If given the chance in your city or town, do something many would not

It would only take a few minutes of your time and that’s really not a lot.

When you’re out and about and if you happen to see, a police car parked near by

Leave them a note under their windshield wiper, I’m sure most of you already know why.

Tell them how thankful you are for their service, thank them for their sacrifice

If you have the chance you could even do it in person, any kind of thanks would suffice.

I’ve done this myself a time or two and I’m planning on doing it some more

It’s the right thing to do and they’ll appreciate it, especially if no one’s done it for them before.

I respect everyone in law enforcement, all those in the military too

All first responders seen or unseen, just like most of you do.

So do it sometime they deserve it, I wish I could thank every single one

The day I don’t have another breath in me, is the day my thanking them will be done!