,” than “The Remains of the Day,” a severed human head in a bag. The nine dogs were cavorting with each other under the watchful eyes of their walkers.  One of the dogs picked up a male, human head
in a bag.

An LAPD police spokesperson stated that the bag was easily visible from the trail and appeared to be a recent crime.  An investigation is ongoing.

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