Police Discover Alien Invasion in Georgia

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Police discovered an alien invasion in the city of Alpharetta. It was riding shotgun in a car stopped for speeding.

You might say an officer in the Georgia town had a close encounter with a non-human life form . . . or not?

One of the hashtags used by the department included “#doesthisqualifyforHOV.”

Whether the driver thought the prop qualified for HOV, or they simply had a sense of humor is up to you to decide. But the officer got a kick out of it since they posted pictures on the department Facebook page.

Alien Discovered in Alpharetta

George Gordon, a spokesman for police in Alpharetta, said that when a police officer pulled a man over Sunday on a suburban highway, a life-sized doll of a big-eyed, large-skulled alien was riding in the front passenger seat, reported Fox News. As you can see from the pictures, it certainly has the appearance of ET.

Perhaps the movie look-a-like phoned the driver for a ride home? . . . Alright, we acknowledge it’s a bad joke!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution first reported the encounter. The driver was clocked at 84 mph, according to their report. Not quite warp speed. Gordon later told The Associated Press: “He did not mention as to `why’ he had an out of this world passenger.”

The driver got off with a verbal warning—and some laughs from the officer—who took photographs of the safety-belted alien police later posted on social media.

(Photo courtesy Alpharetta Police Department Facebook)

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