Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades


MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – It’s a taste of what happens when hatred and hostility towards law enforcement go unchecked.

Zero Hedge News reported Friday that there was an assassination attempt on Mexico City’s Chief of Police, Omar Garcia Harfuch. The assassination attempt occurred early Friday morning around 6:30am in the wealthy neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec.

The attack occurred on Paseo de la Reforma and Prado Norte. Police said the gunmen were armed with high power firearms and explosives, a Barrett .50 Cal sniper rifle and grenades.

Shots rang out in the neighborhood for a few minutes as the Chief of Police’s Security Detail exchanged fire with the assailants. According to NBC News, the assassination attempt was captures on security cameras.

Media outlets reported that the coarse security camera footage was broadcasted on Mexican television displayed a group of heavily armed men in a truck with its back open and an SUV blocking a road to lay down fire on Garcia’s armored SUV.

The police arrived quickly and moved toward the gunfire. Police recovered military-grade rifles from the crime scene.

Attorney General of Mexico City, Ernestina Godoy, said 12 people were arrested for the assassination attempt.

Police Chief Harfuch blamed the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) for the attempted assassination. Police Chief Omar Garcia Harfuch also tweeted from his hospital bed about 3 hour after the attack “This morning we suffered a cowardly attack by the CJNG, two colleagues and friends of mine lost their lives.”

CJNG is led by a former police officer based in the western state of Jalisco. The organized crime group is also being blamed for driving high levels of violence in Mexico while battling to wipe out its rivals for control of drug trafficking and crime rackets.

Newsmax News reported Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum stated on Twitter the Police Chief as being wounded by three bullets and there was an undetermined number of people dead.

However, it was reported that one woman traveling with three relatives on their to work was killed by gunfire. The Northern Daily Leader News reported that Garcia Harfuch suffered injuries to one of his shoulders, the collarbone, and one of his knees. This was reported by Security Minister Alfonso Durazo in a news conference.   

Sheinbaum made a statement in a tweet on Twitter:

“I confirm that the Secretary of Citizen Security @OHarfuch is find and out of danger. What happened has to do with the great work that @SSC_CDMX is carrying out to guarantee peace and tranquility in the City, in coordination with the federal forces.”

Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador credited the violent outbreak to the local officials cracking down on crime and establishing order in the city. He also stated in a news press conference:

“Yes there are deceased in this attack. All this undoubtedly has to do with the work that is being carried out in Mexico City and in the country.”

Explica News reported that Omar Garcia Harfuch was appointed Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Mexico City in June 2019.

Thus far, Garcia Harfuch is credited with leading operatives where arrests of leaders from organized criminal groups were made. Among those arrests were of Jorge Flores “El Tortas de la Anti-Union” and Pedro Ramirez “The Ham” crime boss of the Union Tepito, among others.

Garcia Harfuch earned a degree in Public Law in Security, has studied at institutions accredited by the United States such as the Drug Control Administration (DEA), the National Academy of the FBI and Harvard University.  

Zero Hedge News reported that the attacks could be a sign that the organized crime groups are getting more daring in their targeting superior law enforcement official in broad daylight. This also raises questions as to whether the president is capable of controlling gang violence in Mexico.

A security analyst at Syracuse University in New York, Gladys McCormick, commented:

“The assassination attempt served as a warning that ‘nobody is off limits’ and was reminiscent of previous attacks on officials during Mexico’s drug war. It fit the CJNG’s modus operandi to a ‘T’ and had the hallmark of the cartel staking out its turf.

Mexico City Attorney General’s office commented that late Friday, three more suspects plus the mastermind of the assassination attempt were detained in the Mexico City’s Tlahuac borough.

Chief of Police Omar Garcia Harfuch tweeted late Friday night that he was out of surgery and recovering well.  

Back here at home in Massachusetts on Wednesday evening, officers from the Boston Police Department responded to the area of Humboldt Avenue and Crawford Street in Roxbury before 6PM for a report of a man walking with a firearm in a fanny pack. 

Upon arrival, the met a man matching the description who was carrying a fanny pack. 

Officers made contact and attempted to take hold of his hands, therefore preventing him from retrieving a firearm and avoiding a deadly force situation.

But the suspect, 44-year-old Jermaine Thomas had different plans. 

Mr. Thomas, according to police, grabbed back at the officers and a physical confrontation ensued.  As the confrontation continued, bystanders in the crowd began to close in the officers who were now physically fighting a man, trying to prevent him from arming himself with a gun and shooting them or the bystanders. 

As the crowd became hostile toward the police, the ones who were trying to prevent a shooting, fire hydrants were opened, causing a heavy flow of water to rush toward them. 

Regardless of the level of resistance they faced, the officers were able to remain calm and take Mr. Thomas into custody. 

As they were placing him into a police vehicle, persons from the crowd began to dump water on the officers from buckets. 

Thankfully, the officers were able to subdue Mr. Thomas, who had a loaded firearm in the fanny pack, take him into custody, and leave the scene without anyone getting hurt.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross stated:

“I’m alarmed by the level of hostility my officers had to face while arresting a felon armed with an illegal firearm.

They were attacked by members of the very same community they were attempting to protect by affecting this arrest.  Public safety is a shared responsibility, we need to continue to work together, not in opposition towards one another, to achieve that goal.” 

Thankfully, this incident ended the way it should, the suspect in jail and the officers returning to the streets to continue patrolling. 

However, incidents like these do not often end this way and the frequency in which they are occurring is becoming less and less.  On Saturday night, a similar incident ended much differently in Tampa, Florida.

Officers from the Tampa Police Department were called for a reported shooting with a subject down.  Upon their arrival, they quickly learned that there was no shooting and no victim, only a hostile crowd there waiting to attack them. 

The crowd, estimated to be over one hundred, quickly circled the officers and began throwing glass bottles at them.  Officers from all over the Tampa area had to respond in efforts to rescue the officers and disperse the crowd, leaving the rest of Tampa unprotected during this incident. 

Thankfully, only two officers were injured during the melee. 

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan held a news conference in which he explained the frustration he and his officers face in the light of current events.  Chief Dugan states:

“The police, we always have everybody’s back and nobody has our back,” he said. “Right now the officers feel like they can’t win. And I would have to agree with them.” 

The Chief continued:

“Police are in a very tough spot — if we show up to people who are just merely exercising their First Amendment rights, it turns into a clash and police are the bad guys,” he said. “But we also now have people who are complaining about the lack of a police presence at these protests.”

Chief Dugan and his officers frustrations are the same many officers face throughout the United States right now.  Officers are not wanted until there is a problem, and once they get there to solve the problem, they are getting cussed at, spit at, or worse. 

Morale amongst officers is getting extremely dangerous which could lead to lower work product (proactive policing to prevent crimes), unethical behavior, or a mass exodus of good officers from law enforcement. 

Dear America – Atlanta cops walking off the job is only the beginning. And we deserve it.

The below editorial is brought to you by Kyle S. Reyes, the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today.

ATLANTA, GA – On Thursday night, the Atlanta Police Department was quick to downplay “rumors” that cops had walked off the job.

Anyone in law enforcement – or anyone with friends in law enforcement – knew that the denial was a load of crap.  But talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place, right?

Option 1) Lie to everyone and hope that criminals are too dumb to realize the truth… that the city has fallen.

Option 2) Tell the truth and watch the terror begin.

The reports came in fast and furious.  Cops all over the city suddenly fell ill.  Dispatchers couldn’t come into work.  Officers refused to go out on calls to anything other than an officer in trouble.

Police departments in nearby communities refused to send their officers in.

Has the day of reckoning finally arrived?

Is the “Blue Flu” about to become the most deadly pandemic America will ever face?

First – quick backstory on what lead to all of this.  I’m going to sum it up – but if you want all of the details, you can read them here.

A criminal who “allegedly” abuses children (among a litany of other crimes) who should be in jail gets trashed – falls asleep behind the wheel of the car.

At a Wendy’s drive-thru.

Police arrive.  Friendly conversation.  Criminal fails sobriety test and breathalyzer.

Cops go to arrest him.  Criminal fights.  Steals Taser from cop.  Runs.  Turns and points Taser at cop, who has to make split-second decision.  In a split second, the cop doesn’t have time to process whether it’s the Taser or a gun.  Cop shoots criminal.

Criminal dies.  

Social justice warriors on social media who were apparently medical experts last month and Constitutional scholars the month before engage in virtue-signaling.  Burn down Wendy’s.  Because, you know, that’ll bring the dead criminal back.

Flash forward.  District attorney holds a press conference.  Lies.  Lies again.  Then says the cops are going to be arrested and one of them will be charged with a whole bunch of felonies. He could face life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

The death penalty.  Let that sink in for a minute.

Oh yeah, that DA is up for reelection and isn’t doing so hot, so some people suggest he’s pandering for votes.  Shocker.

Oh yeah, and he’s also under investigation for “allegedly” doing some really bad stuff.

Oh yeah, and just last week, some cops were fired for using a Taser on some entitled college students who thought the rules didn’t apply to them, and social justice warriors and the DA were talking about how a Taser can be a deadly weapon.  Except in the hands of a criminal, apparently.

I’m done.  Atlanta police officers are done.  Cops across the country are done.

Because here’s the thing, America – a significant number of you are absolutely, completely, entirely full of shit.

Yup.  I’m going there.

Three weeks ago, you had signs in your windows.  “We love you first responders!”

What’s the deal – were you just bored?  You just needed to pass the time?  Or was the paper not big enough to sign at the bottom:



In a split second, you’ve caved.  You’ve sold your souls.

These men and women put on a uniform every single day and go into harm’s way – not knowing for sure that they’ll ever see their own families again.  They’ve asked nothing of you.

You could have given them the greatest gift – love and support.  But instead, you’ve chosen to be sheep.

You’ve been duped, America.

A month ago, if you wanted to protest and demand that you be allowed to work again, you would have done so under the threat of arrest by Democrats.

But if you wanted to riot and throw bricks at the heads of police officers, that’s apparently perfectly acceptable.

And the very people keeping you and your family safe through all of this… are the ones under attack.  As are the people who support them.

I’m embarrassed by what’s happening in this country.  I’m sickened by how quickly the country has turned on the people who keep them safe.

And I’m terrified for what the next couple of months have in store.

None of this is about George Floyd or Rayshard Brooks.

It’s about 90 days of quarantine.  Nearly three years of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

More riots will happen.  Violence will escalate.  And you’ll be screaming “how dare cops walk off the job”… having quickly forgotten that you were just screaming that we defund and abolish them.

This isn’t a damn video game.  It’s not a sci-fi movie.  This is life and death.  This is your family.  This is our country.  Get your shit together, America – before it’s too late.

The collapse of law enforcement will usher in the end of America as we know it

I, [name], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.


It’s something that you don’t really consider when you’re young.  You can do anything.  You’re invincible.

But as we grow older, we start considering that mortality. 

It’s time we start considering the mortality of America.

I spend a substantial amount of time working in two different arenas – the world of law enforcement and the business world.

By day, I run a marketing agency. Among the areas we work in, we do extensive work in the firearms industry.  My travels take me across the country – often to some of the most rural parts of America.

By night, I am the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today.  I’m not a police officer.  I was tapped because I can do one thing cops can’t do.  I can give them a voice.  I can run my mouth and no agency can fire me.

That travel that I referenced – both in the business world and supporting the LE world – has afforded me countless opportunities to work side by side with some of the greatest patriots in America. 

My closest friends are either in law enforcement or either active or retired members of some of the most elite military forces in America.  And from our greatest warriors to our everyday citizens… I can tell you the underlying fear that so many are thinking about – and that’s the seemingly inevitable collapse of society if we don’t make some monumental changes.

As a Christian, I believe we are in the middle of some serious spiritual warfare.  But you don’t have to be a Christian to understand that the very soul of America is under attack right now.  And the rapid erosion of the Thin Blue Line has us sitting on a powder keg.

Historically, if you look at the collapse of some of the greatest empires in the world, it happened from within.  Simply put, it raises the distinct danger that America won’t be conquered by foreign enemies … but rather from domestic ones.

When historians say that an empire fell, it means that the central state no longer exercised its broad power.  That happens either because the state itself ceased to exist or because the state’s power was reduced as parts of the empire became independent of its control.

It typically doesn’t happen because of a single cause, but rather a long process.  The main factors that historically lead to imperial collapse are:

  • Economic issues
  • Social and cultural issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Political issues

Now none of these factors are causes in and of themselves, but rather are ways to categorize causes.

What that means is you wouldn’t make a determination that Rome fell because of politics, but rather you’d explore political factors to understand the collapse.  And in those issues are warning signs for us as Americans.

That brings me to the threat we face today.

Have you ever heard of something called the Cloward-Piven strategy? It’s not exactly something the mainstream media talks about… but it’s something you need to be aware of, because it’s what we’re facing in America today.

American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven created the political strategy in 1966.  The idea behind it is to overload the U.S. public welfare system to create a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a socialist system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”.

If that doesn’t describe what we’re seeing from Democrats who are running for POTUS right now, I don’t know what does.  But it’s a much bigger threat than you might realize.  That’s because it’s so incredibly pervasive.  It’s poisoning the very roots of America.

And it calls to mind the words of Jefferson:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

We are seeing groups here in America demanding open borders.  Demanding the decriminalization of crossing into our country illegally.

At the same time, across our great country, we are seeing the CRIMINALIZATION of law enforcement.  It’s gotten so bad in states like the People’s Republic of California and Connecticut that we’re seeing the crash and burn of morale in law enforcement. 

We’re seeing agencies desperate for officers, because as more and more retire (or count down the minutes to retirement), we see a deficit in the number of incoming recruits.  After all, why would you want to live a life of service when you’re just going to be attacked for that service?

We see political activists masquerading as police chiefs.  We see them working hand in hand with liberal politicians to not only attack the rights of law-abiding citizens, but also to destroy the morale of their own departments. We watch as they flat out disrespect the oath of office they took and put officers in no-win situations.

If I were to design a road map for how to collapse America, starting with law enforcement, here’s what it would look like.

Step one: Divide the protectors.

The refusal to allow rank and file patrol officers to cooperate with federal law enforcement to uphold the law.  It’s a slap in the face to Americans and it’s a dereliction of duty. It’s also a clear and intentional move to create a divide between local, state and federal law enforcement.  Divide the protectors… conquer a society. 

Step two: Divide the supporters.

Force officers to choose between enforcing unconstitutional legislation like Red Flag laws, which deny citizens of their right to due process… and providing for their own family.

Make cops the bad guys.  Take the people who have historically supported law enforcement and convince them that cops are now the enemy.  Divide the supporters… conquer a society.

Step three: Remove their protection

Make cops afraid to be cops.  Encourage disrespect on them like water bucket attacks.  Don’t go after the criminals who attack them.  When officers arrest criminals, let them back out on the street within hours because a liberal judge determined that the violent suspect with a lengthy criminal history isn’t actually a threat.  Then threaten law enforcement officers that if they do their job, they’ll be investigated.  That if they have to fight for their lives, they’ll end up being charged.  Remove both their desire and their ability to police.

Step four: Flood America  

By some estimates, one million people will make illegal entry into America this year.

There are fewer than 850,000 law enforcement officers in America.  Do the math.

Now let criminals create havoc in society but instead of deporting them or actually cracking down on crime, let Americans know that the real problem is guns owned by law abiding citizens and pass legislation to take away their rights.

Step five: Destroy our homes

Own the media.  Own Hollywood.  Force feed Anti-American, socialist and communist policies into our homes and our education system.  Convince our children that right is wrong and wrong is right.  Take God out of society, destroy the family structure and teach everyone that the solution to your problems is in the form of pills, porn and the government.

Step Six: Bypass Congress for gun control 

Have “private businesses” like Dicks and Walmart determine what you can and can’t buy.  Allow Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and snap determine what you can see and what you can say… because it’s not a violation of the 1st Amendment if it’s done by private enterprise.

Step Seven: Use “social justice” to vilify love of country 

Take every patriotic American who wants to see a better country for their children and call them a racist, etc. if you don’t agree with them.  Then mass report them on social media to make sure their accounts are cancelled and their voices are shut down. 

Then say you think they’re a threat and have a judge determine that combat veterans and our nation’s greatest warriors need to be disarmed because of post-traumatic stress.  Then force officers to go to war with their own brothers and sisters.

The Collapse

It’s happening right in front of our eyes.  And it’s starting with a full onslaught against our law enforcement officers in every way, shape and form.

Want to save America?  We need to start by understanding the enemy.  And sometimes the biggest threat that an empire faces is the enemy within.

In case you missed it… here’s a letter from the founder of Law Enforcement Today on what you need to know… and how LET is fighting back.

Dear America:

When I founded Law Enforcement Today, I did it during a time where freedom of speech still existed. 

A time when the ability to market and advertise your company wasn’t infringed by bigger companies that control the media space and decide who does and doesn’t get a voice based on their own political perspectives.

Sadly, that time has come to an end.  Which is why our family at Law Enforcement Today has no choice but to step forward to fill that void and begin advocating for people and companies that are being actively silenced.

We’ve received word from some of our partners in the firearms and tactical industry that Google is actively shutting down advertising accounts of companies in the firearms accessories and tactical space.

Let’s be clear – we’re not talking about companies selling guns.

One such company, for example, is Inforce.  They make weapon mounted lights that are used by departments like the FBI, NYPD, LAPD, Boston PD, CBP and others.  Widely recognized as being both an LE and a consumer brand that helps make people safer… they are now shut down by Google.

They are a company spending six figures on advertising their products to consumers on the search engine, and now they’ve been shut down.

Here’s the message they received:

“Google, despite our ads having run without issue, now insists that weapon-mounted lights do not fall into the “increasing safety” clause of their violent content policy, therefore they cannot approve our ads. This is regardless of the ad copy wording because the landing page contains policy-violating content (the weapon-mounted light products).  Google is having to crack down on what qualifies as a ‘safety-enhancing’ accessory as a result of the backlash they have received following recent shootings in the US.”

Bing, another search engine, also shut down the ad account because the flashlights have “a line related to weapons.”

Please understand that we’re using Inforce as just one example of our many partners who have come to us about this attack in the recent weeks since the Dayton and San Antonio shootings.

Inforce, like many other partners of ours, moved to Google advertising after their ad account was shut down on Facebook and Instagram.  Although the platforms explicitly allow for the “advertising of weapon-mounted lights”, they still shut down the ad accounts as they move to remove all firearms and tactical related advertising from their platforms.

Think about this for a minute.  Where do you do your searching for products and brands? If you’re like most Americans, it’s Google, Facebook and Instagram.

When the three biggest platforms decide it’s time to attack the industry and the Second Amendment, it has the potential to be catastrophic.  It’s, in effect, gun control through censorship.  And it’s an attack that’s going to continue to spread.

We at Law Enforcement Today want to make our stance very clear. 

We strongly and firmly stand behind the Second Amendment, companies that keep civilians and law enforcement officers safe through products and innovation, and the men and women who serve and protect our communities and our country.

We are launching a new series of options to help our partners and other patriotic businesses to be able to connect with consumers. While we can’t replace Google, Bing or Facebook – we sure can provide options to ensure that these companies and our brothers and sisters have a voice.

We welcome with open arms companies in the firearms and tactical industries and are proud to offer them options to get their products to market.  We’re also proud to stand beside organizations like NSSF, which runs SHOT Show, along with the Anteris Alliance, to make sure that the companies they represent have a massive voice.

Now to the consumer side of things.

We started noticing the problems a couple of years ago.  Social media was scaling back the reach of content that it didn’t believe people should see.

Not that there was anything offensive about it.  We’re talking about pro-police videos, stories about patriotic Americans and more. 

And from our perspective, that created a huge problem.  We have some of the greatest warriors in the world.  Yet their voices and their stories were being buried.

The mainstream media, on the rare occasion that it would tell some of these stories, would give you only a piece of them.  They’d cram as much as they could into a 90 second segment, slap their bias on it and that was it.

We needed to fix it. And so we are.

Law Enforcement Today (LET) is proud to announce the beta launch of LET Unity – a new home focused on bridging the gap between civilians and civil servants.  We’ve merged with The Whiskey Patriots to massively expand content, rolling out hundreds of videos to members.

 Many of those in our focus groups dubbed it the “Netflix of the law enforcement community”.  But the truth is, it’s so much more.

The first officer in the door at the Pulse nightclub shooting. 

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

Emergency responders from the Parkland shooting. 

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

The bomb squad that responded to the Aurora movie theater massacre. 

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

Survivors of the Dallas five killings.

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

The first Marine Guard hostage in the Iran crisis. 

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

The CIA agent who started a counter human trafficking company. 

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

SWAT teams. 

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

Sniper schools. 

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

World War II veterans.

Police chief wounded in a daylight assassination attempt involving sniper rifle, explosives and grenades

And so, so much more.

The membership is less than the cost of two coffees a month, and those who sign up for an annual membership will get some surprise bonuses in the mail.  We decided to charge a nominal fee so we could take all of the proceeds and reinvest them into capturing more of these stories.

On top of that, we’re opening up the platform to some well-known podcasters who are going to be joining the team with some incredible content soon.

We have a problem in society.  Censorship has created an existential threat to democracy.  But even worse is the risk we run that some of these incredible stories of patriotism, hope, faith and our Sheepdogs would be lost.

We’ll soon be launching a series of content with Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) to share the stories of survivors.  We will also be dropping a weekly law enforcement focused newscast that addresses some of the most important topics in the country… and helps bridge the gap between those who serve and those whom they serve.

On top of that, we’ll soon be rolling out a series of private discounts and special promotions to members only as a “thank you” for being a part of the family.

The beta platform is live and the apps for Apple, Android, Apple TV and Roku will be launching soon. 

We hope you’ll join us in this journey, knowing that your membership is going to give a voice to those who have been silenced for so long.

Click here to sign up. 

If you are one of the many companies out there that’s being censored – or you’re worried about what’s to come – don’t hesitate to reach out today.  I can be reached at [email protected]

We will not be silenced.  You shouldn’t be either.

God bless you all, and God bless America.


Captain Robert Greenberg

Founder, Law Enforcement Today

Want to make sure you never miss a story from Law Enforcement Today?  With so much “stuff” happening in the world on social media, it’s easy for things to get lost.  

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