Police Frustration Is Rising


Levels of police frustration are rising. There are many reasons for this. Yet rather than going into all the explanations why, we thought we’d let retired Pennsylvania State Trooper Dale Gabriel tell the tale in his own words:

Today, my PSP memory takes me back to November 10, 2002, when Tpr Joe Sepp, of the Ebensburg PSP station, right in my home troop, died from injuries sustained when he was shot a couple days earlier. I have been seeing so many tributes to him these past few days. Tpr Sepp was shot by a piece of shit named Mark Leach. Leach led police on a high-speed chase after showing a weapon. He subsequently crashed his car into a utility pole. Leach exited his car and fired into the car with the two troopers, hitting Trooper Sepp in the head. I was working that night and felt so helpless that this was occurring and we were too far away to assist. Leach received multiple gunshot wounds and spent much time in the hospital. I was assigned to guard him a couple of days, which was difficult. To be honest, it took every bit of restraint I had not to choke him in his hospital bed, or accidentally unplug (h)is medical machines keeping him alive. He eventually died in prison after several years.

So for this year, in 45 weeks, there have been 43 law enforcement officers fatally shot in the US. When is it going to stop?

Murdered Sheriff’s Deputies Were Both Parents
Deputy Patrick Rohrer, left, and Deputy Theresa King were recently killed in the line of duty. (Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office)

I need to rant! I am pissed! As a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper, a soldier of the law. I served for over 25 years, and have been retired for six. Normally, I am very much a happy-go-lucky, take things as they come kind of guy. I can make a joke out of almost anything, almost always with a smile on my face. I can accept things for how they are, and make the best of them! I speak my mind and rant and rave about what bothers me, but I can understand most of it, and deal with it! But this is different. This is war!

Andrew Gillum_farrah turner
Deputy Farrah B. Turner. E.O.W. October 22, 2018. (GoFundMe)

I am as pissed as I can be. Pissed and sad. Pissed and heart-broken. Pissed and agitated for what police work has become in this day and age. Pissed and fearful for my friends still on the job, and my brothers and sisters who I do not even know.

Georgia Police Officer
Officer Antwan Toney of the Gwinnett County Police Department. E.O.W. October 20, 2018. (Gwinnett County Police Department)

I have seen friends and coworkers injured in the line of duty. I have been spit at, attacked, punched, kicked, bitten, run down with car, dragged by a drunk driver, hit with things, gotten my skull fractured by a trajectory into my car, and I accepted and dealt with it all. I have seen friends and co-workers killed in a senseless unnecessary murders. But this is just getting to be too much! WAY TOO MUCH!

country music bar
Sgt. Ron Helus was among the 12 people killed when a gunman opened fire inside Borderline Bar & Grill. E.O.W. November 8, 2018. (Ventura County Sheriff’s Office)

As a cop, we go to work knowing that it may be your last day. We do our best to be careful, take all precautions necessary, constantly look over our shoulder, have our head on a swivel. We know we are dealing with the scum of the earth, and we act accordingly. We know we do our job, yet constantly get criticized like officers all over the country. We know we are not going to make everyone happy. We know that this just comes with the territory of being a cop. We were despised by the former president, who shit on law enforcement every chance he got. We are hated by Black Lives Matter, which he let get way out of hand. It is nothing more than a hate group, along the lines of the KKK. The commissioner of the NFL has let his players shit on law enforcement. Wonder why? Could it be because they are full of criminals? Fortunately, it’s only a few now.

Times REALLY have changed for cops. People used to hate us, but still respect us, and still fear us. That is no more. Look at the Trooper shootings at the hand of Eric Frein in Northeastern PA a few years ago. To finish your shift, and be heading home to your family, or not even INTO WORK yet, and get ambushed by a cop-hater is just too much. Rest in peace Cpl Bryon Dickson.

police officer deaths

Please continue to pray for all the police killed in the line of duty, their families, their departments, and ALL law enforcement. If nothing else, do me one favor, Thank a police officer today, and EVERY DAY. Remember what they do for YOU, for ALL of us. When you see a police officer, thank him or her for their service. Let them know you appreciate them. Any little gesture can go a long way in letting a police officer know that what they do is not for nothing. Even a smile and a wave, a nod, a thumbs up. Let them know you appreciate and respect them. Keep them in your prayers.

police funeral
(Photo courtesy Joseph McIntyre, Bayfield Marshal’s Office)

Each and every one of these police killings gets harder and harder, especially when it happens close to home. When I began my life with PSP over 31 years ago, I was proud. For the most part, I did everything I could for those I served. Despite that, I was victimized several times, occasionally putting my family in harm or fear. I’ve suffered multiple concussions, a fractured skull, broken bones, cuts, even had to go through testing for HIV/AIDS and Hep C because of exposure and bites from infected parties.

The first 20 years of my career, police killings were few and far between. You rarely heard of them. The last ten years have been a nightmare. Now, it’s practically a weekly occurrence.

While I am thankful to be retired, I also wish I were still there to fight the good fight with my brothers and sisters in blue and gray.. It seems more and more like us against the world. It makes me want to put on the uniform again and hunt down every cop-killer personally. God forgive me, it may be wrong, but I want these police murderers to be killed themselves in the most painful death possible.

You put on the badge every day. You kiss your spouse and kids, knowing that you may not make it home. It’s always in the back of your mind. For the most part, you do it knowing you will get no thanks. Not much appreciation. Oftentimes, you are working for the same scum who wish you ill. It’s even more difficult when you know them, or know guys that know them or worked with them.

POKORNY, SEPP, KOTECKI, REED, BASHIOM, WEAVER, SHAW, all right here in my region. Rest in peace brothers.

It bothers me that I just have no clue what we could even do to prevent this from happening any more. I feel so sad. So helpless. So pissed.

Please keep all police officers and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Please let your police officers know how much you appreciate them.

– Dale Gabriel

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