Police: Father killed daughter’s boyfriend then married his daughter


West Virginia- Some things in life are truly stranger than fiction. In a bizarre case and turn of events, a man who was arrested after failing to register as a sex offender confessed to a murder via a hand written note while he was in jail.

Furthermore, this convicted sex offender implicated his wife in the murder. His wife, who also happens to be: his daughter.

In West Virginia man had admitted to authorities that he married one of his two daughters after helping both of them kill another man and dump him in a shallow grave, according to reports.

Larry Paul McClure, 55, who is a convicted sex offender, had drafted a letter intended for state officials detailing the macabre acts that were allegedly committed by himself and his daughters.

Then 31-year-old Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure was cited as participant of an alleged murder and also acted at the inspiration of such, as well as 32-year-old Anna Marie Choudhry.

According to the letter penned by Larry, Amanda had plotted the murder of John McGuire, who was dating Amanda at the time of his demise.

In a criminal complaint related to the obtained confession and also allegation, State Trooper KM Saddler wrote:

“Larry McClure and Amanda McClure are biological father and daughter…Larry McClure and Amanda McClure did engage in sexual intercourse at the aforementioned address.

Although Larry McClure said he does not know why his daughter wanted to kill her boyfriend, he failed to mention his alleged sordid relationship with his daughter, but did say ‘Amanda was spending McGuire’s monthly Social Security checks.”

After the confession by Larry was obtained, police had done some digging and caught wind of the illegal marriage that occurred between the father and daughter. What’s worse is that it happened after they murdered McGuire.

According to Saddler, McGuire was struck in the head by a wine bottle, tied up, and then injected with two vials of methamphetamine. It was after the injection that the victim was strangled to death, according to the report.

McGuire’s body was later buried in Larry McClure’s backyard before it was moved to his side yard. Less than one month later, Larry and his daughter traveled across the state line to Tazewell County, Virginia where they married on March 11 by a United Methodist Church minister.

Amanda McClure allegedly listed a fake name for her father on the marriage license. Marriage between a father and daughter is illegal in Virginia and carries a penalty of up to six months in jail.

McGuire’s body was discovered on September 24 in a makeshift grave in Larry McClure’s side yard, after he had informed the investigators working the case exactly where they could find it.

In his admission letter, McClure wrote the murder was his daughter Amanda’s idea, but yet couldn’t provide the motivation as to exactly why she wanted him dead.

Excerpts from the letter stated:

“I cannot tell you why Amanda wanted John McGuire dead,” when referencing why all of the murderous behavior began in the first place.

Whether coming from a place of guilt, or remorse, Larry simply stated that he wanted the ordeal to be done with:

“I am asking for this to be over and not wasting the taxpayers money and hurting the family members on both sides of this. John McGuires family and my family.”

Larry Paul McClure, 55, and Amanda McClure, 31, are both charged with first-degree murder in Skygusty, West Virginia in connection with the death of Amanda’s boyfriend, Thomas McGuire, 38, on February 14.

Larry McClure’s second daughter, Anna Marie Choudhary, 32, is also charged in the murder, but it is unclear what her role allegedly was.

It’s the second disturbing domestic we’re reporting today.  The first was out of Wisconsin.

As parents, we’re tasked with preparing our children for the world, while providing guidance and a safe haven whilst in they’re in our care. Sadly, that’s not always how things turn out.

A shocking verdict has made its way out of a courtroom based out of Wisconsin involving a former state trooper who was accused abusing their adopted children.

Sharon Windey, 55, buried her head in produced what some would call crocodile tears when a judge read out that she was guilty of eight counts of felony charges of physical child abuse, causing mental harm to a child, and strangulation and suffocation.

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Police: Father killed daughter's boyfriend then married his daughter

The court heard how the four victims, who are now in their teens, were punched, choked and force-fed vomit by their adoptive parents. Windey, of De Pere, Wisconsin, was convicted following a six-day trial, while her husband, Donald, 53, has also been accused of abusing their adoptive children.

Prosecutors had painted a grisly story inside of the Brown County Circuit Court, detailing that the abuse lasted 12 years before Windey was charged in March 2018. One could only imagine the horrors that ensued while the children were in their care.

Police were contacted several times by school officials, social workers and a myriad of other people who had claimed that the couple and their biological son, Steven, 27, were abusing the three children, according to a criminal complaint.

Police had finally taken the time to hear the perspective of the allegedly abused when the children had been involved in what was described as a physical altercation in the home when they refused to go to church in February 2018.

It was then that authorities heard the full scale of horrific abuse they were subjected to.

The children told police that Donald, their adoptive father, forced one of them to eat their own vomit-covered food after they got sick during a meal, according to the criminal complaint.

They also alleged Donald made the girls strip down to their underwear, sit on his lap and have what the children referred to as “kissing sessions.”

The children wen into detail as to how Windey, a former state trooper, used “excessive feedings of oatmeal” as a form of punishment, and would lock the kitchen cabinets so the children couldn’t access other food themselves.

In the same criminal complaint, the children said Steven put his hand around one of their throats during an incident in February 2018.

The children also had claimed that they were forced to participate in a strange sort of prayer ceremonial, where they would balance themselves on a single foot, clad only in their underwear, and would be beaten if they’d lost balance.

A fourth child, who had moved out of the house when she turned 18, told investigators she was subjected to similar abuse when she lived with the couple and their son.

The adoptive parents and their biological son were all arrested back in February of 2018. As of this time Windey is out on bond pending sentencing on January 13 and is required to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet.

During the trial, she appeared stoic and during her testimony Friday, she told the jury her adopted children were lying about being abused. The prosecutor retorted with:

“If all the kids are consistently saying this happened through the years…. years! They’re lying?” Windey replied: “Some of the things they’re lying about. There’s some threads of truth to it, but a lot of this stuff was just being fabricated.”

Windey chalked it all up to the kids being disobedient and needing discipline.  

Windey did say that she doled out physical punishments like making them do door push-ups or stair runs, as well as making them write essays, taking the doors off their bedrooms, and giving many of their belongings to charity after a fight.

Windey told the court:

“Your life can be taken away from you in a minute, just like that, because people say things and that’s it, no evidence. You can’t just discipline without love. These children are very manipulative, and they know how to use things against each other.”

Donald will next appear in court on December 17 to face a string of felony and misdemeanor offenses.

The range of offenses cover all sort of abuse related felonies and misdemeanors, not to mention, he has also been charged with three counts of repeated sexual assault of a child, likely stemming from the alleged “kissing sessions”.

Steven Windey, the couple’s biological son, will next appear in court on February 7 for a plea hearing over two felony charges of child abuse and attempted strangulation and suffocation, and a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

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