Police-bashing Democrat mayor’s husband arrested on drugs and illegal weapons charges


ROCHSESTER, NY – The New York State Police reportedly raided the home of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren on May 19th, where her husband was subsequently arrested under drugs and weapons charges, according to officials.

Police arrested Mayor Warren’s husband, 42-year-old Timothy Granison, for charges of illegal possession of a firearm, criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to sell.

The day following her husband’s arrest, Mayor Warren made the following comments noting skepticism regarding the timing of her husband’s arrest:

“I find the timing of yesterday’s events, three weeks before early voting starts, to be highly suspicious…There’s nothing implicating me in these charges announced today, because I’ve done nothing wrong.”

The reason that the city mayor made mention of finding the timing of her husband’s arrest unique is that it happens to coincide with her bid to secure a third term at City Hall.

Mayor Warren believes that her support for universal income and reparations, as well as aspiring to enact police reform, has made her a sort of target.

City spokesperson Justin Roj noted that while still married, Mayor Warren and her husband have been “separated since 2018,” but happen to “co-parent their child in a shared home.”

The Rochester mayor did say that she hasn’t communicated with her husband since his arrest, nor is she “standing here to defend him.”

Granison had reportedly spent the evening of May 19th at the Monroe County Jail and appeared in a virtual hearing in the Rochester City Court the following day.

He had reportedly pled not guilty to the charges lodged against him, and was subsequently released without bail.

Granison’s next court date for the case is slated for June 21st, a court schedule that further emboldens Mayor Warren’s concerns that this may be politically motivated as June 21st happens to be one day before the polls open for her bid for City Hall:

“If this is not about politics, why is Tim’s next court date June 21, the day before primary day? Now that’s quite the coincidence. Now when you figure out those answers to those questions, come find me because I’ll be working.”

Mayor Warren then left the podium after making said statement and refused to answer any questions thereafter on May 20th.

However, hours before Mayor Warren’s May 20th statement alleging political motivations for Granison’s arrest, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley insisted there is nothing political with respect to this prosecution:

“There are going to be people out there who think that this is politically motivated. It was not. Timothy Granison was not the original target of this wire investigation.”

Officials say that the May 19th raid was actually part of a seven-month long narcotics investigation, which the mayor’s husband didn’t even crop up on investigators’ radar until four months into the probing effort.

District Attorney Doorley stated that once authorities in Rochester realized that the mayor’s husband may be criminally involved in this narcotics investigation, they looped in the New York State Police:

“Once we learned that he was becoming a potential target, I determined, along with my staff, that in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, that we bring in the New York State Police.”

So far, this narcotics probe has resulted in the arrest of seven people and two kilos of both powder and crack cocaine have been seized.

DA Doorley noted that the number of arrests and narcotics seized so far is “significant, especially for this community.”

According to Major Barry Chase from the New York State Police, two firearms were seized from mayor Warren’s home during the executed warrant on May 19th.

Reportedly, one handgun was unregistered, and there was a rifle that had separate “issues”, according to Major Chase:

“The handgun was unregistered, yes. The rifle has issues separate from that.”

The arrest of Mayor Warren’s husband comes months after her October 2020 indictment alleging that she broke campaign finance rules and committed fraud during her 2017 reelection campaign.

DA Doorley has neither confirmed nor denied that Mayor Warren is now a target of the ongoing narcotics probe that her husband was arrested in connection to:

“I’m not saying that, I’m not commenting at this point.”

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.

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LET Unity

As mentioned earlier, Mayor Warren was indicted last October under charges alleging violations of campaign financing for her 2017 reelection efforts. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ROCHESTER, NY – Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley announced on October 2nd that a grand jury has indicted Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and two others in relation to campaign finance allegations.

Albert Jones Jr. and Rosiland Brooks-Harris, in addition to Mayor Warren, are each charged with one count of scheme to defraud and one count of violation of election law. Both charges are Class E felonies.

Brooks-Harris is the Deputy Finance Director at City Hall.

Warren, Jones Jr. and Brooks-Harris are scheduled to be arraigned in front of a Cayuga County Court Judge on Monday.

In New York, a person convicted of a Class E nonviolent felony could earn a penalty ranging from no jail with probation, to jail time of up to four years.

If convicted, Mayor Warren may no longer hold an elected office. According to www.ny.gov, a person convicted of a felony may be barred from public office job which can include elected and appointed officials.

During the news conference, Doorley said:

“We are here this afternoon to update the community on the conclusion of an investigation that has had much speculation over the years. We are here to be transparent and up-front with the people of Monroe County.”

“We are not here to conduct a trial in the media.”

Sandra Doorley is the District Attorney for Monroe County, New York and the first female to hold that office. Doorley took office in January 2012, succeeding Michael Charles Green for whom she served as First Assistant District Attorney.

The Grand Jury Investigation

Warren’s re-election campaign finances were the focus of a New York State Board of Election investigation. Doorley said the indictment was focused on the raising of hundreds of thousands of dollars between November 2013 and November 2017 during the mayor’s first term in office.

Monroe County prosecutors presented the grand jury with a 35-page report prepared by state Board of Elections investigators that concluded there was “considerable evidence” that Warren and associates of her 2017 re-election campaign and PAC supporting her campaign intentionally evaded limits on campaign donations.

Mayor Warren won that election with 60% of the vote.

After prosecutors issued subpoenas to people they might like to question into allegations of campaign finance violations in August, Mayor Warren called the investigation “a political witch hunt.”

Rochester Riots

Rochester has been reeling from public outrage over the death of Daniel Prude in March. While his story did not come to public attention until early September, Prude died in police custody.

Prude, a Black man who was in a mental health crisis, died of suffocation after police placed a hood over his head, in March. His story did not come to public attention until early September.

Mayor Warren and Rochester Policing         

Mayor Warren campaigned as a police reformer in 2013, promising to reorganize the city’s police department and reducing crime.

After a landslide election, Mayor Warren rid the city of a red-light-traffic camera program, which she believed disproportionately affected the city’s impoverished population. She then helped create the city’s Police Accountability Board.

In June, Mayor Warren pushed to repeal the state’s 50-a law that concealed police disciplinary records from the public. And in August, she began promoting a legislative proposal that would require police to live in the communities they serve.

After much public outrage over the March death of Daniel Prude, on September 15 Mayor Warren suddenly terminated the Rochester police chief, La’Ron Singletary, who was expected to step down from his position two weeks later. In addition, she suspended the police force’s spokesperson and top attorney for 30 days.

Mayor Warren had announced her intent to reform the city’s police force, in particular, how it responds to calls reporting mental health disturbances.

Mayor Warren appointed a new police chief on September 26.

Many Firsts for Mayor Warren

Warren was the first African American woman to oversee Rochester as mayor, upon her 2013 win. When she was re-elected in 2017, she became the first female mayor to win a re-election. When she won the role of mayor, at age 36, she also became Rochester’s third youngest mayor in history.

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