This past Friday, The Guardian posted an article regarding a court case, in which the LAPD admitted to using an informant to ‘spy’ on the conversations and planning of a left-wing group, Refuse Fascism. This group had already carried out multiple anti-Trump rallies. The LAPD wanted to know what might be next.

According to the report,Police equipped an informant with a hidden recording device and had the individual attend Refuse Fascism gatherings at a local church “in an attempt to elicit information regarding the closure” of the freeway and to express interest in being involved “in any such future activities”, police wrote.

Miguel Antonio, one of the activists who was monitored and recorded by the informant, and then subsequently charged with misdemeanors for shutting down the freeway, told the Guardian on Friday that he would not let the surveillance stop him from organizing.

The story continues, “The LAPD surveillance was particularly striking given that there was documented evidence of violence involving far-right groups in southern California around the same time, and that those white supremacist organizations do pose a serious threat, said Mike German, a former FBI agent and expert on local extremist groups.

“This case seems to fall into a pattern of police agencies viewing anti-fascist organizing as terrorism, while overlooking the far more deadly and frequent violence perpetrated by white supremacists and other far-right militants,” he said.

I would like to ask a quick question of The Guardian and for Mr. German. What about anti-fascists in this country recently says peace-loving, law abiding citizens out for a Sunday stroll? These types of groups, Antifa being the most infamous, tend to share an amorphous ideology which loosely borrows ideas from a multitude of seemingly contradictory ideologies, including Marxism and anarchism. Anti-fascists are often far from violent, and to use the words of Mike German, do pose a serious threat.

Let’s take a quick jog down memory lane.

January 20, 2017 – (President Trump’s Inauguration Day) Antifa members rioted in downtown D.C., leading to the arrest of at least 217 people. There were black-clad protesters who smashed storefronts and bus stops, hammered out the windows of a limousine and eventually launched rocks at police officer. Six officers were injured in this “peaceful” riot. That same day, In New York, Chicago and Dallas, twenty were arrested for disorderly conduct. in Dallas, six in Chicago. In Portland, protesters were armed with clubs, sticks and throwing unknown liquid at officers, leading to an additional six arrest. In Seattle, people threw bricks and other items at officers during a demonstration on the University of Washington campus.

February 1, 2017 – Prior to a planned speech by Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California at Berkeley, Antifa members rioters devastated the campus, causing approximately $100,000 in damages.

Black-clad protesters wearing masks threw commercial-grade fireworks and rocks at police. They also hurled Molotov cocktails that ignited fires, smashed windows of the student union center on the Berkeley campus. At least six people were injured.

March 4, 2017 – Once again in Berkeley, a pro-Trump march was violently disrupted by Antifa rioters. Things escalated after fights broke out between those who had shown up for the event and counter-protesters. Items, such as bricks and baseball bats, were confiscated. Berkeley Police Officer Byron White said 10 arrests were made: one for resisting arrest, four for assault with a deadly weapon, including a dagger, and five for battery. About seven medical evaluations were made on the scene.

April 15, 2017 – A Pro-Trump demonstration in Berkeley, California, was disrupted when protesters showed up. 13 people were arrested, knives and makeshift weapons were confiscated.

May 1, 2017 – In Portland, officers were attacked, and fires set. 25 arrests were made.

August 27, 2017 – Back to Berkeley, in the wake of the rally in Charlottesville in which white supremacists clashed with counter-protesters. Six people suffered injuries, including two who were hospitalized, and one officer was injured while making an arrest. There were 13 arrests on various charges including, assault with a deadly weapon.”

These were just within the first 8 months of Trump being in office, and were merely a glimpse, of what Antifa does. It would take days to identify all the damage to life and property enacted on people. But these examples hardly do justice to shedding the light on what Antifa is actually capable of,

Back in June, we reported that aphotojournalist and members of law enforcement were reportedly attacked and assaulted by masked antifa members during a massive protest in downtown Portland on Saturday. 

“I just got beat up by the crowd — no police at all — in the middle of the street,” journalist Andy Ngo said in an online post. “And they stole my GoPro. And they punched me several times in my face and head, and I’m bleeding.”

The scuffles began with a small gathering of the Proud Boys group. Officers within the city noted that they had also been struck with flying items like eggs, milkshakes, rocks and more.

Ngo showed signs of cuts and bruises on his face and neck and evidently had a milkshake and other projectiles thrown at him while he was trying to get away. 

Reports claimed that Ngo was covering Saturday’s Rose City Antifa counter-protest against a rally held by the far-right group Proud Boys in Portland. 

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A petition was launched requesting President Trump to officially label Antifa as a terrorist organization.  

After what we have witnessed from Antifa over the past two years, End this madness is putting the request mildly. Antifa has harassed people across the country, demonized conservatives especially those who support President Trump, and are violent protestors. Antifa has bashed people in the head with bike locks, hit their own people in the back of their heads during protest, and even tried to buy guns from cartels in Mexico to launch a war at the border. Antifa is even planning acid attacks on conservatives at an upcoming July 6th Free Speech Rally. 

The official White House Petition written by E.T. on June 30 has over 28,000 signatures and is fast on it’s way to the needed 100,000 signatures needed to be recognized as an official petition.  

The petition reads,

“As President Trump’s first term comes to a close, Antifa organizations all around the nation have gotten even more violent and depraved. They have burnt down universities, attacked the elderly and even threatened acid attacks. Antifa continues to target their fellow citizens with acts of violence and intimidation in order to reach a desired political outcome. Recently, members of Antifa brutally assaulted an independent journalist, who remains hospitalized with a brain bleed after being viciously beaten and doused in liquid concrete.

Demand the White House and President Trump take direct action in labeling Antifa as a domestic terrorist group, full stop. Our nation’s security and homeland are at risk until we are able to clearly define Antifa as domestic terrorists.

End this madness.”

Authorities in Portland are calling for laws that will help curb violence at demonstrations. Among those laws would be one that would prohibit protestors from wearing masks.  Another would allow police to videotape demonstrations and would also give the city more control over rallies organized by groups that have violent histories.

“We cannot allow people to continue to use the guise of free speech to commit a crime,’’ police Chief Danielle Outlaw said in a Wednesday news conference.

That conference was held to address the violence last week during three competing downtown demonstrations.

A number of people were hurt during them when ANTIFA battled with conservative protestors with the Proud Boys and supporters of the #HimToo movement.

Oregon wouldn’t be the first state.  15 other states and a number of countries have anti-mask laws.

Not surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon said it’s a violation of the Constitution.

“A policy that prohibits wearing a mask to a protest will have police focusing on the wrong issue,” said Sarah Armstrong.

She’s a spokeswoman for the group.

“Behavior is the issue, not the mask,” she said. “It could be argued that the mask is an important symbolic part of a protester’s message. …  There are many legitimate reasons people wear ‘masks,’ including political and religious reasons.”

But Outlaw said the masks are actually a matter of public safety.

“A lot of people are emboldened because they know they can’t be identified,’’ Outlaw said.

The Guardian, with their obvious left lean, seemed hellbent on making sure that the right be painted in a very violent light. There was the equivalent level of attention given to ensuring that no harm came to the reputation of folks like Antifa and Refuse Fascism.

While no evidence has been turned over yet that says Refuse Fascism is prone to protesting in a non-violent way, groups like them and their ideology, almost exclusively run amuck of the law, much to the physical detriment of those with whom they disagree.

With the rise in violence from groups like these, I applaud the LAPD for finding ways to gather intel to potentially dissuade that from happening in their community. However, we are well aware of some people’s agenda to interfere with law enforcement.