VINELAND, N.J. – A police chief in South Jersey is battling staggering accusations that say he had offered a promotion to an officer if he would let him sleep with his wife and daughter. 

So is it a legitimate claim? Or is it a lie perpetuated by a desire for retaliation?

The chief claims the latter.


Vineland Police Chief Rudy Beu is being investigated for allegedly making sexual comments about an officer’s wife and young daughter. (Vineland Police Department)


Vineland Police Chief Rudy Beu oversees a department of about 150 officers. He says that while he can’t specify why the officer has made these claims, he swears that he’s being targeted for some unknown reason.

“Although I am not at liberty to make any specific comments, I can tell you that there are two sides to every story,” Beu said. “This is a retaliatory action taken against myself and certain command staff members for reasons I cannot discuss at this time.”

But members of the police union and city officials say that the chief’s history suggest that he might not be telling the truth. 

The Vineland officer, who was kept nameless in reports because of his fear of attempts of retaliation, claimed that Beu made numerous sexual remarks about his wife and daughter.

The officer – who has been with the Vineland department for more than 10 years – originally filed a complaint approximately two years ago in 2017 – five months after the original alleged incident. reported that the first occurrence happened in April of 2017 during a Philadelphia Phillies game. According to the officer’s claims, he was at a sports bar with his wife and some friends when the chief, who also happened to be at the bar, allegedly told the officer that he would promote him if was allowed to leave with his wife. Then, according to those claims, the chief and another superior officer asked his wife what ‘assets’ the cop had that would help him get promoted, while gesturing at his wife’s body.

“She felt very uncomfortable, and that is when she walked away,” the officer said in an interview with

But according to the officer, the chief wasn’t done there. He allegedly made similar comments just days after. 


The officer goes on to claim that he continued to toy with the subject of promotion, saying that he would skip another officer in line for a promotion if he could sleep with his wife.

And then he brought the LEO’s daughter into it, the officer claims.

“I was about to leave, and he said, ‘Well if I could have your wife,” the officer said. “As I go out the door, he says ‘How about your daughter?’ and he starts laughing.”

The officer’s daughter was not even 13-years-old at the time.

According to the continued claims, Chief Beu reportedly followed the officer to his truck, where his son and daughter were sitting, and yelled out to the kids that he was going to be promoting their father. 

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After meeting with his local police union, the officer was advised to meet with the city solicitor to document the accusations. 

Richard Tonetta, the city official, reportedly called Chief Beu ‘unprofessional’ during their meeting.

“(Tonetta) said the chief was up here the other day making rude comments, sexual comments about your wife and about promotions and we had to tell him to knock it the f— off,” the officer said.

Vineland PBA Local 266 President Craig Scarpa said he believes the officer has handled the situation correctly and that the allegations, if true, are completely out of line. He also noted that he’s ‘seen and witnessed’ Beu’s history of lying. 

“(The comments) were absolutely unprofessional and if it happened the way officer said it happened, it is illegal,” Scarpa said. “I have no reason to believe that it did not happen that way because I have seen and witnessed Mr. Beu be untruthful too many times.”

Tonetta said that the city is looking into the case.

“Our ordinance requires any time any employee makes any kind of complaint about an issue in the workforce, we are under our ordinance required to look into the issue,” Tonetta said. “We would be responsible to do an investigation.”

Beu, while maintaining his innocence in the situation, has also apparently called for the claims to be investigated.

“The second that I was made aware of this, I retrieved a copy of that unfiled document and sent it immediately to the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office and demanded that we all be investigated, myself included,” Beu said.

Beu was sworn in as police chief in January of 2016.


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