ROCHESTER, N.Y. – An unruly crowd descended into chaos as partygoers in Rochester, New York threw rocks and glass bottles at police on Sunday, WWXI News reported.

Authorities say that the gathering began in the excitement of the local Park Ave Fest that occurs each year in August.

According to a statement from Capt. Michael Callari, residents called the Rochester Police Department shortly after 3 p.m. complaining of large house parties and people throwing beer on parked cars. 

A large local festival drew crowds to multiple house parties in the Rochester area. (WHEC Broadcast Screenshot)


Rochester Police say they dispatched to the area after a number of calls complained that the parties were getting out of hand. According to police reports, callers indicated that partygoers were getting rowdy and were throwing beers at parked cars.

As they attempted to control the scene near Dartmouth and Thayer Streets, the gathering became stronger in the Park Avenue area. Police say that the group grew to approximately 200 people or more. When Rochester officers told the group to disperse, they refused.

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So they called for backup. And when the call went out, between 20 and 25 officers showed up on the scene.

WWXI’s report said that the “combative group” continued to grow in size, becoming a more angered and combative entity.

Continued calls to disperse were ignored.

Police had bottles and other debris thrown at them while trying to break up a large gathering. (WHEC Broadcast Screenshot)


That’s when officers say that people in the group began lashing out, throwing projectiles and hiding amongst the massive crowd.

Police were reportedly hit with bottles, rocks and other flying debris while attempting to break up the party. 


Unable to make a dent in the crowd, officers turned to pepper ball projectiles to break up the gathering. Reports said they moved as a team to push the hostile group out of the area, eventually clearing the scene. Officials with Rochester Police said the chaotic scene was proving difficult to break up due to the fact that officers were dealing with issues involving several house parties in the area at the exact same time. 

Police say that a nearby local festival was undisturbed by the issue. 

“Everything was orderly and quiet throughout the festival site,” Capt. Callari said. 


The report made no mention of any arrests made during the breakup of the parties, and no injuries were reported by either police or by people from the crowd.


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