Florida is really gunning to hold the crown for the most bizarre arrests in the country.

A Brooksville woman has just been arrested and charged after allegedly trying to urinate on a police officer, along with a number of other crimes. It’s almost hard to believe, until the word “Florida” is mentioned and a grinning mugshot is displayed of the accused.

Serina Probus was arrested on New Year’s Day for a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence and a felony charge of battery on a law enforcement officer, but the charges have evolved since then.

The accused is now looking at charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in light of what was uncovered after her arrest.

The 20-year old woman was reportedly spending time at her sister-in-law’s home, having more than a few drinks while celebrating the coming of the New Year.

Police: Drunk Florida mom hits pedestrian with her car, tries to urinate on cop

Florida woman arrested for urinating, spitting on police officers


With Probus’s six-month old baby in tow, the inebriated woman decided that she was going to drive home drunk with her child. Probus’ sister-in-law attempted to stop the intoxicated woman from driving home, wrapping her arms around her to inhibit her from leaving. In response, Probus bit her sister-in-law on the hand to escape her grasp.

Police had made their way over to the residence after the commotion and took measures to get Probus into custody. Of course, any law enforcement officer knows it’s rarely an easy arrest when alcohol is involved.

The woman began swearing at officers and had managed to kick out one of the windows inside the cruiser during her detainment. When sheriff’s deputies opted to restrain Probus’s legs to stop her from enacting further destruction, she allegedly tried to relieve her bladder – all over one of the deputies.

The class-act then allegedly spit on the deputies as well once they secured her in the cruiser.

As if the alleged conduct of the intoxicated suspect wasn’t going to give her enough legal troubles, authorities found out Probus was actually a wanted suspect in an aggravated battery investigation.

Authorities had charged Probus for an incident that happened on October 10th, 2019 while she was in custody at the jail. The alleged charge stems from an argument at a bar with a man that escalated into the victim being hit by Probus’s car.


When the victim was trying to walk away from the argument with the young woman, Probus struck the man with her SUV at a speed of 15 mph. The man had struck the hood of her vehicle and then fell to the ground.

While the charges are quite serious, the manner in which police made the connection was rather funny as Probus appears to have inadvertently confessed to the crime.

After striking the man with her car, Probus actually brought the man to the hospital. Authorities had discovered that Probus left a message with the victim that read:

“Tell Det. Murphy I hit you with the car ima [sic] tell her you deserved it and I would do it all over again if I could.”

In response to the charges for the vehicular assault, Probus told police that she doesn’t remember any of it. Her excuse for her foggy memory of the alleged incident was that she was “high on cocaine”.

Clearly the accused in this case might have some issues with illegal substances and alcohol, as the alleged behaviors aren’t exactly normal. Yet, even if Probus gets convicted of any of the charges brought against her, it likely won’t amount to much prison time anyway.

As detailed by Professor Sonja Starr, there are sentencing benefits to being a woman convicted of a crime. The professor showed that women with identical criminal histories and convicted of identical crimes to men serve an average of 63 percent less time in prison.

That’s also assuming a woman ever makes it to prison, as women are twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted for the same crimes as their male counterparts. Hopefully in this case, justice is served accordingly.

If this was New York, instead of Florida, Probus probably wouldn’t even be locked up for her crimes.

There is a pattern developing in New York.

Unfortunately, the repetitive recidivism associated with these literal ‘get out of jail free’ cards will not deter the Democrat leaders that are enacting these imbecilic reforms.

Just a few hours after being released without bail under New York’s new bail reform law, a 26-year old homeless man with a history of unprovoked attacks was arrested by police again.

Police: Drunk Florida mom hits pedestrian with her car, tries to urinate on cop

NYC releases violent assault suspect because of bail reform


Eugene Webb was arrested in front of a bank branch on West 4th Street in Greenwich Village for aggressive panhandling.

Officials said when police approached him around 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Webb tried to run. After a brief pursuit he surrendered at W 3rd Street and 6th Avenue.

Police searched him and found a glass pipe containing the synthetic drug K2.

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Police: Drunk Florida mom hits pedestrian with her car, tries to urinate on cop


Webb is charged with reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and obstructing governmental administration.

He was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Webb is accused in several random attacks in Manhattan, including one earlier in the week in which he repeatedly punched a 23-year-old woman after she exited the train station at West Houston and Varick Street in Greenwich Village.


He was freed with supervised release under New York’s new bail reform guidelines. And he wasn’t the first.

Folks, it keeps happening. So, we’re going to keep telling you about it.

A man in New York was arrested two days ago. He was released with an appearance ticket for court. Hours later, he was arrested again. For crimes against the same victim as in the first incident.

If only someone had been able to foresee the dangers and idiocy of these bail reform policies!

In Fairport, a 26-year-old man, Nicholas Jordan, allegedly pointed a loaded shotgun at a person and threatened to kill them. Police arrested him for second degree menacing around 12:30pm Tuesday.

Given the state’s new bail reform, Jordan was able to avoid jail and was released with the issuance of a court appearance ticket.

“Phew. That’ll keep the victims safe,” said no police officer in America.

After learning his lesson and being properly punished for his crimes (sarcasm), Jordan allegedly began threatening the same victim again. This time the threats were via text message, according to officers, and police were called to the victim’s home in nearby Macedon.

Police: Man accused of threatening person with shotgun arrested twice in one day. "Bail reform."

Police: Man accused of threatening person with shotgun arrested twice in one day. “Bail reform.”


Due to the first incident involving a loaded firearm, as well as the victim’s home being near Gananda schools, the schools were placed on lock down as a safety precaution.

Macedon police requested assistance from Fairport police who, as we know, were quite familiar with Jordan. Jordan was again arrested in Fairport around 4pm.

I wonder if 3.5 hours is a new record for a criminal’s second arrest.

There is shockingly little information about this incident available at this time, specifically whether Jordan was held after the second arrest.

While it’s not confirmed, Fairport Police did speculate that Jordan would likely be released again following this arrest.

If there’s one thing we know about criminals, it’s that they will always show up to their court dates when appointed.

And if there’s one thing we know about murderers, it’s that they deserve to walk free while awaiting their trial.

You know, for committing murder.


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