TAMPA, FL-  We’re learning today about yet another attack on a police officer.  This one happened this past week in Tampa.

An officer responding to a break-in early Monday morning at an Advance Auto Parts store was hospitalized after she was struck in the head with a 12-inch set of pliers.

Police said that when the Tampa officer Delaney Troop, 23, arrived at the store on north 50th St., Leonard Henry, 37, threw the pliers through the front door glass with enough force to strike and injure the officer.

Henry attempted to hide atop the shelve stacks inside the store but was apprehended a short time later after being sniffed out by Jagger, a police dog.

Henry was taken to the Hillsborough County Jail and charged with burglary, battery of a law enforcement officer, criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance.

In addition to damage to the front door, the affidavit states that Henry doused the store’s computers in antifreeze and damaged a roll-up door at the rear of the building. Police estimate that Henry caused $2,500 in damage.

While searching Henry’s front right pocket, police discovered a plastic bag with crystal-like residue that field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

Troop was transported to Tampa General Hospital for treatment where she received eight stitches over her left eye. According to Tampa Police spokesman Eddy Durkin, Troop has been discharged from the hospital and will return to full duty. Troop has been with the department since October 2017 and was sworn in as an officer in May 2018.

Records show Henry has previous convictions in Florida for petty theft, grand theft, criminal mischief and trespassing.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

This attack is one of many over the past few weeks. The targeting of officers and disregard for their lives has ramped up recently. We are well into double digit numbers of officers that have been shot or otherwise assaulted in the first half of December.

These attacks on police are becoming all too common, especially when police are dispatched to genuinely help individuals who are in need of assistance.

We recently reported on how there was a police officer gunned down for nearly every week of 2019, without even taking into account of the number of officers who have had attempts made on their lives.

This past week, there was another incident where someone tried to attacked a state trooper with a hatchet.  Luckily the officer survived the attack. The same can not be said for the individual who struck the officer in the head with the hatchet.  Here’s what happened.

In Arietta, New York, a state trooper shot and killed a man who attacked him with a hatchet in the Adirondacks this week, according to state police.


Provided by New York State Police This is a hatchet that New York State Police say was used to attack a trooper Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019 in Arietta in Hamilton County.

Provided by New York State Police – the hatchet used to attack a trooper Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019 in Arietta in Hamilton County.

The New York state police released an image online of the deadly weapon that was used against the trooper this week on Tuesday evening.

The fatal shooting happened in Arietta in Hamilton County. The relatively low populated area doesn’t have well detailed criminal statistics, but in a town of approximately 300 residents, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that a officer involved fatal shooting would come as a shock to the locals in the area.

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Police: Burglar smashes female officer in face with 12-Inch set of pliers then douses computers in antifreeze


The deadly encounter had all started as a call to authorities regarding concern for the mental well-being of one of the locals.

Trooper Ryan Mousaw was sent to a home located on Old Piseco Road at 8:48 p.m. for a mental illness call, according to the New York State Police press release that was delivered this past Wednesday.

The resident at the home, Daniel E. Condon, 55, was “exhibiting signs of instability,” when interacting with trooper Mousaw.

Based upon the interactions with the trooper, Mousaw thought it would be beneficial to bring on Condon to have an assessment. However, Condon clearly thought otherwise, and his alleged actions cemented that notion.

When the trooper attempted to bring the man to a hospital for an evaluation, Condon started to struggle, according to troopers.

Typically, when police interactions rise to a physical level, police tend to employ the least amount of force needed to subdue an individual, which is exactly how the trooper handled the combative man.

Mousaw tried to use his stun gun, but Condon continued to fight, troopers said.

That’s when Condon had allegedly upped the ante in the combativeness with Mousaw, and had produced a hatchet to use against the trooper. Condon had allegedly struck Mousaw in the head with a hatchet, cutting the troopers head.

That act alone meets the use of a deadly force response, but even while having a gash in his head, trooper Mousaw pleaded for Condon to simply drop the weapon. After having repeatedly advising Condon to relinquish the hatchet, and him refusing, the trooper wasn’t going to risk another blow from the man’s weapon.

That’s when Trooper Mousaw shot Condon.

Despite having suffered a wound to the head, that didn’t deter the trooper from taking measures to save the life of the man who nearly took his.

While wounded, Mousaw administered first aid to Condon and tried to use an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator on him as well, according to state police. While the trooper administered his best efforts to save the man’s life, unfortunately Condon couldn’t be saved.

Trooper Mousaw was later transported to Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville, Fulton County. It was there that he was treated for a laceration on his head from the hatchet attack, a sprained right arm and a sprained right wrist, according to state police.

It’s reported that the trooper was later released from the hospital after his injuries were tended to.


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