WAUCONDA, Ill. – The most infamous pursuit in police history involved a white Bronco. Well police in Wauconda chased a white bronco of another kind. However, the only similarity with each chase were the slow speeds involved.

There were no news helicopters trailing the pursuit, or crowds cheering for that matter. Moreover, Al Cowlings and O.J. Simpson were no where to be found. Yet the Wauconda police had their own version of a slow-speed bronco chase this week, reported the Daily Herald.

White Bronco out for Gallop

The white bronco in this instance was a horse that escaped its stable north of the village Tuesday morning. The riderless mount trotted its way into town. Yet it eventually galloped onto a pair of heavily traveled state highways in the middle of rush hour.

“Of course, the horse goes out on Route 176 and then takes the ramp to Route 12,” Wauconda Police Chief David Wermes told the Herald Thursday.

Police officers were alerted to the nature of the escape. They soon found the loose horse and followed slowly behind as white bronco loped its way through town.

“We were worried that, because it was rush hour, it was going to get hurt or cause an accident and someone would get hurt,” Wermes said. “Especially the way people fly down 12.”

In all, the escapade lasted about 15 minutes and covered several miles, according to the chief.

Fortunately, among the drivers forced to pull over to make way for the horse was Alix Keelan, a veterinary technician on her way to work in Grayslake. Keelan, with help from fellow good Samaritan Nick Willis, was able to use her sweatshirt as a makeshift lasso to corral the horse off the road and lead it to safety at the nearby Trees R Us facility.

They stayed there until its owner arrived and took the horse home, Wermes said.

Police Dashcam Video

The department wanted to credit Keelan and Willis for their part in bringing this contemporary white bronco tale to a happy ending.

“Thank you to Nick Willis and Alix Keelan for their assistance wrangling the horse,” police wrote.

(Photo: Screenshot Wauconda police dashcam video)