BOZEMAN, MONTANA-  There’s nothing more cringe-worthy in the world of phone-camera filmed police interactions than someone that uses phrases like “as a black woman”.

Yet, after a driver in Bozeman, Montana was pulled over for speeding, they made it all about race – and scoffed at the notion of it being about speeding.

What makes this story more unpalatable is that the spineless Montana State University Police Chief put an officer on administrative duty over the temper tantrum thrown by the driver.

Here’s the clincher.  The video of the interaction, which was showcased on local news outlet Montana Right Now’s website, creates confusion as to why the police chief would back the irrationally angry driver.

Krystle Saatjian was pulled over by Officer Josh Falkos on January 8th for going 48 mph in a 35-mph zone.

Getting pulled over for going 10 miles over the speed limit isn’t that surprising, especially in lower speed zones.

Of course Saatjian felt it in her heart that she wasn’t speeding, and said that she was going 38 miles per hour in the 35-mph zone. During the recorded interaction, viewers are regaled with obnoxious commentary provided by Saatjian where she exclaims fear stemming from her being black in the situation playing out.

Saatjian then proclaims that she’s seen “so many black people get shot for something,” eluding to the enormously false narrative that cops are just shooting black people for no reason.

Officer Falkos held a fairly nonchalant demeanor, but saw the race card getting pulled, and requested another officer hit the scene.

Officer Angela Roundtree had arrived during the traffic stop at Falkos’s request and could smell, for lack of a better term, the BS emanating from Saatjian’s antics on display.

Officer Roundtree started things off casually, simply asking Saatjian why she was pulled over, and the driver provided her synopsis. Then Officer Roundtree calmly explained:

“Okay, sounds like it was a 48 in a 35. Just need your license, registration and insurance ma’am.”

The driver responds to Officer Roundtree before handing over the requested documentation, saying:

“May I have your name too please?”

The officer then responds accordingly, and Saatjian narrates her own actions while handing over her license and registration. Saatjian then continues with the commentary, noting how there’s now three police present for a “black woman”.

What Saatjian failed to realize is that Officer Falkos had called for backup at her being irate and the police cruiser that hosted Officer Roundtree had another officer present in it.

After Officer Roundtree heard the tirade, she chucklingly asked the driver:

“You must not come from around here, huh?”

The insufferable driver then began going on a tangent of how she’s been a resident of the area for 10 years and has been pulled over twice. So, Officer Roundtree asked the one question to cut through all the nonsense Saatjian was clamoring about:

“Do you feel like you didn’t break the law at all? Because it seems like you’re playing a game here and it isn’t cool.”

In the spirit of Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter talking points, Saatjian unleashed the identity politics in full force toward Officer Roundtree:

“Let me tell you something! Black people are getting killed all over the United States by white officers!”

Officer Roundtree had her fill at that point of the nonsense, and called out Saatjian rhetoric as a means to avoid a traffic citation. After, rightfully, pointing out Saatjian trying to play out the race/victim card, Saatjian went into full NAACP-mode.

After copious amounts of back and forth and threatening to call local black leaders, the driver wound up getting off with just a warning.

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Police chief puts innocent cop on desk duty after he's falsely accused of racism

Guess what happened next? We have our professional victim sitting in front of news cameras vomiting up baseless fears of being black around police.

MSU Police Chief Frank Parrish, after possibly having a soy-milk filled bowl of Cheeri-O-ppressed Minorities cereal, called the recorded interaction a “learning moment” for the department.

When Chief Parrish sat in front of the news cameras, he stated:

“Regardless of what our officers are faced with when they approach a vehicle they have a moral and ethical obligation to the community and their profession to maintain their professionalism.”

Well, I’m curious if the chief watched the same video that I did, because Officer Roundtree seemed professional throughout the interaction. An officer can certainly state the obvious, like that a driver is trying to pull a fast move on them to avoid ticketing, and still be professional in the interaction.

Not to mention, the driver spent nearly the entire recorded interaction with officers screaming about irrelevant issues.

Yes, the officers were white and the driver happened to be black – but she was pulled over for speeding and acting like cops were going to draw their weapons on her.

The number of stereotypes about police officers evoked by the driver was ridiculous, and the officers could seemingly care less the driver was black. Saatjian hit every trope, from classics like “we pay your salary” to “I’ll have the NAACP all over this”.

Because of this clearly erratic driver using alarmist language, a decent police officer is now on desk duty. Great work Police Chief Parrish, for now enabling more unruly drivers to treat officers like crap.

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