Run away? Really, run away? Why in God’s name would any police force be told to run away from danger? If cops are being pursued by someone with a gun or knife, why would they be told to turn and run?

I’ve been very vocal about my support of law enforcement. Their bravery, dedication, and determination that sometimes, (no, oftentimes) goes above and beyond their call of duty in my humble opinion. Now this? Run away?

Why would anyone give orders to a police officer, let alone an entire department, town, or city, to run from altercations? So police officers that see someone with a gun going after a civilian are being called back? They can’t interfere because they’ll be fired for confronting the aggressor?

If someone is going after a police officer with a weapon, or even fists, the officer must run in the opposite direction? I can’t see lion-hearted peace officers following these orders. It’s messed up, ridiculous, uncalled for, and STUPID!

Can you imagine a firefighter being called back from a fire? The flames are too high, you might get burned!

How could anyone in law enforcement run from someone ready to assault him or her, or another, unless that’s the way they were raised? If they were raised that way, it’s unlikely they would have become a police officer in the first place. Would they? Did I say this is messed up? If this is the new normal, how many will follow the Police Commission? I never thought in all eternity that something like this would ever happen. Bluntly speaking, the current condition of our country is something I never thought I’d see in a million years. What’s happening? I just don’t get it, and probably never will!