Police-defunded Minneapolis: Family of man who died after brutal beating says attackers posted video of beating online


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The family of a 25-year-old man that was viciously attacked by a group of boys earlier in July, who later died as a result of his sustained injuries, say that the attackers mocked the fatal beating through a video posted online.

During the early morning hours of July 24th, 25-year-old Awwal Adebayo Ladipo was reportedly assaulted by a group of boys in the area of the 2000 block of Lowry Avenue North. Minneapolis Police spokesman John Elder said that Ladipo was admitted to the North Memorial Medical Center at about 2:57 a.m. on the day of the assault.

Officials noted that the victim was in very critical condition at the time of his admittance into the hospital.

Sadly, on July 26th, Ladipo succumbed to his sustained injuries while at the hospital. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the victim passed due to blunt force head trauma sustained from the assault.

According to a GoFundMe established on behalf of the victim’s family, videos of the attack launched against Ladipo were posted online:

“Videos of the assault was posted on social media by his attackers bragging about it. This is an unimaginable loss to the Ladipo family and all who loved him. No parent should ever have to witness the loss of a child and have video evidence of how he was intentionally attacked.”

Minneapolis Police have not mentioned the existence of any video online of Ladipo’s attack, however, Antinuke and Adebayo Ladipo mentioned the video in a local news report. Antinuke Ladipo recounted the experience of first hearing of Ladipo’s attack and later learning of the video online:

“We woke up to this call of emergency for us to come to the North Memorial Hospital because my son was injured.”

“A few hours after a video showed up on social media his friend was videotaping the assault… We didn’t even break the news. The social media broke the news to everybody, his cousin in Nigeria, that’s how they found out”

Police have not made any arrests or publicly identified any suspects connected to the fatal beating.

The GoFundMe campaign shared aspects of Ladipo’s career and educational achievements, as well as his devotion to his family:

“Awwal was a highly motivated high achiever! Graduated at the St. Cloud State University, majored in Liberal Arts of Science and attained an associate degree in Information Systems. He recently started a new IT role whilst helping to run the family business. He was an international track and field athlete, winning several high school championships!”

“Awwal was kind and considerate young man, part of a close knit loving family. His siblings, Tobi and Demi are devastated by the loss of their big brother who all his life was a role model to them. He encouraged his younger brother and sister to also participate in sporting passion like track and basketball. They are struggling to imagine life without their big brother Awwal!”

This is an ongoing investigation. 

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight on this developing case. 

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There is no shortage of brutal attacks that wind up being filmed and posted online. Such is the case of a Juneteenth event that occurred in in New Jersey earlier in 2021, where the likes of numerous fights and assaults were captured on camera.  

Here’s that previous report. 


LONG BRANCH, NJ – A predominantly black mob gathered and cheered as a white woman was savagely beaten as a celebration of the nation’s first federal Juneteenth holiday turned into a riot.

The event was planned as a happy celebration of the Juneteenth holiday, which officially became a national holiday to recognize the end of slavery when President Biden signed it into law on Thursday.

The celebration, however, quickly dissolved into a violent riot, prompting police to lock down the area as families reported children locked in businesses with no safe way of escape.

Numerous fights broke out, and in one case, the savage beating of the white woman was caught on video.

In video posted to social media, chaos erupts and multiple fights break out in Pier Village.

One woman, who was white, was savagely attacked by multiple black men and women. The woman eventually bends down, unable to protect herself as the rioters struck her repeatedly.

Many other rioters stood around the scene, cheering on the attack.

One man can be heard on the video sarcastically shouting, “Say my name” as the woman is beaten. The phrase is a common battle cry for “social justice” protesters.

Eventually, the police arrive and form a ring of protection around the woman.

During the rioting, a bulletin from the Ocean County Scanner warned people to avoid the area:

“Police have area locked down due to riots in the area. Parents are reporting their children are locked in businesses they work in with no way out. Reports of police in riot gear trying to control the scene. Numerous fights involving police, and vandalism. Avoid the area.”

Other videos posted to social media depicted a scene of violence, as rioters ravaged the city, oftentimes standing atop vehicles and dancing.

Police called in reinforcements from surrounding agencies and the state police, and eventually calm was restored to the area. Police have released a number of arrests made during the violence.

The assault victim’s name and condition have not been released.

The incident has not been reported on by the mainstream media, who often ignores violence caused by the black community since the “racially justice” protests and riots broke out in the summer of 2020.

Juneteenth has gained prominence in the past year, as demonstrations and riots followed the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Former officer Derek Chauvin has been convicted of the murder of the black man.

As he signed the law-making Juneteenth a federal holiday, President Biden mentioned historical violence against the black community and said that the holiday calls for action:

“That’s why we must understand that Juneteenth represents not only the commemoration of the end of slavery in America more than 150 years ago, but the ongoing work to have to bring true equity and racial justice into American society, which we can do.

“In short, this day doesn’t just celebrate the past; it calls for action today.”

The President did not mention the black-on-black crime epidemic surging across the country and has not called for an end to the violence being spread across American cities in the name of “racial justice.’

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Back in June, we shared a report regarding a man that fatally beaten by a group consisting of at least five people – including juveniles – because the victim allegedly hit his pregnant girlfriend days earlier. 

Here’s that previous report. 


MAGNA, UT – A 41-year-old man was reportedly beaten to death by a group of at least five people behind a grocery store earlier in June.

According to police, the deceased was the victim of the fatal beating for allegedly giving his pregnant girlfriend a black eye days before the murder. 

On June 14th, a group of roughly five people, which included one 13-year-old, went to the girlfriend’s home of 41-year-old Fred Valdamar Ortiz to look at getting a puppy, as she’s reportedly a dog breeder. 

While this group was at the victim’s girlfriend’s home, she allegedly told the group that Ortiz had given her a black eye two days earlier. 

Ortiz happened to have driven by on a scooter while this group was still at the woman’s home, and the group started to chase after Ortiz. 

Police say that a car being driven by 19-year-old Osyeanna Maria Martinez struck Ortiz during the pursuit, but Ortiz was still able to continue running. 

The angry group eventually caught up with Ortiz at the back of a Smith’s Food and Drug located at 8055 West 3500 South. 

Surveillance video reportedly captured Martinez throwing two boards that struck the back of Ortiz’s head, and then began to punch and kick him. 

Another suspect, identified as 18-year-old Xandre Sky Hill, was said to be seen on video beating Ortiz with a pole. Hill allegedly told police that he only tackled and punched Ortiz, but someone else used the pole on the victim. 

When police were interviewing the suspects involved in the murder, a family member of Ortiz told police about the alleged domestic violence incident that inspired the group beating, according to he police report: 

“[The family] have been scared to report it because [Ortiz] is on parole and his probation officer will not do anything to lock him up.”

This family member, identified in the police report only as M.P., was reportedly the daughter of Ortiz’s girlfriend who was allegedly assaulted days earlier by Ortiz.

M.P. had admitted to police that she was one of the first to get out of the car to attack Ortiz, trying to spray him with pepper spray, but the wind blew the pepper spray in her eyes and she ran into the Smith’s Food and Drug to wash her eyes out and didn’t see most of the attack.

A woman identified as “Hannah” in the report told police that Ortiz’s girlfriend was nearby while the group were beating Ortiz.

Hannah had told police that she asked Ortiz’s girlfriend to make the group stop the attack, which the girlfriend allegedly refused to do.

By the time authorities arrived on the scene of the beating, Ortiz was no longer breathing.

While police confirmed that as many as five people were involved in the fatal beating, arrest details have only been released for Martinez and Hill, both of whom have been charged with murder. 

The other suspects mentioned in the police report have only been identified by their initials. 

Currently, both Hill and Martinez are being held without bail. 

This is an ongoing investigation. 

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further updates regarding this case. 


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