Police: Known gang member threatened the life of arresting detective on a recorded phone call


ST. PETERSBURG, FL – A gang member threatened the life of the detective who put him in jail while on a recorded phone call, according to police.

The suspect in this case, Alonzo Supreme Dale, was in a Pinellas County Jail on drug sale charges when he made a phone call to an associate on December 18th.

On the phone call, Dale allegedly said:

“Bletsch…we’ve gotta get that cracker ass in the ground.”

The person who Dale is threatening to kill or have killed is Detective Michael Bletsch who works for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Bletsch also happens to be the person who arrested Dale for selling drugs.

The threats were captured as all calls made by inmates are recorded and most of those phone calls are listened to by law enforcement authorities.

In fact, every person who receives a call from an inmate is told that the phone call is being recorded before any conversation starts.

Authorities seem to believe that Dale made the threat towards Detective Bletsch to intimidate him into not doing his job. However, that does not change the fact that by making the threat, Dale still committed a crime and was charged with making written or electronic threats to kill or do bodily injury and threatening a public servant.

When the charging document was provided to the judge in the case, they issued a no-contact order which is similar to a restraining order. With the no-contact order, Dale is barred from being within 500 feet of Detective Bletsch under normal circumstances.

Dale’s recent legal problems started in November when undercover detectives with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the St. Petersburg Police Department concluded a lengthy investigation into the Child’s Park gang. Dale was one of the 21 people arrested and charged with various “high-level” drug charges.

At the time of the bust, St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway reported that officers seized 127 pounds of marijuana, eight pounds of cocaine, and 286 grams of fentanyl.

While 286 grams of fentanyl sounds small, consider in the state of Florida anything over 4 grams is considered trafficking.

Along with the drugs, Chief Holloway reported the seizure of seven firearms. One of those firearms was linked to a vehicle burglary in the county. Chief Holloway said:

“Through diligent detective and undercover work, they learned a group from the Childs Park neighborhood was involved in extensive drug sales and was moving large quantities of marijuana and cocaine in St. Petersburg and throughout Pinellas County.”

In addition to being wrapped up in this bust, Dale was also charged with selling heroin during an undercover operation in July. In that case, Dale allegedly sat in the front seat of an undercover detective’s car and sold what he claimed was heroin.

Most heroin sold in the State of Florida is either mixed with fentanyl or just plain fentanyl. That is what happened here as the ‘heroin’ that was provided allegedly by Dale during the sale was sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for testing which showed it was fentanyl.

When Dale was arrested, he had $2,697 in cash on him which was seized by detectives, as it is believed that cash came from illegal drug sales considering he has no formal source of legal income.

Dale allegedly admitted to detectives that he has no job except for working occasionally at the Smokers Club, but he receives no paychecks and pays no taxes.

Regardless of all of the evidence against Dale, in this case, State Attorney Bruce Bartlett opted to not file any charges in the case. The no file statement said:

“The facts and circumstances revealed do not warrant prosecution at this time.”

The State Attorney did not provide any further insight into his filing decision.

Police: Known gang member threatened the life of arresting detective on a recorded phone call

Police: Armed suspect who shot three officers has long criminal history with felony convictions

HOUSTON, TX- According to authorities, an hours-long standoff in the Fifth Ward came to an end after the suspect accused of shooting three police officers near downtown Houston was taken into custody.


The armed suspect reportedly shot three Houston police officers during a long gunfight and then carjacked a woman at gunpoint on Thursday, January 27th.

The incident began around 2:45 p.m. when House police responded to a call about a domestic dispute in the 1500-block of Tralle Street in the Third Ward.

Police said that the suspect, since identified as Roland Caballero, fled the scene in his Dodge Charger when he saw the officers arriving. The responding officers pursued Caballero who reportedly opened fire on the officers following the chase.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said that Caballero crashed his car a short time later at the intersection of McGowan Street and Hutchins. As soon as the crash happened, Caballero immediately began shooting at officers with a modified automatic weapon.

Officers managed to return fire at Caballero, but at the time it was unknown if he was struck.

Once he was out of the crashed car, he carjacked a white Mercedes Benz at gunpoint. While Caballero was carjacking the woman, he took several shots at approaching officers over the roof of the car.

Finner said that is when he led the officers on another chase, which ended at a home in the 1800-block of Lockwood in the Fifth Ward. Caballero then barricaded himself in the home for hours. He was finally taken into custody around 7 p.m.

Authorities said that Caballero had sustained a gunshot wound to the neck before he was arrested, but it wasn’t yet known if he had shot himself or been wounded by the officers in the gunfight.

Chief Finner confirmed that two police officers were shot during the gun battle after Caballero crashed at McGowan Street and Hutchins. A third police officer sustained a gunshot wound as he ran to try and intervene as Caballero carjacked the woman in the Mercedes.

All three officers were transported to a nearby hospital where they were treated for their wounds. All three officers are expected to survive. Authorities identified the heroes as 35-year-old Officer Gadson, 32-year-old Officer Hayden, and 28-year-old Officer Alvarez.

During a briefing on the evening of January 27th, Chief Finner said in a statement:

“I want everybody, all our leaders, no more excuses. Everybody take an active role and get intentional and do whatever you can do to fight gun violence. It’s not a difficult thing.”


According to reports, Caballero has an arrest record dating back to 2008 when he was 18-years-old. Caballero, now 31-years-old, was wanted by law enforcement prior to the shooting for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and unlawfully carrying a weapon with a felony conviction.

Andy Kahan with Houston Crimestoppers said in a statement:

“For aggravated robbery in felon and possession of a weapon. He had previously five felony convictions. He also served four years in prison in 2015 for felon in possession of a weapon.”

According to court documents, the aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon charge is related to a case that happened in December 2021 at an auto shop in Katy. Reportedly, Caballero held an employee at gunpoint, stole over $30,000 worth of items, and then drove away.


Caballero is just one of countless defendants accused of committing a crime and getting right back on the streets. Kahan said that Houston has already passed cities like Chicago and New York when it comes to violent crimes. Kahan said:

“We need to get a grip on this issue. We have no idea how many others are out there like what we just saw this week. How many other fugitives? How many other people are wanted for felonies?”

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