Police: Drunk teen killed two-year-old girl after causing crash while fleeing from police


DALLAS, TX – An alleged drunk driver who was fleeing from police is said to be responsible for a crash that killed a two-year-old girl and left her family in critical condition, authorities say.

The wreck that happened on the evening of May 23rd is now seeing a 19-year-old face charges of intoxicated manslaughter.

Police arrested Adrian Maldonado and his passenger, 19-year-old Denise Vivas, after allegedly being involved in a high-speed chase that led to the suspect crashing into an unsuspecting family.

Police: Drunk teen killed two-year-old girl after causing crash while fleeing from police
Adrian Maldonado – Garland Detention Center

According to police, Maldonado was witnessed running a series of red lights by police at around 10:00 p.m., leading to units from the Garland Police Department attempting to pull him over.

Officers tailed the vehicle for approximately five minutes along both Interstate 30 and I-635.

Police: Drunk teen killed two-year-old girl after causing crash while fleeing from police
Denise Vivas – Garland Detention Center

While police were pursuing the suspect, Maldonado was said to have exceeded speeds of 100 MPH while turning off his headlights at time during the evening chase.

According to GPD Lt. Pedro Barineau, officers thought the safest move would be to gets units off the suspect’s tail in hopes that Maldonado would slow down and offer a different way to end the chase safely:

“At that point in time we tried everything to get this person to stop. Lights, sirens, helicopter, nothing was working, he was still going with the complete disregard for the safety of everyone, so our officers backed off since we had the helicopter overhead, trying to create a space between us and that driver, hoping that if that driver could not see us, they would slow down.”

Unfortunately, according to Lt. Barineau, the suspect did not slow down.

After allegedly running a fourth red light that evening, Maldonado struck a white Ford Mustang that held a two-year-old girl, her three-year-old brother, and the children’s parents.

The victims were rushed to the hospital, where the little girl was later pronounced dead.

The remaining family members were cited as being in critical condition.

Police say that after t-boning the vehicle, Maldonado and Vivas both fled from their SUV on foot. Police were able to catch up to the two suspects relatively quickly, and it was reported that both the Maldonado and Vivas suffered no visible injuries from the crash.

Maldonado, who was also wanted for a probation violation related to a burglary of habitation charge, is now facing charges of intoxication manslaughter, three counts of intoxication assault and evading arrest with a vehicle causing death of another.

Vivas was also charged with evading arrest. Both are currently being detained at the Garland Detention Center.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Why is it that allegedly intoxicated drivers are always the ones to survive car crashes that result in fatalities of non-inebriated drivers? 

Back in April in Smyrna, Georgia, a police officer lost his life under these very circumstances. 

An officer from the Smyrna Police Department has recently passed away after being involved in a vehicular collision in the late evening of April 20th.

Currently, the Georgia State Patrol are collaborating with other local authorities regarding the fatal crash that occurred around 11:00 p.m. on South Cobb Drive and Oak Drive near Interstate 285.

The Smyrna Police Department identified the officer involved in the fatal wreckage as 34-year-old Officer Christopher Ewing. 

The collision was reported as being between the officer’s patrol car and an SUV.

Officer who saved lives killed in crash with suspected drunk driver. He was only 34.

The driver of the SUV, 35-year-old of Robert Lorenzo Cox, was transferred over to Kennestone Hospital for sustained injuries.

Police have charged Cox with homicide by vehicle, DUI, failure to yield and tampering with evidence. While charges have been levied at the other driver involved, the crash is also still under investigation.

A press conference was slated to be held at 3:00 p.m. on April 21st for updates on the investigation.

Officer Ewing had been with the SPD for two years, according to the department. He was noted as being an Air Force veteran and had served his country for 10 years.

Police Chief Joseph Bennett stated that Officer Ewing was the recent recipient of a life-saving award and had plans to join the SPD’s DUI task force. 

Chief Bennett described the difficulty of having to see the family of the fallen officer, who has left behind three children and his wife: 

“I was at Kennestone Hospital when the family arrived. Devastating. You can’t put it into words. My focus is on Officer Ewing and Officer Ewing’s family.”

The chief continued, noting the following: 

“Officer Ewing was an employee any police chief would like to have. He was mature. He was grounded. He had a very, very bright future. I would ask to keep his family in your prayers.”

That’s a notion we can certainly commit to. We hope that Officer Ewing’s family can find peace during this difficult time and that justice is achieved in this ongoing investigation. 

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