Police: Criminal on ‘no-bail parole warrant in CA runs into home to escape cops, strangles police K9


GLENDALE, CA – According to reports, Glendale Police officers arrested a 29-year-old man after an initial contact turned into a foot pursuit, where police say the man ran into a stranger’s home and briefly strangled a police K9 sent in to retrieve him.

On August 24th slightly after 3:30 p.m., Glendale Police officers observed a man peering through the windows of parked vehicles along the 1500 block of East Colorado Street and then later entering what was described as a “taped off area of the motel”, according to the Glendale Police press release.

When officers approached the man, later identified as 29-year-old Rodrigo Calderon, they noticed that Calderon had “a bulge in his waistband”. When officers searched Calderon, he was reportedly in possession of some pepper spray and magnets.

While officers were working to confirm his identity and run a check on him – which showed that Calderon had “a no-bail parole warrant and a separate $500,000 warrant out for his arrest” – Calderon took off on foot.

The officers pursued Calderon, and the suspect reportedly ran into a home located along the 1500 block of Orange Grove Avenue. A homeowner emerged from the residence shortly thereafter, proclaiming that someone he didn’t know just barged into his house.

Police evacuated a second resident inside of the home, which left just Calderon inside of the residence.

After numerous attempts to have Calderon walk out of the home on his own volition, the Glendale Police’s K9 unit got involved and deployed a K9 inside of the home, followed by a search team.

Rodrigo Calderon - Glendale Police
Rodrigo Calderon – Glendale Police

When officers entered the home, they could hear the deployed K9 barking and happened upon Calderon inside one of the rooms “with his arm around the K9’s neck, actively strangling the dog.”

Officers ordered Calderon to release the K9, which he reportedly didn’t, and then a taser was deployed which aided in getting the K9 free from the suspect’s grip.

Calderon was then taken into custody, being booked into the Glendale PD jail under charges of burglary and obstruction along with two outstanding warrants and a parole violation.

While police were investigating the incident, it was later learned that Calderon had booked a hotel room not far from where the incident occurred along with another individual, identified as 23-year-old Isaiah Miller.

Isaiah Miller - Glendale Police
Isaiah Miller – Glendale Police

Police executed a parole compliance check of the suspect’s hotel room, which Miller was inside of at the time, and reportedly discovered “four small plastic bindles of methamphetamine, a glass pipe with a bulbous end, a large amount of cash in various denominations, and two bank cards in other people’s names.”

Miller was then taken into custody based upon the evidence seized from the room, where he was booked under charges of possessing a controlled substance for sale and identity theft.

According to the press release from Glendale Police, Miller was immediately released after booking under LA County’s “Zero Dollar” bail order for misdemeanor and low-level felony offenses.

K9 Coda - Glendale Police
K9 Coda – Glendale Police

As for K9 Coda, the K9 sent in to retrieve Calderon during the incident, police say that he “appeared in good health after the incident.”

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Criminal repeatedly stabs police K9, gets taken out by deputy when he then charged at the officer with the knife

(Originally published August 2nd, 2021)

GOBLES, MI – A 39-year-old male suspect, who authorities say stabbed a police K9, was fatally shot by a Van Buren County Sheriff’s deputy in late July. Officials say that the deputy fatally shot the suspect after he allegedly confronted the deputy with a knife.

On July 26th at approximately 7:30 p.m., sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a home located on North State Street near Bush Street after a report came in regarding a domestic assault. The person of interest in that initial call was later identified as 39-year-old Jacob Bender.

Upon first arriving at the home, authorities could not locate Bender in the area and reportedly obtained a warrant, returning to the home again at approximately 9:30 p.m. that evening.

Sheriff Daniel Abbott stated that deputies spoke with the wife of the suspect, which the woman reportedly told deputies that Bender was hiding in a basement crawl space inside of the home:

“Once they found the hidden crawl space — there was also a way to access it from the back of the residence — our K-9 handler was able to see him hiding in there. He could see his hand. Kept giving him verbal commands: ‘Come out, come out, come out, or I’m gonna send in the K-9.’ The K-9 was sent in.”

Officials say that when the K9 was sent into the crawl space, Bender had stabbed the dog three times. Luckily, the K9’s handler was able to get the dog out of the crawl space.

Sheriff Abbott stated that a deputy then ventured inside of the crawl space, where the unnamed deputy was then confronted by the suspect:

“Once they went downstairs to try and take him into custody, the subject was tased to no avail. The subject still did have the knife in his possession, did not go by verbal commands and unfortunately, the deputies ended up using lethal force once they were confronted with a subject with a knife coming at them.”

The K9 that was stabbed during the incident, later identified as K9 Kuno, was treated by a veterinarian in Kalamazoo and released on July 27th.

Michigan State Police are taking the lead on the investigation into the shooting, with the deputy involved being placed on administrative leave, following standard protocol, until the investigation is completed.

According to sheriff Abbott, Bender had two warrants for his arrest that were active at the time of the shooting incident.

Criminal records for the deceased suspect show that his arrest history dates back to 2005, with previous cases including domestic violence, assault, impaired driving, and drug convictions.

Neighbors and locals were shocked to hear of the incident involving Bender. One local resident, Jill Szotek, said that her grandson used to take guitar lessons from the deceased suspect:

“I have been inside that house numerous times. It was always nice and clean; didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. [Bender was] very nice to my grandson.”

One of Bender’s neighbors, Baylee Goff, was surprised to hear that Bender stabbed a police K9, saying that the suspect had his own German shepherd and was a breeder. Nonetheless, Goff shared her condolences for all involved in what she called a “traumatic” incident:

“Prayers for the police officer and everybody that was involved in the incident because that’s traumatic for them as well. It’s not the force they want to use.”

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Elsewhere in Michigan, a police K9 was killed following injuries sustained from a crash caused by a suspected DUI driver back in July. 

Here’s that previous report. 


FLINT, MI – A suspected drunk driver crashed into a parked Michigan State Police vehicle earlier in July, killing the MSP K9 inside of the vehicle while also injuring a state trooper.

The driver and two other occupants in the vehicle were also severely injured in the crash, with authorities saying that one of the driver’s occupants is not expected to make it.

At approximately 1:05 a.m. on July 25th, an MSP K9 unit was parked along the M-10 highway, directing traffic to the offramp due to the flooding that was on the highway.

According to the MSP, a vehicle that was “traveling at freeway speed” collided with the MSP unit on the highway.

The unidentified trooper “sustained non-life threatening injuries to his legs”, according to officials, but K9 Rex suffered injuries to the spine and legs from the impact. K9 Rex was transported to Blue Pearl animal hospital where he subsequently succumbed to his sustained injuries.

A series of tweets from the MSP Metro Detroit’s official Twitter account noted that the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash was believed to have been intoxicated during the incident:

“The driver of the suspect vehicle is believed to be under the influence of alcohol. He has serious injuries. The female front seat passenger has critical injuries. The female rear seat passenger also has serious injuries.”

“Troopers and the MSP Crash Reconstruction team investigating the crash and have obtained a blood draw which will be tested for alcohol.”

The driver and two female passengers inside of the vehicle were all transported to an area hospital following the crash.

In an update provided by the MSP, the trooper has been released from the hospital while the driver and their occupants are still hospitalized:

“Update: The trooper has been released from the hospital. He does not appear to have any major injury. The suspect is currently in surgery for his leg and hip. One passenger is still in the ER and listed as stable. The second passenger is in the ICU and is not expected to survive.”

Officials have forwarded the blood draw from the driver over to the lab and are awaiting the results from the test and will hand the results over to the prosecutor to determine next steps regarding the driver.

No identifying details regarding the trooper or the driver and passengers have been shared by officials as of this writing.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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