Police Fulfill Dying Child’s Wish, Help Family

Serve and protect.

It’s a call that, for so many officers, goes so far beyond what happens on the clock.

And with all of the lousy media coverage out there, I think it’s important to show a VERY powerful example of just that.

Officer Raashid Brown and Lamar Glass from the Dallas Police Department are doing everything they can to help a family who has nothing . . . and to fulfill a dying child’s wishes.

In November the principle of a middle school located in Carrollton, Texas approached Officer Brown and informed him that one of her students was put on home hospice care. The student’s name is Ayodeji, and he suffers from terminal brain cancer. The cancerous tumor has been removed 3 times and grew back each time. Doctors are now refusing to put Ayodeji through another surgery only to prolong his suffering.

Officer Brown, being determined to do everything he can for this family, reached out to Officer Glass who had just partnered with First Stripe to help a bully victim in the Dallas ISD. Glass then reached out to First Stripe to conduct a case intake. During the intake it was uncovered that Ayodeji only has weeks at the most to live. His family of six, two adult sisters and four children live in a small roach infested two-bedroom apartment with only two TV’s, two beds and a dining room table. The youngest adult sister works and goes to school full-time so that she can better the life of the family while the oldest adult sister and mother of Ayodeji stays at home with the 3 other children and her dying son.

police fulfill dying

While speaking with the children it was discovered that Ayodeji wanted to be a pilot when he grew up and wanted to design airports. His younger brother wants to be a police officer and his younger cousin wants to be a firefighter. Ayodeji’s 3-year-old sister just wants to be held, loved and have access to SnapChat. These children have to watch Ayodeji slowly die as the days pass and due to the financial constraints of only one working adult never even had a Christmas. With this new information about Ayodeji’s dream of becoming a pilot and needing gifts Officer Glass, Brown and First Stripe went on a mission to find a pilot and any toys they can.

Don Roney who is a pilot for the Alabama National Guard and American Airlines volunteered to fly in from Alabama during a 5-hour layover to meet Ayodeji and his family. Officer Brown, Glass and First Stripe joined him brining gifts from their toy drive. When Ayodeji got to meet Roney it was the first time he opened his eyes and looked at someone. Roney prayed over Ayodeji and then spent time passing out what small amount of toys Officer Brown, Glass and Frist Stripe could bring together to the other siblings.

After Roney left, Brown knew he had to do more for the family. They had a discussion about making all the children of the family junior polices officers. Brown called Dallas Police Department’s chief of police to ask for help.

That is when something magical happened. Chief Hall said we are going to make Ayodeji chief for the day. She said she would make herself available to meet with them and she did. The following day Chief Hall and several officers from Dallas PD showed up at the 2-bedroom apartment and Ayodeji became chief for the day. Chief Hall prayed with Ayodeji and held his mother as she broke down in tears because she just did not know what to do and she felt so loved by the community and its officers. Everyone in the 2-bedroom apartment held back tears and Officer Brown, Glass and Frist Stripe knew they needed to do more.

Officer Brown and Glass are now working with First Stripe to fund this family’s funeral costs for Ayodeji. Once Ayodeji passes he will be provided a law enforcement funeral with officers coming from all over the DFW area. Not one officer asked to help this family has said no. That is simply because the Ayodeji family is a part of their community.

THIS is the face of policing in America. THESE are the men and women who many say are “evil” because they put on a uniform. THEY represent the silent majority of Americans . . . and we are so blessed to have them.

A special shout out to my friend Jessica Vaughn Lynn for helping bring this story to light. If you want to help this family, please reach out to her directly.

Kyle S. Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, co-host of The Whiskey Patriots and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.