Welcome to police-defunded NYC, where 29 people were shot last weekend and crime continues to skyrocket


NEW YORK CITY – 29 people were shot Friday through Sunday during a violent weekend in New York.

Friday, nine people were shot, followed by 13 on Saturday and an additional seven on Sunday.


New York police crime data shows that between March 19 and March 20, 2021, there were six reported shootings.

The numbers are now up 383% compared to last year. Only one person was murdered during the same three-day period in 2021.

This violence all took place one week after Mayor Eric Adams’s rollout of his anti-gun units began patrolling various neighborhoods. These units comprised of approximately 169 police from the Neighborhood Safety Teams are focusing their patrols on neighborhoods with heavy gun violence.




Mayor Adams said:

“We’re going to stop the river of violence that is feeding this sea of violence.

And this team is damming one of those rivers with their activity.

And we’re going to expand these teams to five of the precincts to protect our streets and our community. 

We are going to grow and continue to evaluate, determine that we’re making the right fit to have the right officers that are performing this dangerous assignment but have the right mindset to do so.”

According to the New York Post, some residents have reservations about the new units.

Joseph Burachio, a business owner in Queens said:

“What happened to the term ‘undercover?

Why are old terms being replaced with new terms that have twice as many syllables?

I don’t know if this new team will be a good thing but something has to be done.

Crime rates are elevated. Crazy is elevated. Something needs to change.

Juveniles are getting away with murder and people don’t feel safe.

Go on the subway and you’re taking your life in your own hands.”

In January, Mayor Adams outlined his 15-page plan to end gun violence in New York.

The plan states:

“The Adams Administration has made public safety and justice its highest priorities – knowing these are prerequisites to prosperity in our city.

Mayor Adams came into office determined to remove guns from our streets, protect our communities, and create a safe, prosperous city for all New Yorkers.

This blueprint lays out immediate action towards that vision.”

It then adds:

“In 2021 alone, the NYPD removed more than 6,000 guns off New York City streets.

In the first weeks of 2022, officers have already removed 350 illegal guns…

It will require significant action from all levels of government to stop the flow
of guns into our city.”

Since New York continues to see an escalation in crime and gun violence, Mayor Adams spoke with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Together they are seeking to collaborate on combating rising violence in their cities.

Two crime-ridden cities with excessively high gun violence have leaders who are not responding to the daily assaults and vicious attacks.


Adams’ predecessor, de Blasio’s, soft on crime tactics were a complete failure and led to the influx in crime that is destroying New York City.

While Adams campaigned as a moderate and in support of law-and-order he is on the receiving end of much criticism. Crime rates are soaring and last weekend’s numbers are evidence that his plan isn’t working.




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