Police: Group of teens harassed elderly man, then shot and killed him because they “thought it was fun”


HOUSTON, TX – A group of teenagers allegedly harassed and shot an elderly man to death Monday in Houston because they thought it was fun, said police.

According to police, four teenagers saw the elderly man walking with his cane and a suitcase. The teenagers started harassing the man for what they saw as fun. The elderly man swung his cane, trying to get the teenagers to go away.


Two teenage girls in the group allegedly attempted to persuade the two teenage boys to leave. When the four departed, one of the boys turned back and shot the man. The teens then ran away.

Police are searching for the suspect involved in the shooting and say that they might be able to identify the teen responsible.



The elderly man was taken to the hospital, where he died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Houston Police said they are not sure of the motive at this time but are reviewing footage from the area.

Authorities are requesting that anyone with information call Crime Stoppers (713) 521-4600 with details regarding the suspects.





Man dressed as health care worker tries to force his way into elderly woman’s home, gets fatally shot by homeowner’s son

HOUSTON, TX- Authorities with the Houston Police Department (HPD) have stated that an individual dressed as a healthcare worker was fatally shot after forcing his way into an elderly woman’s home.

According to FOX26, the incident occurred at a residence located in the 12500-block of Cooperstown Drive around 11:30 p.m on April 11th. The fatal shooting will now be referred to a Harris County grand jury.

Officers with HPD said that a 65-year-old woman that was home alone received a knock on her door from a man wearing scrubs who was claiming to be a health care worker. The woman refused to let the man in and called her 40-year-old son, who was only a few blocks away.

Officers stated that the son arrived and found that the man had broken the door. As the intruder was forcing his way into the home, the son fired his personal weapon and shot the suspect. Neighbor Yazmin said:

“I heard, ‘bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!’ Five or six gunshots.”

Thirteen-year-old neighbor Nicole, added:

“It was really, really frightening. We were hearing multiple gunshots.”

Residents stated that the neighborhood is normally super quiet and is full of retirees. Another neighbor, Mike, said:

“We sit out here all day long. I couldn’t believe it. Last night, when I came out, there were cars everywhere. Police cars.”


According to investigators, the elderly woman also had a gun, but it is believed that she did not use the firearm. Investigators said that it appears the man chose the house at random, but the investigation is still ongoing. Nicole, the young teenager said:

“I just feel really, really bad for her. She deserves so much better. I just feel scared now because I don’t know if it’s going to happen again.”

HPD Lieutenant J.P. Horelica added that the motive for the home invasion is still unclear. He said in a statement:

“It doesn’t look like there’s any relation at all. It was just a random thing. The home health care that dropped on the original radio was part of a ruse to try to gain entry in the home without having to force entry, and when that didn’t work, he tried to force entry in there.”


The woman and her son were not injured during the incident. A grand jury will now decide if anyone involved will face charges as a result of the incident.

In a separate incident in Michigan, a man who was having an affair with a former coworker tried to kill his wife with a shotgun in the middle of the night, but had to make it look like a home invasion when his plan failed.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. on March 29th in Casco Township, Michigan. Police said they were called to the home by 57-year-old Gregory Allen Ringel. Police said that Ringel told them a person armed with a shotgun had entered the home through the garage, walked through the kitchen and knocked over a steel tumbler.


Ringel said that the noise woke his wife up and so she got up out of bed to see what happened. Officials said that Ringel’s story was that his wife had been met at the doorway with a shotgun barrel as the armed person was entering her room.

Ringel then told police that the man shot at his wife, but missed and so she shut the door on the gun barrel, effectively keeping the gunman from entering the room.

Ringel stated that he had been sleeping in another room, but that when he woke up he grabbed his handgun from the nightstand. He said that when he saw a shadow, he shot in the direction of the alleged intruder before going to check on his wife.

Investigators working the case said that inconsistencies and unexplained facts began to pop up in Ringel’s story. Police said they eventually learned that Ringel was having an affair with an ex-coworker from out of state.

During a follow-up interview, Ringel admitted that he had made up the home invasion after using a single-shot 12 gauge to try to enter the bedroom and shoot his wife.

Ringel was arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder, firearm discharge in a building, false report of a felony, and two felony firearm violations.

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Four teens arrested in deadly carjacking of elderly woman. It was so bad, her arm was severed from her body.

NEW ORLEANS, LA – 73-year-old Linda Frickey was simply leaving work at an agency where she sold life insurance. Four teens car-jacked her at gunpoint.

Surveillance footage shows the teenagers, passing by her vehicle several times, appearing to wait for vehicles to stop passing by. The approached her car, opened the doors and one of the individuals pulled the elderly woman from the vehicle.

He can be seen stomping and punching towards the ground, presumably at Frickey.

They jumped in the vehicle and drove away.

The owner became tangled and was dragged for more than a block before breaking free of the moving car. Her arm was severed and separated from her body.

According to WDSU, multiple people tried to get the driver to stop.

“I got out of my vehicle screaming, ‘Stop, stop. You are dragging someone.’ He took off with the vehicle, still dragging her. Reckless. No care for human beings at all,” said Todd Ecker. 

Family members spoke about the incident.

“She was coming out of her office building putting something in her car,” Frickey’s sister-in-law, Kathy Richard said. “She got tangled in her seatbelt because they did not give her time to get out. It is disgusting. You have a 73-year-old woman just at her job. Putting things in the car. They dragged her. No forethought. Dismembered her. Why? She was just a good person.”

Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams issued a statement in regard to the carjacking and the woman’s death, which said in part:

“What occurred to 73-year-old Linda Frickey was heinous and unthinkable. I can’t help but think of my own mother and other elders in our community.

While we will allow the NOPD to complete a thorough investigation, any and all persons that the evidence shows participated in the murder of this elder will be prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law.”

Part of that evidence was surveillance footage from around the neighborhood where the theft and murder took place.

Through that video, witnesses at the scene, and tip to Crime Stoppers, police were able to issue descriptions of the individuals.

NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said that they now have all four in custody.

The suspects are a 17-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl and two additional girls, both 15.

The parents of one of the 15-year-olds called police to turn their daughter in. The mother of the male suspect also turned him in. When police located him, they also found the 16-year-old female.

The other 15-year-old was located on Tuesday just before the police held their update briefing with local media.

Each of the teens is now facing second-degree murder charges. Ferguson said that he would like to see the teens tried as adults, but the DA has not indicated of he will do so.

At least two of the suspects had prior arrests, but Ferguson would not say what those arrests were for, mentioning only that they were not related to crimes they allegedly carried out this past Monday.

Ferguson thanked the parents who turned their children, saying “I commend these parents for doing the right thing. Absolutely we need more parenting like that.”

Mayor LaToya Cantrell issued a statement via social media.


“Yesterday, our city witnessed a shocking and horrific act of violence,” the mayor said. “It was startling beyond belief, and I absolutely condemn this senseless and unimaginable tragedy in the strongest possible way.

I send my heartfelt condolences to the family of the victim, and my gratitude to the NOPD and Chief Shaun Ferguson for the quick and efficient work in apprehending the four suspects in less than 24 hours. I thank them for their diligence and professionalism in making our city safer.

But it does not end with our police force. It takes all of us coming together to address the issues we face, and I am confident that by working together, we can make New Orleans a safer and prosperous city for all of us.”

Law Enforcement Today will follow this story and provide updates as they become available.


Sadly, this isn’t the first time we have seen an elderly person killed in a carjacking by minors less than 3 months into 2020. For more on that, we invite you to:

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Police: 12-year-old and two teens arrested for beating a man to death during a carjacking in police-defunded city


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Police have arrested three people for allegedly brutally beating an elderly man to death during a carjacking in Philadelphia.

The suspects who were arrested range in age from 12 to 18 years old.


The Philadelphia Police Department announced the latest arrest of a 12-year-old for his alleged involvement in the carjacking and beating death of 70-year-old Chung Yan Chin on February 3rd.

The 12-year-old, who was not identified, is the third person arrested for the brutal crime.

The other two teenagers who the Philadelphia Police Department alleges are involved are 18-year-old John Nusslein and 16-year-old Qiyam Muhammad. Nusslein was arrested in January while there is an arrest warrant for Muhammad.

Q Muhammad

Currently, Nusslein and the unnamed suspect have been charged as adults for murder, robbery, conspiracy, and weapons violations for their alleged involvement in Chin’s murder.

They also may face additional criminal charges for evidence tampering after removing the registered license plate from the vehicle in attempts to conceal it was stolen.

Both suspects are currently being held without bail pending future court dates.

Nusslein’s next court appearance is in April.

As of now, there have been no reports that police have been able to locate Muhammad and take him into custody for his alleged involvement.


The carjacking occurred on December 2nd of 2021 around 7 pm on the 3000 block of Teesdale Street when the trio allegedly approached Chin as he was trying to get into his car.

The trio allegedly knocked Chin to the ground and began to savagely beat and kick him in the face before they stole the keys to his car and fled.


Police, who did not find Chin for several hours after the brutal beating, were transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition and diagnosed with several facial fractures as well as an injury to his brain. Sadly, Chin succumbed to his injuries on December 21st.

Amy Ford, who lives near where the violent crime occurred, said:

“Justice [in this case] has to be done. It is just not fair. It is sickening. It is terrible. It is too close to home. It is like one block over.”

The arrests come as the Philadelphia Police Department has reported they have been able to arrest at least 12 carjacking suspects through the week of February 17th. Police reported that several of those arrested were teenagers and young adults who were armed with illegal guns.

Ben Naish, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Police Department spoke to CBS about the arrests the agency has made:

“Investigators are working diligently to ensure the evidence is there to support the cases and keep the violent offenders off the street.”


Naish then spoke specifically of two men who had been arrested for several cases over two days in the northeast portion of the city. Jamie Maneely, 21 years old, and Cameron Styles, 20 years old, were arrested on February 11th after they crashed a stolen car on Evans Street. Naish said:

“They were subsequently connected to and arrested for a carjacking that occurred just the day before, early in the morning at the Forest Hill train station on Bayberry Road in the far northeast.”

In addition to the carjacking charges, Maneely was also charged with a robbery that occurred at the Lukoil gas station on Roosevelt Boulevard on February 10th. Naish reported that when the pair was arrested, a ghost or privately made gun was recovered. He said:

“Officers recovered a 9mm ghost gun, or privately made firearm.”

Grandfather -a military veteran – murdered in carjacking in police-defunded Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A military veteran and grandfather was shot and killed during a carjacking outside of his mother’s house in Rhawnhurst on February 6th.


The Philadelphia Police Department reported that the victim, identified as 60-year-old George Briscella, had been visiting his mother’s residence in the 2100 block of Afton Street around 8 pm.

That’s when he began walking to his 2020 Toyota Rav4, which was parked in a driveway. As he neared his vehicle, three unknown suspects approached him and began firing.

Police say three shots were fired from the suspects who appeared to have some type of rifle. Briscella was struck in his abdomen as the suspects entered into his vehicle and fled the scene.


Briscella was transported to the Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital for medical treatment. Despite all lifesaving efforts, Briscella succumbed to his wounds.

Video surveillance captured Briscella walking towards his vehicle before he was approached by the three suspects. However, the actual shooting was not captured on video.

Kelly Rule of @KellyRuleTV posted on Twitter:

“DEADLY CARJACKING: @PhillyPolice say surveillance vid does not show shooting but records audio of 3 gunshots. Police say Briscella was struck once. Video shows RAV4 speeding towards Large Street. It had temporary PA tag #51467PD.”


Tony Briscella, the victim’s son, noted his disgust that his father was gunned down in such a manner. He said:

“[the suspects had a] Total disregard for human life, a great human life. This didn’t need to happen in a city that we all grew up in and loved, and it continues to deteriorate.”

Matt Corbin, a friend of Briscella, spoke to CBS about his friend being murdered. He said:

“George fought back. He’s a fighter, one of the strongest dudes.”

Corbin then reflected on the violent crime in the city and the need, according to him, for everyone to be armed to protect themselves. He said:

“Everybody’s gotta start packing their guns and fighting back. I got mine on me now and I wasn’t carrying mine for the longest time but now I am. Nobody’s gonna get my car.”

Philadelphia Police Captain Jason Smith reported on the murder and believed that it was nothing more than a target of opportunity. He said:

“We know in the 12th District it looked like they were specifically targeting certain vehicles – the Toyota Highlander, for instance…It appears to have been a crime of opportunity.”

Billy Padden, a friend of Briscella, spoke about his friend and Marine Corps vet:

“George was just an all-around stand-up guy. You couldn’t help but smile when he was in the room.”

Padden then added that although this type of violent crime gets reported on in Philadelphia often, it hits hard when it hits this close to home. He said:

“You read about this stuff and you see it on the news and you see it in other neighborhoods and you say, ‘Oh wow.’ But when it happens close to home it hits hard and when it happens to one of your own it’s a different feeling…We’re all in shock, we’re in disbelief but we are going to stay together and pray him through this, pray his family through this.”

According to CBS News, the Philadelphia Police Department has reported there have been almost 160 carjackings throughout the city so far in 2022.

The Philadelphia Police Department is asking anyone with any information to contact them so that they can identify and hold responsible those that were involved in this murder.

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