MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — The Middletown Division of Police got creative on Friday when they were tasked with leading a lost pot-bellied pig home.

Police said the pig, named Charlotte, is well known in the city. Once they learned that Charlotte was loose, they contacted her owner, who showed up at the scene with the cookies, reported KOMONEWS.

“We had to take this pig into custody, he was involved in a disturbance…….someone was tryin’ to blow his house down……..,” officers joked on Facebook.

Police, along with Charlotte’s owner, fed her Oreos, all with the intention of getting her back on the leash. Police told local news outlets that Oreos are the pig’s favorite treat.

“After a small feast, she was leashed up and walked home,” Middletown Police said.

Charlotte “heeled” all the way home, not “squealed,” according to police.

Leading stray animals home is not an uncommon occurrence for police, particularly in rural areas. What is your story?