Republic, Washington Police Chief Loren Culp is about to make an announcement. The pro-2nd Amendment cop is running to replace Governor Jay Inslee, who is on the long list of candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for President.

If I lived in Washington, I would vote for him.

Culp made national headlines last year when he publicly declared that he would not enforce a statewide gun control initiative that passed in November.

Speaking exclusively with Ammo Land News, Culp said he will make an official announcement within days. He has already launched a campaign website.  It lays out his positions on Second Amendment rights, addiction and mental health, lower taxes, smaller government, veterans, individual liberty, and law enforcement legislation.

A native of Washington, he married his high school sweetheart, served in the U.S. Army attaining the rank of sergeant and is a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Culp wrote a book called “American Cop.” In it he details his not only his career, but also his rise to prominence as the first law enforcement official in Washington to declare he would not enforce Initiative 1639, the radical gun control measure that was rejected in a majority of the state’s counties, but managed to pass by about 60 percent of the vote.


Because the state’s most populous counties passed it.

Since its passage, several county sheriffs have followed Culp’s lead by declaring they will not actively enforce provisions, and at least a half-dozen county commissions have adopted resolutions against the initiative.

Culp is seeking to make Republic a “Second Amendment sanctuary city.” It is his hope that law-abiding citizens will not be forced to live in fear of the new gun control law.

According to Ammo Land, the small-town chief acknowledged that he is facing an uphill battle against entrenched western Washington politicians who will likely run for the office.


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It may depend upon how well current Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, does in the race for the White House. Inslee is one of about two dozen Democrats running for the presidency, but he is essentially bringing up the rear.

Culp, running as a Republican, described his gubernatorial effort as “David v. Goliath. It’s going to take millions of dollars.”

According to his website:

“The Declaration of Independence states that governments are instituted to protect citizen’s rights. For far too long what we’ve seen out of Olympia is exactly the opposite.

We currently have a Governor and Attorney General who will not hesitate to violate their oaths of office. They actively support laws that clearly violate citizen’s rights and have no problem raising taxes on hard-working Washingtonians.”

In addition to his long law enforcement career, Culp also owned his own general contracting firm for close to 20 years. About his contracting days, he said, “I’ve got a business background.”

Culp served in the military during under the Carter and Reagan administrations. As such, he knows the difference between a leader doing it the right way, and those who lead people astray.

“So,” he said, “I know what happens when good leadership comes in. It’s a huge difference, like night and day between Carter and Reagan.”

Between the public stance against Washington’s new gun control measure and the release of his book, gubernatorial hopeful has been traveling the state on his days off, speaking to voters and interest groups from eastern Washington to the Olympic Peninsula. Everywhere he went, people were encouraging him to run for governor.

“I’ve spoken to thousands of people across the state and I’ve gotten tremendous support. I don’t remember one of my engagements that didn’t end in a standing ovation.

I’ve gotten messages from people I don’t even know, asking me to please run for governor. I honestly think I’ve got a shot.

I know a lot of Democrats who are fed up with what’s going on. They’re fed up with taxes raised in the middle of the night, sick and tired of our Second Amendment rights being trampled on; if the Second Amendment can be trampled on, then the First Amendment can be trampled on, too. Smart people can see that.

What I learned when I was running my own business is that if I didn’t know something, I hired somebody who did. Nobody knows everything. I don’t care how slick these career politicians sound. Nobody knows everything.

It comes down to common sense, and a lot of our leaders in state government lack common sense. They’re what my grandfather called ‘educated idiots.’”

We need more men and women with law enforcement backgrounds to run for local, state and federal offices. It sounds like Chief Culp is strong in a few of the areas that Washington’s recent leadership seems to be deficient in, such as logic, common sense, sound reasoning, love of the Constitution and a desire to serve.

Many of the things we see taking place on the west coast make me even more grateful that I live in Texas. But I will reiterate, if I lived in Washington, Culp would have my vote.

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