INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – An Independence, Missouri police officer and fire crew assisted a business after its flagpole was damaged and left a large American flag hanging upside down.

Officer David Wehlermann, of the Independence Police Department as well as being a U.S. Air Force veteran, saw a flag outside a business in town hanging upside down.

Apparently, an attachment on the flag was broken, resulting in the flag hanging from the bottom, reported KCTV.

Officer Wehlermann contacted the business during the weekend. He was told they were unable to fix it until Monday because the cable was welded to the pole. Wehlermann then solicited the assistance of the Independence Fire Department and they managed to get the flag upright.

“As a U.S. Air Force veteran and longtime member of IPD’s Color Guard, this wasn’t soon enough for Officer Wehlermann,” a Facebook post from the police department reads. “He reached out to Independence Fire Department’s Pumper 2 and Truck 2 who were happy to assist with fixing the flag.”

The Wehlermann family has served the U.S. military for generations. FOX News interviewed him. It can be seen below: